Wood, Marketing Planning principles into practice

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currency issues and more wwwemcbe/linkscfm?catid=MARKT From the European Marketing Confederation, Ideas and framework for contingency planning

    Wood, Marketing Planning: principles into practice

    Weblinks to online resources for marketing planning

    Updated: May, 2008

    Websites can change rapidly—so if any of the websites listed below are unavailable, please use your favourite search engine to locate other sites.

    Preparing for marketing planning

    ; The Chartered Institute of Marketing presents news, analysis, case

    studies, links and other valuable resources for marketers.

    ; Tips for developing and

    implementing a marketing plan, with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. ; From Palo Alto Software, maker of Marketing Plan Pro software, website with

    sample marketing plans and ideas about creating a marketing plan.

    ; For small and new businesses, general information about marketing planning and


    ; Guides and tutorials covering marketing planning and marketing

    tactics plus links to related news.

    ; From the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the

    University of South Australia, articles about marketing principles and practices. ; Articles and white papers about strategy, planning, implementation,

    marketing and the Internet, presented by Booz Allen Hamilton.

Analysing the external environment

    ; Links to extensive information about social-cultural developments.

    ; Choose language and then explore links to statistics about

    demographic and social-cultural trends within the European Union.

    ; U.N. reports and statistics covering global economic and social


    ; Follow link to information about doing business overseas, with country-by-

    country and regional data about trade conditions, currency issues and more.

    ; From the European Marketing Confederation, links to

    publications about national regulations, market data and related information. ; Explanation of legal and ethical issues in competitive intelligence.

    ; Business and economic news and analysis from The Economist.

    ; Business and economic news and analysis from the Financial Times.

    ; Business news, economic coverage and more from the BBC.

Researching consumer and business demographics

    ; Access to demographic information about consumers in various regions.

    ; Statistics about consumer and business markets in the United Kingdom.

    ; Statistics about consumer and business markets in France.

    ; Demographic statistics for Italy.

    ; Demographics, social and economic data relating to youth

    and young adults.

    ; Links to statistics about regions, individual nations and industries,

    from the University of Auckland Library.

Marketing ethics, social responsibility and sustainability

    ; From the Sigma Project, brief descriptions

    of how companies are applying sustainability principles.

    ; The Sustainable Marketing Knowledge Network

    presents links and information about marketing ethics and sustainability issues. ; Information about business ethics and codes of conduct.

    ; Information about corporate social responsibility, sustainability and ethical standards.

    ; U.K. government website covering corporate social responsibility. ; News releases about corporate social responsibility programmes and performance.

Branding issues and ideas

    ; Background on some well-known U.S. brands.

    ; News, surveys and case studies about the marketing of brands in Asian


    ; Articles about television network branding and history in the United

    Kingdom and elsewhere.

    ; From marketing professionals and professors, information about branding,

    products and other marketing topics.

    ; Case studies of how successful brands were marketed in Australia.

Pricing issues and ideas

    ; Articles about various aspects of

    pricing and profitability.

    ; From Forio Corp., analysis of a price war in

    the personal computer industry.

    ; From eBay, glossary with definitions of online

    auction terms.

    ; Information about the financial, political and social issues of road pricing

    in Europe.

Logistics issues and ideas

    ; Case studies showing how companies address logistics challenges; information on

    logistics trends and more.

    ; Information about managing the value chain for foods, particularly aimed

    at U.K. food producers.

    ; Articles about e-commerce, online marketing and Internet media issues and


Marketing communication issues and ideas

    ; The Mobile Marketing Association site, with case studies and statistics

    about mobile marketing around the world.

    ; The Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s primer on planning and

    implementing marketing via word of mouth.

    ; Information about regulations and advertising to children. ; Archive of ads that have appeared in the United Kingdom.

    ; From the Committee of Advertising Practice, codes of conduct for TV, radio

    and non-broadcast advertising.

    ; Direct marketing guidelines, codes of practice and case studies of successful


Customer service and internal marketing ideas

    ; Case studies and white papers about customer service trends and successes. ; Studies, standards and updated information about service


    ; From Inc. magazine, an

    article about online do-it-yourself customer service.

Forecasting methods and applications

    ; From the Wharton School, a glossary of forecasting terms and

    informative explanations of forecasting principles.

    ; Articles, research papers and links to information about econometrics

    and forecasting, presented by The Econometrics Journal Online.

    ; By Dr. Arsham of the University of Baltimore, background

    and principles of sophisticated forecasting methods.

Marketing control and implementation

    ; From Intute:

    Social Sciences (based at the University of Bristol and the University of Birmingham), links to

    information about marketing management.

    ; Ideas and framework for contingency


    ; From India Knowledge @Wharton,

    timely academic articles about marketing planning and implementation in India.

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