May 06 - SAFE HARBOR FARM E-news #

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May 06 - SAFE HARBOR FARM E-news #

    SAFE HARBOR FARM E-news #13

    (May 2006)

Hello again!


     Ten spay-neuter dates (78 cats & dogs sterilized)…

     Two heartworm awareness clinics (43 dogs tested 3 positive)…

     Seven new adoptions (5 dogs & 2 cats)…

     A dozen more animals aided in other ways (including Bucky, who was thrown many

     feet into the air by a car on Route 58!)…

     And one lost dog (owner found!). Phew!


     Lee Fuentes has joined the on-site crew at Safe Harbor in a 30-foot travel trailer

    donated for volunteer use by Mel Yeatman (thanks, Mel!). Come Memorial Day

    weekend, the Pierce family will also be joining us to Workamp the entire month of June.

    Yippee! Volunteers are ALWAYS desperately needed, if only for a few hours here and

    there. We’ve got gardening & landscaping projects, a storage trailer that needs new

    framing supports (any carpenters out there?), dogs in need of long walks and cats in need

    of grooming & quality time. Volunteers are also needed in to help with an adoptathon in thNew Bern on Saturday, May 13. Hours are 10:30 to 4:30.


     Drs. Susan Valashinas and Julie Schneider will be joining us periodically at the

    Kindness Clinic, spay-neutering rescue dogs & colony cats (no privately owned pets) a

    few times a month in Maysville. They are so very welcome! The more, the merrier!

    This will enable us to spay some of the larger dogs (to 65#). Rescues: let us know your

    needs ASAP, and we’ll see if we can help.


     It’s long been a concern that bits and pieces of our main culvert could wash away

    during the rain. Today, our environmental engineer, John Eddy, supervised the laying of

    rip-rap stone along both sides of the culvert. John was joined by his three sons (what

    terrific kids!), Lee and Glenn Ingram (proud dad of Spenser, the Boston Terrier, who

    tested the water together with Lee’s white shepherd, Taxi). John is also putting the

    finishing details on our Sedimentation and Erosion Permit. Lynne hasn’t done a

    cartwheel in decades, but she may have to try a few the day our S&E permit application

    gets filed! Get the Ibuprofen ready…


     Building engineer Jack Knoll of A Visual Home Inspection Service and architects Bill

    Shaw & Josh White of Carolina Home Design have put the final touches on plans for

    Safe Harbor’s Feline Education, Adoption & Post-op Building! The minute we get our S

    & E permit from the state, tractors will be rolling, our pond will be dug and foundation

    dirt will be moved to the building site.


     Taffeta, Artimus, Shorty, Layla, Shasta, Nemo and Simon all found great new homes

    this month, and Carter (an Egyptian Mau) & Harriet (a poodle-schnauzer cross) have

    joined us at Safe Harbor, together with Helen & Sarah (5 week old tiger kittens rescued

    from the Onslow Shelter) and Dot, Dash and Splash (7 week old tuxedo kittens from the

    same place). The kittens will need lots of TLC and vet care for several weeks before they

    are ready for adoption. Safe Harbor doesn’t like adopting kittens out before 9 weeks of



     Those of you who know Bella, our seriously traumatized Boston Terrier rescued from

    the Sanford puppy mill, will be thrilled to learn she can now be released to a new foster-

    to-adopt home. This little gal has been through so much, and she’s come so far. We’re

    now looking for a single woman home (cats okay) where Bella can continue her journey

    to being a “normal” dog. Interested foster-to-adopters will be required to spend time with

    Bella at Safe Harbor Farm over the span of several weeks before placement.


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