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The Council of Presidents approved the recommendation of the Funding Committee that DOE prepare a feasibility report and implementation plan for converting

    Florida Community Colleges Council of Business Affairs

    January 17-19, 2007

    Embassy Suites HotelOrlando Downtown

    Orlando, Florida

Members Present: Al Little (Brevard), Bill Pennell (Broward), Jim Harvey (CFCC), Alan

    Francis (ECC), Steve Bowers (FCCJ), Jean Mauk (FKCC), John Holdnak (GCCC), Barbara

    Larson (HCC), Barry Keim (IRCC), Marilyn Hamm (LCCC), Dick Scott (LSCC), Carol

    Probstfeld (MCC), E. H. Levering (MDC), Donna Utley (OWCC), Dick Becker (PBCC),

    Peter Elliott (PCC), Gean Ann Emond (PJC), Joe Sarnovsky (SCC), Ginger Gibson (SFeCC),

    Glenn Little (South Florida), Nancy Gonzalez (St. Johns River CC), Glendon Forgey (TCC),

    and Keith Houck (VCC).

Other Attendees: Ed Cisek (DOE), Everett Condry (DOE), Ron Fahs (DOE), Chuck Prince

    (DOE), Lakeisha Coleman (Division), Sonia Jewell (CCLA), E. Ann McGee (SCC), David

    Klaitz (FCCRMC), Ed Massey (IRCC)

     Thursday, January 18, 2007

    General Session: Introductions

Steve Bowers called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. Joe Sarnovsky introduced new council

    members Ginger Gibson, Interim Vice President, Santa Fe Community College and Peter

    Elliott, Polk Community College. He then introduced each of the COBA Sponsors: OC

    Tanner, Higher One, Inc., GCA Services Group, Inc., MetLife, Master Link Corp., NelNet

    Business Solutions, AIG Valic Financial, BENCOR, Dell Higher Education, Wachovia,

    PFM Asset Management, Noah’s Restoration, and TSA Consulting Group; and thanked them

    for participating in the meeting.

Dr. E. Ann McGee, President, Seminole Community College, gave welcoming remarks and

    advised Business Officers to ―remember your president will always listen to the hard truth. If

    something is going wrong, don’t be afraid to tell her/him.‖ She always appreciates when her business officer comes in for candid conversations.

    Division of Community CollegesReports

Vice Chancellor Ed Cisek, Department of Education, gave the Division of Community

    Colleges Report. Highlighted items in the report included:

    a. Bond Finance: Marilyn Hamm says that energy management statute will need

    revision if authority for local college borrowing is changed. She will work

    with Ed on these changes.

    FCC-COBA MinutesJanuary 2007 1

    b. Audit Procedures: Ed will set a meeting with Ted Sauerbeck, et al, for COBA

    members (Houck, Hamm, Bowers, and Probstfeld) to review audit procedures

    with a goal of having local issues separated from state issues.

    c. Matching Programs: Steve Bowers recommended we draft a State Board Rule

    similar to the Philip Benjamin proposed rule for the Facilities Enhancement

    Grant Program to include definitions of eligible contributions and a fair

    treatment of pledged capital. Ed will work with Steve Bowers and others on


    d. Facilities (Ron Fahs): PECO at $396 million for Community Colleges;

    Robert McMullen working on new formula for online FTE requirements.

    e. Bachelor degree funding: $3830 per FTE, for first 3 years use forecast,

    thereafter, use last year’s actual FTE.

A complete copy of the report was distributed to attendees.

Legislative Update

Dr. Massey, Chair of the Policy and Advocacy Committee, reviewed legislative priorities for

    the upcoming session. The key issue for this session is the request for $100+ million


FCCRMC Consortium/Insurance

David Klaitz, Executive Director of FCCRMC, presented the Safety Management System

    information. This system is used at eight schools and is effective in reducing accidents.

    FEMA will pay $13 million to the State for hurricane losses recovery. This may require

    legislation to get money to the Consortium. There will be flat renewal premiums for next

    year’s property/casualty insurance with a 3 percent wind deductible. There will be a one

    percent sign-up for high-deductible health insurance program.

    Council of Student Affairs

Jim Heck, Chair of the Council of Student Affairs (CSA) distributed copies of the CSA

    structure and reviewed topics the Council is working on. One major topic is the desire for

    more need-based aid for students. Steve Bowers will be addressing the CSA at their next

    meeting to update that group on current COBA issues.

    Legal Counsel Update

Bill Mullowney Vice President - Policy & General Counsel (VCC), distributed and spoke to

    issues regarding electronic records and ethics law. He noted that e-mails are not public record

    unless they serve as a document for decision purposes.

The COBA Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

    FCC-COBA MinutesJanuary 2007 2

Friday, January 19, 2007

    COBA Business Meeting

     Steve Bowers called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.

The first order of business was to review and approve the minutes of the last meeting held

    September 15, 2006 at Amelia Island Plantation, Fernandina Beach, Florida. E. H. Levering

    made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting. The minutes were accepted


Treasurer’ Report

Chair-elect, Carol Probstfeld (MCC), reported a balance of $21,388.94. Motion to approve

    report. The report was accepted unanimously.

