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    Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, Château Les Tourelles, Edouard-Sandoz 2-4, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland

    Fax: +41 (21) 345 3548 e-mail:



    EVENT: ………………………..……… DATE: ………………………………..

    TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR: …………..………………………………………….

    This report must be duly signed by the parties concerned and sent to the FIVB within 7 days from the conclusion of an event.

    Legend: 1= very poor; 2= poor; 3=sufficient; 4=good; 5= very good


    Promoter Agreement; eventual

    amendments (Confidential)

    Previous relevant correspondence between FIVB/NF-Promoter

    Status of Master Plan and Marketing Checklist (online)

    Previous season’s WT/35 Final

    Event Report, WT/13 Supervisor’s

    Final Report (if any)

    General information on FIVB international sponsors

    Reports on the TV and FIVB Technical Inspection Visits (if any)

    Minutes of the last World Council and Permanent Committee meeting

    Handbook receipt

    WEATHER CONDITIONS DURING THE EVENT General weather conditions during

    the event and comments about the

    date of the event

    Minimum temperature (Celsius)

    May 2008 1

    Maximum temperature (Celsius) Humidity Rain conditions during event Wind conditions during event Sun rise (minimum standard during event)

    Sun set (minimum standard during event)


    Total spectator attendance during the Country Quota Play Off and

    Qualification Tournament

    Total daily spectator attendance during the Main Draw (List by each day of the Main Draw, including

    double gender format)

    Total event spectator attendance (CQPO, QT, MD)

    Ticketing (please provide details of the tickets, type of seats, prices, total ticket sold, total income,

    special packages, etc.)


    Enclose any updated forms with report.

    General Organizational Chart (WT/05) and Candidature Forms WT/04, WT/21, WT/22, WT/23

    (provided electronically to FIVB).

    Very detailed stadium / venue / courts layout indicating the

    dimension of the stadium and

    facilities (in scale- provided

    electronically to FIVB).

    Color pictures, plans, and brochures of the global area, beach, and hosting city (provided

    electronically to FIVB).

    Financial plan and final budget (provided electronically to FIVB).

    Please specify its amount in USD

    of expenses, incomes and


    May 2008 2


    WT/06 Event’s Regulations form

    Tentative / Confirmed lists of participating teams

    Information and Invitation Letter for

    Visa purposes for players, FIVB

    officials, etc.

    Information on billboards at the

    official locations (i.e. Main Draw

    Hotel, Athlete’s Lounge, etc.),

    handbook for athletes and officials,


    REFEREEING ITEMS: Referee’s Court, Personnel, Auxiliary Official, Refereeing Clinic

    Referee Delegate to present separate report.

    Refereeing Clinic meeting room and equipment.

    Eventual Extra Day Referee Clinic (if any)

    Procedures applied, organization

    and fulfilment of the requirements

    (agenda, handbook, etc.)

    Documents / forms distributed (Referee Guidelines, Rules, etc.)

    Number / names of National and Neutral International Referees.

    Scoreboard keepers (for SWATCH

    electronic scoreboards / manual

    outer court scoreboards).

    Ball retrievers

    Sand levellers

    Court maintenance staff

    Court Player’s Attendants (if any)

    COMPETITION FORMAT: Match format, Daily program and Agenda

    Enclose Competition Schedule for each day.

    Athletes’ Entry (Host Country Wild Cards)

    Competition Format / Match Format

    (Enclose competition schedule, including number of matches per

    court / court assignment.)

    Daily Program and Agenda (including start times)

    May 2008 3

    Number of matches per court / Competition Schedule / Court


    CQPO, Qualification Tournament program and Match Program.

    Main Draw program and Match Program in coordination with the

    HTVB and IMG.

    Start time of semi-final and final matches (as per FIVB/NF-Promoter

    Agreement, Appendix E)


    Procedures applied, organization, and fulfillment of the requirements

    (meeting room, equipment, agenda, handbook, collection of

    player sizes, emergency

    information, etc.)

    Documents and forms distributed Eventual protest to be reported to the FIVB


    Procedures applied, organization, and fulfillment of the requirements.

