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By Carol Bailey,2014-01-16 15:47
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Personal Solicitation - Enterprise Resource Database


    Part 5 The Ask: Personal Solicitation

Elements of a Personal Solicitation

    Because you will have limited time with your prospect (generally 30-45 minutes) be

    organized and prepared. Not only will the meeting run smoothly, but you will

    demonstrate professionalism and enhance your credibility.

Getting Started

    ? Thank them for meeting with you and introduce the team

    ? Make a personal connection if possible by handing out information packets and,

    where appropriate, mention connections to children, spouse, community activities,

    etc., you have found through your research

    ? Acknowledge previous support/relationship with your organization

    ? Articulate your awareness of their interests or related support

    ? Try to get them to talk about their interests/priorities

    ? Use this information to lead into “making the case”

Make the Case

    ? Get a feel for what they know about your organization

    ? Make your case bigger than your organization. Give a vision for the future of your

    city or neighborhoods

    ? Emphasize your organization’s ability to make a unique contribution to realizing the


    ? Delineate the outcomes you expect (“return on investment”)

Be ready to answer questions

    ? What are your income sources? What will you do if your income increases?


    ? How many people do you serve? Who are they?

    ? What are your results? How do you measure them?

    ? What do donors get for their investment?

The Ask

    ? Involvement

    ? A specific amount or non-cash resource

    ? Their review of a proposal

    ? Seek investment, not charity. Talk about yield on investment

? Once you ask, be quiet and wait for their response; don’t worry if there is a pause in

    the conversation

    ? :Listen and respond

Closing the Meeting

Closing the Meeting: A lot can happen once you make your request, from an on the spot

    commitment to a negative reaction. Here is how to respond to the most common


    If… then… They make a commitment, Restate what you understand their

    commitment to be. Make your own

    commitment to follow up with them. Above

    all else, thank them and ask if they need

    anything in writing from you.

They ask for or agree to review Narrow down what they are interested in,

    a proposal, and commit to delivering a proposal by a

    certain date. Follow through by submitting

    the proposal.

They resist or respond negatively, Ask what their specific objections are and

    try to counter them. If you cannot get an

    immediate commitment, ask them to review

    a proposal.

They object to the amount you have Ask for a multi-year pledge, or ask what

    requested, they would consider.

They say they have already contributed Explain how your work differs, serves a

    To an umbrella fund, such as the distinct population, or meets

    United Way, a disparate need.

They indicate an interest in other areas, Empathize, but bear in mind that few people

    or organizations give to only one cause.

    Bring their attention back to your clients by

    explaining how their gift will make a

    tremendous difference to these people and to

    the community. Your research on their

    priorities is critical here.


They do not see the link to their interests, Explain the links you see and try to get them

    to agree with your statements. Presumably

    you are there because you did your

    homework and have reasons to believe your

    work does fit their interests. Ask if you can

    submit a proposal explaining the linkages.

    Follow up Within 24 hours, send a letter thanking them

    for their time. If they made a commitment,

    restate it. Add link to Thank You Letter


     If you’re sending a proposal, commit to the

    deadline 2- weeks or whatever terms you

    have mutually agreed upon.

     File copy of letter in Prospect file.

     Complete and submit proposal if promised.

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