Accounting Committee Meeting Report

Steve Bowers called Carol Probstfeld (MCC) to the podium to deliver the Accounting

    Committee Meeting Report. The committee heard sub-committee reports from Accounting

    Standard, Cost Analysis, Tax Compliance and Foundation Accounting. The committee

    discussed Capital Improvement Fee Bond Program, Florida DOE Auditor General Findings,

    Division of Community College Procedures for Reviewing Audit Reports, COBA Website

    Transfer, Accounting Manual Updates, PECO Construction Costs, Operations and

    Compliance Merger, Statute Change regarding Property, Accounting for Fees that ―Pass Through‖ vs. Estimated Overhead Allocations and Best Practices for P-Card Purchases and

    1099 reporting. She asked all COBA members to please visit the COBA website and update

    your contact information.

Human Resource Council Meeting Report

Steve Bowers called Mosell Washington to the podium to deliver the Human Resource

    Council Meeting Report. The council was privileged to see five presentations:

     BENCOR with Helen Von Dolteren Fournier

     TSACG with Steve Banks

     O.C. Tanner with Scott Christopher

     GASB 45 with Mark Cherry, Business Office, Brevard CC

     FLSA Update with Jim Valin, DOL/WHD

The Council discussed issues pertaining to:

     FRS Audit Jerry Peak, Polk CC

     HR Council Website, Barb Matias, Palm Beach CC

     Drug Free Campus, Claudia Salvano, Seminole CC

     Salary Surveys

     Faculty Survey, Christ Chellberg, Seminole CC

     Full Salary Survey, Doug Duncan, St. Petersburg College

    FCC-COBA MinutesJanuary 2007 3

     Independent Salary Survey, Shelia Daniels, Indian River CC

    Equity Report Position Letter Updated and Equity Commission Partnership, Stan

    Stone, VCC

    Training/Staff Development, John Brown, South Florida CC

    Personal vs. Institutional Internet use by staff, John Brown

    Council of Purchasing Professionals (COPP)

Steve Bowers called Vice Chair Wendy Geltch (PCC) to the podium. She reported that the

    council’s next meeting will be April 30, 2007 in Palm Beach. The Council is working on

    professional development initiatives. Larry Snell (FCCJ) gave an overview of Supplier

    Unethical Business Practices/Investigations. The council is developing new proposal formats

    for RFP’s and new RFP evaluation forms.

COPP Resolutions

Steve Bowers called for the council to vote on the three resolutions proposed by COPP.

1. Resolution #2006-01. A Resolution requesting a change to State Board of Education

    Administrative Rule 6A-14.0734: Procurement Requirements. To change the

    wording of the following paragraph:

    ―Colleges shall, as the circumstances require, publicly solicit the submittal of

    competitive offers from at least three (3) sources, when purchasing services or

    commodities exceeding the amount as specified in Section 287.017, Florida

    Statutes for Category Two Three.‖

    A motion was made to approve the changes in Resolution #2006-01 by Keith Houck

    and Ken Burdzinski seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

2. Resolution #2006-02R. A Resolution requesting endorsement of a Purchasing

    Reference Manual for Florida Community Colleges The Council of Business Affairs

    (COBA) to be hosted as an approved reference document on the COBA website. A

    Typo of Courment for Document‖ was noted and corrected.

    A motion was made to approve the endorsement and hosting of the Purchasing

    Reference Manual on the COBA website in Resolution #2006-02R by Al Little and

    Glenn Little seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

3 Resolution #2006-03R. A Resolution requesting a change to State Board of

    Education Administrative Rule 6A-14.0734(2) (c) Procurement Requirements. To

    change the wording in the following paragraph:

    ―(2) Exceptions to the requirement to solicit competitive offers are:

     (c) Purchases at the unit or contract prices established through competitive

    solicitations by any unit of government established by law or non-profit

    buying cooperatives.

FCC-COBA MinutesJanuary 2007 4

The motion was carried.

    Continuation of Division of Community CollegesReports

    Steve Bowers called upon Vice Chancellor Ed Cisek, Department of Education, to continue

    the review of The Division of Community Colleges Report.

    f. (Part B) Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code Feasibility Study

    (p.73). The Council of Presidents approved the recommendation of the

    Funding Committee that DOE prepare a feasibility report and implementation

    plan for converting the current system of community college financial and

    student data reporting by Information Classification Structure (ICS) code to a

    system of reporting by Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code.

    This change would allow more specificity in the reporting structure. It will

    help funding model, eliminate confusion in CA. The Cost Analysis would be

    affected by having comparability to University System accounting. Mr. Cisek

    stressed that the Council of Presidents only approved the preparation of the

    feasibility study and implementation plan. Mr. Bowers stated that this would

    be a ―massive change.‖ The feasibility study should consider what the impact

    on colleges would be, what the effect would be, how does this compare with

    other states, the cost of implementation. Course names under the new

    structure would be more meaningful. Courses would be the same through the

    Baccalaureate Degree. Dick Becker, Barry Keim and Steve Bowers said that

    they would make a comment to the Council of Presidents. Example: All

    Nursing courses in same series, but then subdivided by A& P, PSAV, etc... Mr.

