Purchasing Management - Purchasing and Materials Management

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Purchasing Management - Purchasing and Materials Management

    DGS Bureau of Procurement

    Purchasing Management

    Course Syllabus

Class Time: Tuesday 9:00 am 12:00 noon Instructor: John M. Troxel, MBA, C.P.M. thClass Room: 555 Walnut St 6 Floor Phone: 787-9198 (8:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m.)

Text rdMonczka, Robert, Trent, Robert and Handfield, Robert, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 3. Edition,

    Cincinnati, Ohio: Thomson South-Western College Publishing, 2005.

Course Description

This course provides general and specific purchasing information that will serve to strengthen the student’s ability

    to participate in today’s global purchasing environment. Topics include procurement requests, solicitation and

    evaluation of proposals, supplier analysis, contract execution, implementation and administration, personnel issues,

    materials flow, inventory management, value analysis, value engineering, logistics management, material

    requirements planning, forecasting strategies, strategic planning, external and internal relationships,

    computerization of purchasing and materials, and legal and environmental issues affecting purchasing.

Course Objectives

This course focuses on the managerial, administrative, strategic and tactical aspects of the purchasing function.

    Emphasis will be placed on the pertinent issues in purchasing management for both the goods and services

    business sectors. The topics covered, coupled with the case analyses, and in-class inventory simulation will

    provide a hands-on approach for the participant.

    Class Attendance and Participation

Regular class attendance is expected of each student. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain any

    information that was covered during their absence from the class. The successful outcome for the student attending

    this class will depend on their active participation in class discussions and by completing the reading assignments

    and case analyses as assigned.

    Case Analyses and Good Practice Examples

Each student will participate in the preparation and discussion of assigned cases and the end of the chapter Good

    Practice Examples. The student will participate in an in-class discussion by preparing answers to the case and the

    Good Practice Examples prior to class.

    DGS Procurement

    Purchasing Management

    Outline and Assignments



    Date Topic Assignments

Jan 24 Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 1

     The Purchasing Process 2

Jan 31 Purchasing Policy and Procedures 3

    Purchasing Integration for Competitive Advantage 4

    Case Study: Integrating with Customers and Suppliers During Product

     And Process Development, pages 703 704

Feb 7 Purchasing and Supply Chain Organization 5

    Purchasing and Commodity Strategy Development 6

     Case Study: The Challenge of Using Cross Functional Teams, pages 691 694

Feb 14 Supplier Evaluation and Selection 7

     Supplier Quality Management 8

     Case Study: Managing Supplier Quality Electronic Systems, pages 705 707

Feb 21 Supplier Management and Development 9

     Strategic Cost Management 11

     Case Study: Calculating the Total Cost of International Purchasing at Fresh Foods, pages 689 690

Feb 28 Purchasing Tools and Techniques 12

     Contract Management 14

     Case Study: Northwest Products Plastics Commodity Strategy, pages 709 711


    DGS Procurement

    Purchasing Management

    Outline and Assignments



    Date Topic Assignments

March 7 Purchasing Law and Ethics 15

     Purchasing Services 17

     Case Study: The Notsohot Company, pages 712 713

March 14 Managing Supply Chain Inventory 16

    In-Class Inventory Simulation

March 21 Supply Chain Information Systems & E-Commerce 18

     Performance Measurement and Evaluation 19

     Case Study: Avion, Inc., pages 686 688

March 28 Purchasing and Supply Chain Changes and Trends 20



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