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Load Testing for EMC Intranet e-learning Application - Team Lead ObjectARX, C# with DOTNet Framework v20, C/C++ with Microsoft Visual C++ 6 (designing

Olivier Cheneson


Work experience

Autodesk - SINGAPORE

    Software Localization Engineer - Project Lead in Autodesk WWL group from

    Jan 2006 to Oct 2007

     AutoCAD Electrical Localization

    ? Lead the localization project for 8 languages (Bug fixing/Build)

    ? Communication with the Development team for globalization issues ? ? Working/Training interns used in production project ? Maintenance of the localization KIT in Perl/VBA ? Maintenance/Creation of Passolo 6 macros

    ? Develop Build creation tool in C# with Microsoft .NET v2.0

Sogeti Transiciel (Cap Gemini), FRANCE

    Senior Localization Engineer in Amadeus, e-Travel from Sep 2001 to Jan 2006

    Localization projects in Amadeus, e-Travel

    ? Implement language releases for e-Travel products (22 Languages)

    ? Graphic localization with Adobe PhotoShop 6.0

    ? Design an application for SQL Server, Unicode/ANSI encoding

    ? Project Leading for the tool development and Planning

    ? Coordination between Development team and Translation vendor

    ? Feasibility study on multibyte character set languages

    ? Identify Internationalization problems (Hardcode, locale difference)

    ? Develop a translation in context tool using VB.NET, C# handling


    ? Encoding tool to/from Unicode, UTF8 using Win32 and .NET for

    Japanese, Trad and Simp Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic

    Statistics for e-Travel products

    ? Design a Perl based parser for Web Server Access Logs

    ? Implement changes for ASP pages in Javascript and VBscripts

    ? Update the web-based statistic application

    Berlitz GlobalNET in Dublin, IRELAND from Mar 1998 to May 2001

    Automation Test Engineer from Jan 2000 to May 2001

    Load Test for Davy Stockbrocker web site

    ? Design the tests

    ? Write the LoadRunner scripts

    Load Testing for EMC Intranet e-learning Application - Team Lead

    ? Assist the Load Test engineer on the different issues such

    Networking problems, or LoadRunner problems

    Ulster Bank Anytime Web Site

    ? Write the automation tests using WinRunner

    Ariba ORMS Web Site

    ? Write the Automation Tests for Ariba ORMS using WinRunner

    ? Update the scripts to the new versions

    Lotus Notes 4.67 Test Automation

    ? Update the existing automation scripts using QA Partner

    ? Run the scripts in different languages

    Havas Interactive Manual Testing

    ? Testing for online games

Software Localization Engineer from Mar 1998 to Jan 2000

    Nortel Networks Products:

    SECC and SCCS : Symposium Express Call Center or Symposium Call

    Center System

    ? Prepare files for localization in Corel Catalyst

    ? Fix the bugs, assist the translator during localization on Catalyst

    ? Help the test engineer for the testing using Lotus Notes or Outlook

    ? Reporting and Troubleshooting

    ? Fix bugs in Crystal Report

    ? Manage resource files and their translation

    Meridian Administration Tools (MAT)

    ? Prepare the dlls and exes for localization in Catalyst

    ? Assist translators and test engineers in using Meridian Switch

    CallPilot and Messenger: Unified application in Outlook and Lotus Notes

    ? Prepare files for localization in Catalyst, fix the InstallShield

    environment, Lotus Notes for the templates

    ? Integrate translated files into compile environment

    ? Identify and resolve globalization/localization bugs

    ? Design the test plan and write the test cases on site for 3 days at

    Nortel for CallPilot application

    Help engineering for Mac Office 98

    ? Write macros to fix the various bugs in the footnotes

    ? Fix bugs in the Help in MS Word Application

    ? Compile the files to produce the final help using different tools

    such Help Workshop, HULK

Personal Project

    ? Design a website using php 4 in Object Oriented programming

    ? Design a Test Case Manager using MSVC6

    ? Design a Tool (“CosmoSQA”) to test Windows Applications

    ? Use Visual C++6 to write a Multi Document Interface Application

    connecting to CJLibrary609.lib similar to Stingray library.

    ? Develop PocketPC applications using Embedded VB and



1995 1998: Degree from the “Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé Génie des

    Systèmes Industriels option Instrumentation”, equivalent to Bachelor Degree of

    Industrial System Engineering

1992 1995: Degree from the “Institut Universitaire de Technologies option

    industries chimiques”, equivalent to the second year diploma of chemical engineering.

Technical Skills


Install and use Windows 95, 98 and NT4 Server and Workstation, XP

    Install and use of Suse Linux,


    Localization tools Passolo 6, FlexyTrans Localization: Berlitz GlobalNET,

    MS Localization Studio 4.2, Corel Catalyst, HelpCraft,

    HTMLCraft, ToolProof , Help Workshop, Trados Translation


    Automation Tools Mercury Interactive: WinRunner,LoadRunner, Segue

    Corporation: SilkTest, Rational: Visual Test 6

Databases Lotus Notes 4.6 (Client/Server), MS SQL Server 7, Oracle 8i,

    MS Access, Knowledge of OLAP technology, SQL scripts

Networking TCP/IP, Novell Network

    Programming ObjectARX, C# with DOTNet Framework v2.0, C/C++ with Language and Microsoft Visual C++ 6 (designing a DLL, MDI App, Shell

    Development Tools Programming), ADO, SQL DMO in VB6, VB.NET, Rational

    Visual Test 6, MS Visual SourceSafe (VSS), InstallShield 5.5,

    HTML , Java, JavaScript, Knowledge of Lotus Notes

    Programming, TSL Language for WinRunner and LoadRunner

    scripts, LabView programming, VB.NEt, EVB, VmWare

Internet Tools MS Internet Information Server (ISS), Apache Web Server,

    Lotus Domino Web server, Allaire: Cold Fusion server,

    WebTrends Report centrer V7

General Tools MS Office Products

Trainings and Certificates

2007 Apr: 1 week training with Microsoft on Developing Application with C# and

    initiation to WPF

    2006 Dec: 1 week training with Autodesk on Developing ARX application 2006 Aug: 1 week training with Microsoft on Windows 32 Debugging 2005 Feb: Training with IBM on Rational ClearCase 2004 Dec: Training and Certification WebTrends Report Center Version 7 in

    ComputerLinks , Paris

    2003 Jul: Training with Evolution Multimedia on Developing Microsoft SQL


    2000 Sep: 1 Week training in Berlitz with a Mercury Interactive instructor on


    2000 Aug: 3 day training in University of Limerick, Ireland with LRC ( Localization

    Research Center) about using SilkTest ( Segue Corp.) for localization.

    2000 Feb: 1 Week training in Berlitz with a Mercury Interactive instructor on

    WinRunner and Test Director.

    2000 Apr: 1 Week training in MoreSoft, Ireland on Unix Basics and Advanced


    1998 Aug : 3 day training in Corel, Dublin, Ireland on Corel Catalyst 2.5


French: Native Language

    English: Excellent communication skills, 1998: TOEFL : Score 523

    Amadeus is an English speaking environment

    Spanish: Good understanding Study 5 years

    German: Knowledge Study 3 years


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