    Cisek stated that the feasibility study started in 1968 and we have not had a

    meeting on it yet.

    g. (Part C) Educator Preparation Institutes (EPI) Funding. (p.79) Ed Cisek

    reported that Dr. Massey stated that $4.2 million will be distributed for this

    program. Every college is required to set aside $150,000 specifically for EPI

    funding in operational funds. EPI Program Support is a fixed cost. h. Facilities Update (p.84)

    i. Funding Committee report (p.82) Ed Cisek asked for a motion to discuss the

    Funding Committee Report.

Joe Sarnovsky made a motion to accept the report of the funding committee and Dick

    Becker seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The following additional items were discussed:

    a. Discussion on cost of labs and non-library academic support.

    b. Special Projects (such as Public Broadcasting) will be excluded from

    funding model. No structural changes to funding model this coming year.

    c. Cost Analysis/GAP Analysis.

    FCC-COBA MinutesJanuary 2007 5

    d. Ed plans to take results to President’s Council in July. He would like all

    final sub-committee reports be submitted to the full committee by June


    e. Distribution policy for the Cost to Continue of $20 million to be discussed

    at Council of Presidents. Funding committee recommendation to distribute

    to index.

    f. Most funding discussions were about the bottom line. Capacity helps

    certain colleges. Compression helps certain colleges. Issues have different

    winners and losers‖, but the decisions are made for the betterment of the

    System as a whole.

Steve Bowers took the podium to lead discussion on the following issues.

    a. Chancellor recommended $5 million for enrollment/growth fund.

    b. COBA has been asked to reconsider endorsing the Chancellor’s

    recommendation as delivered. The funding request was an all-time high (last

    5 or 6 years).

    c. Growth beyond Max of 3 Prior Years (p. 60). $2.6 million change in February


Keith Houck moved to approve the funding committee recommendations. Ken Burdzinski

    seconded recommendations. Motion passed.

Capital Improvement Fee Bonds and Long-term Debt Discussion (p.2) Recommendations

    from the Office of Financial Policy Division of Community CollegesSupporting Local

    Borrowing Authority, pgs. 9-14. S. 1001.64, S. 1011-31, S. 1013.81 and S. 1009.22

Glenn Little made a motion to discuss, Peter Elliott seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    Discussion on local borrowing authority: Barbara Larson, from Hillsborough CC is

    concerned about the limitations. Carol Probstfeld is concerned about capacity, short-term

    loan and parking fee.

    Procedure for Review of College Audits (p.29). The Committee is requesting more information from Auditor General.

Proposed 2007 Legislation Sales tax on College/University Bookstore Commissions.

    Supporting this motion only and not food service at this time. There is potential savings of

    $100,000 minimum on Florida economy for all post-secondary education bookstores. Jim

    Harvey made a motion to approve. Keith Houck seconded. Motion carried.

Ed Cisek took the podium to discuss nominations for the Ken Jarrett Service Award. Ken

    Jarrett was a person who was always there for the system. Carol pointed out that a nominee

    does not have to be a Business Officer, but can be on anyone for the award. Discussion

    followed regarding membership of the selection committee and it was agreed without motion

    that the Chair of COBA would be an ex-officio member of the Jarrett Award Committee. Mr.

    FCC-COBA MinutesJanuary 2007 6

Al Little, as most recent past Award winner, will convene the selection committee in the


Share-point Training will be on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 10:00a.m. COBA Web-site,

    Purchasing Reference Manual, Foundation, Accounting guidelines. Technical capacity,

    coordination place to access data. It was agreed that eligibility for training is the CBO or


A motion was made by John Holdnak to approve the eligibility for training for CBO and/or

    designate. Barbara Larson seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Steve Bowers noted that Joe Sarnovsky has to leave the meeting early to attend the Central

    Florida Auto Dealers Association and Seminole Community College grand opening of the

    Automotive Training Center. He thanked Joe for hosting the event and Joe included thanks

    to Keith Houck (VCC) and SCC’s staff of Lynn Powers, Claudia Salvano, Chris Chellberg,

    Edwina Midkiff, Linda Lescallette, Barbara Davidson and Elaine Iannelli for coordinating

    this event… and special thanks to Elaine Iannelli for taking minutes of the meetings.

Continuation of Division of Community CollegesReports

    j. Ed Cisek continued with the Division Report. He brought to the attention of the

    officers page 101, Cost of College Prep, page103 the distribution (40 high school

    students, 20 older students, 40 out-of-state-students), and page 105 ($25 million) in

    the report.

    k. Page 129 Baccalaureate Degree Update included the history, headcount and policy.

    On page 134 HB 137, line 283, limiting state support did not pass. Adjust Cost

    Analysis for two delivery systems, cost structure (page 136)

Steve Bowers called E. H. Levering to the podium. Mr. Levering handed out post cards

    showing the COBA meeting venue for the May-June 2007 meeting in Coconut Grove,

    Florida, hosted by Miami Dade College.

Santa Fe Community College will be hosting the September 2007 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

    FCC-COBA MinutesJanuary 2007 7

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