May 13, 2003

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May 13, 2003

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    May 13, 2003




I. Project

New and renovated Public Libraries.

II. Project Summary

On November 4, 2002, the Board of Commissioners approved a new Master Plan for County

    Libraries for the next 10 years. The plan includes seven new facilities and improvements to five

    existing leased facilities. These will expand the decentralized library system the County has been

    fostering since the early 1980's.

The decentralized library plan locates the facilities with the largest collections and service offerings

    in the County's principal population centers. These larger facilities are known as regional libraries.

    For master planning purposes, Wake County is divided into seven regions. As a general rule, each

    region includes a regional library and two or more community branches. Regional libraries contain

    in-depth collections between 100,000 and 200,000 volumes and offer a broad range of services.

    These libraries serve populations between 60,000 to 200,000 customers. Community branch libraries

    house more modest collections between 20,000 to 50,000 volumes and serve populations greater than


The projects vary in size with floor areas ranging from 5,000 to 36,000 square feet. Generally

    regional libraries are 20,000 square feet and higher while branch libraries are 5,000-8,000 square feet

    in area. The scope will vary from construction of new stand-alone County owned facilities to

    renovated branch facilities. In two circumstances, the County is evaluating a build versus lease

    option to be concluded in the near future. Below is a list of proposed projects, which are broken into

    two phases reflecting pending funding (refer to section III):

Phase I

    No. Project Name Proposed Size(sf)


    1. Cameron Village Regional FY03-FY06 36,000 2. West Regional FY03-FY05 30,000 3. Holly Springs Branch FY04-FY06 8,000 4. North Hills Branch FY04-FY06 8,000 5. Northeast Regional FY05-FY07 22,000

Phase II

    No. Project Name Proposed Size(sf)


    1. North Regional FY06-FY08 30,000 2. Leesville Branch FY06-FY08 8,000 3. Cedar Fork Branch FY07-FY09 8,000 4. West Popular Branch FY08-FY09 Refurbish Interior

    5. Middle Creek Branch FY08-FY10 8,000 6. Southeast Raleigh Branch FY09-FY10 Refurbish Interior

    7. Rolesville Branch FY09-FY11 5,000

III. Project Budget

The estimated cost to complete all identified projects including professional fees, materials testing,

    site development, building construction, furniture, furnishings, equipment, signage and books is

    $54.4 million. The funding for these projects, except Cameron Village, is dependent on the

    successful passage of a bond referendum of $30 million in the fall of 2003 and $16 million in fall of

    2006. Cameron Village funds and the remaining pay-as-you-go funding would come from yearly

    capital improvement appropriations in the County's capital improvement program.

IV. Request

Wake County government hereby requests qualifications and experience packages from architectural

    and engineering consultant firms for providing all architectural and engineering services required to

    satisfactorily complete all phases of an assigned project within the time limitations as stipulated

    herein. The architect shall take the lead project management role of the design team.

    Services desired include the following:

    ? Site selection and analysis

    ? Analysis and updating existing program and existing floor and site plans.

    ? Site analysis and preparation of alternative site development plans (surveying and

    geotechnical contract will be by the County).

    ? Obtaining approvals of governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the project.

    ? Schematic Design

    ? Interior Design (modular workstations, furniture, signage, finishes, etc.).

    ? Life cycle cost analyses and evaluation of various alternative energy conservation options.

    ? Design Development

    ? Preparation of Construction and other bidding documents.

    ? Bidding Phase Assistance.

    ? Construction Administration and periodic inspections.

    ? Cost Estimating

    ? Project Close-out Assistance including warranty phase administration

    ? All other services customarily furnished by an architect and its consultants on similar projects

    and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Standard County Agreement for

    Professional Services.

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V. Consultant Qualifications

The architectural and engineering consultants' staff proposed to be assigned responsibilities on this

    Project must be experienced in all phases of the planning, design and construction of similar public

    facilities; have extensive knowledge of the regulations governing the design, bidding, construction

    and operation of such facilities in the State of North Carolina; and have a proven capability to

    effectively and efficiently manage a project of this complexity to produce a facility consistent with

    and meeting the needs and goals outlined by Wake County.

    VI. Project Durations

A computer generated schedule will be negotiated and established at the completion of Schematic

    Design Phase for each project.

    VII. Scope of Work

Provide all architectural and engineering design services required for one or more of the projects

    listed in section II of this document.

VIII. Proposal Submission Requirements

Submittals shall be made on 81/2" x 11" paper, side bound with Table of Contents and reference tabs

    for key sections. The package submitted shall not exceed thirty (30) pages single-sided, or fifteen (15)

    pages double-sided (front/back covers, Table of Contents and Tab pages are excluded from these

    totals). Complete responses to each of the following categories is required.

A. Qualifications and Experience

    1. Letter of Interest identifying all firms proposed for the design team, including the

    organizational and contractual relationship between the principal and associate firms.

    Discuss the responsibilities to be fulfilled by each design team member who will be

    assigned to the Project. Provide detailed resumes and list of completed projects for staff

    proposed. Identify current weekly contract commitments of staff to be assigned to the


    2. Summary of at least five (5) similar projects for which the designer was responsible. Each

    of the project summaries shall include the following:

    a. Description of facility, including size, functions housed, original project budget,

    actual project cost and year completed.

    b. Description of services rendered by designer.

    c. Degree of involvement (principal or associate).

    d. Associate firms involved and their assigned responsibilities.

    e. Key principal and associate staff involved, along with their assigned


    f. Brief summary of client's program along with key design elements and how they

    were addressed by the designer.

    g. Project references including names, addresses and telephone numbers.

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    3. Listing of any pending or settled lawsuits or professional liability claims in which the

    designer was involved during the past ten (10) years.

    4. Computer-Aided Design capabilities, including hardware and software used.

    5. Listing of projects currently underway and schedule for completing them.

    6. Other relevant information which the design consultants believe demonstrate their

    qualifications for the project.

IX. Selection Process

The Wake County Board of Commissioners has established a policy to be followed in selecting

    design consultants. This policy is for the purpose of ensuring that design consultants are selected in a

    fair and uniform manner, that those selected for work are qualified and experienced in designing

    facilities desired and to ensure that every qualified design consultant has the opportunity to be

    considered for providing professional services for the Project. The process for the Project will

    involve four stages:

Stage One: Pre-qualification

The initial phase has commenced with the establishment of a Selection Committee with its members

    having been appointed by the County Manager. A Request for Qualifications and Experience

    Package is being sent to firms identified on the County's current "Capital Improvement Program -

    List of Design Consultants" who have previously expressed interest in being considered for providing

    design services for this type of project. Upon receipt of the Qualifications and Experience Packages

    from respondents, Selection Committee members will review and identify ("short-list") at least seven

    firms which appear to be most qualified to provide services for the projects.

Stage Two: Request For Proposal

The short-listed firms will be issued simultaneously a Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP provides

    additional information on the Project to enable the design consultants to develop a detailed technical

    and cost proposal. The Pre-selection Committee will review each proposal individually and

    collectively. Each "short-listed" firm will be invited to participate in an interview session.

    Stage Three: Interviews Separate interview sessions will be scheduled with the "short-listed" firms to permit Selection

    Committee members to further evaluate each firm's qualifications and proposal. These interview

    sessions will be held during the week of July 1-3, 2003. It is anticipated that two-to-four firms will

    be selected to provide design services for an initial set of projects according to the previously

    described timeframe and depending on the aforementioned passing of bond referendums. Promptly

    after the interviews the Selection Committee will make their selections and forward written

    recommendations to the County Manager for approval.

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Stage Four: Contract Negotiations

Following the County Manager's approval, the Facilities Design & Construction office will be

    directed to negotiate a base contract, consistent with the County's Standard Professional Services

    Agreement with each selected Designer. In the event negotiations prove unsuccessful with one

    particular firm, the County Manager will collaborate with the Selection Committee on selection of

    another firm with which to begin negotiations.

X. Evaluation Criteria

    A. The following criteria will be the basis on which consultants will be selected for further

    consideration, relative to this Request for Qualifications:

    1. Specialized or appropriate expertise Consulting Team has in this particular type of project.

    2. Past performance of the lead firm, any consultants, and their employees on similar


    3. Qualifications and experience of members of the lead firm and consultants proposed for

    the project.

    4. Recent experience with cost control and maintaining project schedules.

    5. Current workload of the lead firm and nay consultants proposed.

    6. Proposed preliminary approach to planning, design and construction of the project.

    7. Proven ability of the consulting team to successfully administer the construction phase of

    publicly funded projects.

    8. Proximity to and familiarity with the area where the project is located.

    9. Consulting Team's record of successfully completed projects without major legal or

    technical problems.

    10. Consulting Team's capabilities and proven experience in extensive evaluations of facility

    energy consumption and life cycle cost analysis as part of design of similar projects.

    11. Design consultants fees for performing required work.

    12. Other factors that may be appropriate for the project.

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XI. Submission of Qualifications and Experience Packages

    Seven (7) complete proposal packages must be received at the following address by 2:00 p.m.

    on Friday, May 23, 2003 at the following location:

    County of Wake

    Construction Management Office

    336 Fayetteville Street Mall, Suite 1201

    Post Office Box 550

    Raleigh, NC 27602

    Attention: Mr. Patrick McHugh, AIA

    Project Manager

    Phone: 856-6357

    Fax: 856-6355

XII. General Comments

A. Any cost incurred by respondents in preparing or submitting a proposal for the Project shall

    be the respondents' sole responsibility.

B. All responses, inquiries or correspondence relating to this RFQ will become the property of

    Wake County when received.

C. Respondents are requested to refrain from contact with the Pre-selection Committee members.

    Any questions regarding the RFQ should be directed to the Wake County Facilities Design &

    Construction Office. If a question of general concern is asked by any firm with regards to this

    RFQ a copy of the written response will be sent to all firms.

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