    Drawing of lots and necessary materials

    Documents and forms distributed BVIS (Beach Volleyball Information System)

    BVIS staff, including IT computer professional support

    BVIS Format, including procedure to distribute Daily Bulletin

    Fulfillment of the internet requirements; procedure to update

    the FIVB website.

    Live scoring on FIVB website; provided by Swiss Timing

    N. of teams participating at the event

    N. of countries participating at the event


    Promoter May 2008 4

    National Federation FIVB Delegates Status of the National team program and global performance of

    the hosting country teams

    Global technical performance of the athletes


    Enclose WT/29 Stadium Homologation form and relevant documents.

    Approval of Local Authorities. Agreement with local authorities (use of parking, beaches, access,


    Total area available / stadium capacity / Dimension (lay-out of the

    global venue and check locations) /

    Orientation of stadium according to

    TV requirements, position and

    placement of competition facilities,

    TV compound, medical facilities,

    etc. (provided electronically to


    Temporary Tribune / VIP stands / Entries and Access to Stadium

    including Stadium Entrance location / TV platforms for the Host

    broadcaster and Sportman/Bwin

    and commentary positions.

    Presidential Box (if any) Video Board (if requested) Number of courts available, including competition and warm up

    (at least one per gender).

    Communication between courts and competition management (professional radios, mobile phones

    as required)

    Photographers area and location of Mixed Zone

    Area for disabled people (entries / access to stadium)

    Parking area and transportation plan.

    May 2008 5

Competition Management and FIVB Official facilities

    Meeting Rooms used (assignment and purpose)

    Coaches mixed area and coaches reserved seats on outside courts and center court (in the general

    public grand stand)

    Lounges (players, referees, press, physio / medical, VIP, etc.)

    Catering / lunch area (ie. Players, staff, court personnel, volunteers)

    Locker rooms, toilets, showers (designated for players, staff, etc.)

    Logistic Warehouse / storage room at venue

    Swiss Timing table / position on the VIP stand / storage room / location of electronic scoreboards and ball

    speed device in stadium layout.

    Sportman/Bwin position in the court / accreditation/ assistance of the promoters and other involved


    Insurance covering the risk of cancellation


    Enclose WT/30 Court Equipment Checklist

    Material requirements met as per Beach Volleyball rules (WT/30)

    Sand conditions and / or action(s) taken by Hutcheson (if any).

    SWATCH Material (all items) including the SWATCH electronic scoreboard, speed ball device on

    center court

    SWATCH electronic scoreboards Start functioning (date) by CQPO


    Mikasa Material (Balls), preparation and handling, ball checker.

    Internet connection for Sportman/Bwin

    May 2008 6

    Descente Uniforms (all items) and/or Promoter’s Staff Uniform Supplier (i.e., sample, quantity,

    delivery of material)

    Descente: Uniform quantities as per handbook, uniform sizes,

    shipments (if any).

    Descente: Amount paid by Promoter for shipment / eventual taxation to clear materials at


    Flags, medals (from FIVB), trophies, and prizes, Player awards

    (if any)

    Manual Scoreboard (outer courts) SWATCH watches, Distribution of watches to Promoter/NF, FIVB

    Officials, volunteers

    Audio system (minimum 5,000 Watts)

    TV Platform, Commentary Positions

    TV English Commentary name and amounts to be paid by the FIVB


    TV Coordinator to present separate report.

    Appendix E signed and delivered to FIVB

    TV Host Broadcaster coverage (WT/14) and post match coverage

    as per Appendix E.

    TV cameras position (WT/15) and microphone position

    TV cameras position for Sportman/Bwin

    Lighting intensity (min. 1500 lux.) if required

    ENG Crew / Highlight Programs (as required by the FIVB)

    TV Office Briefing to coordinate all actions with HTVB, Competition,

    entertainment, etc.

    May 2008 7

Shipment of the video tapes to the parties concerned

    TV Program Graphics, Audio and quality of pictures

    Global performance of Swiss Timing

    Minimum Broadcast as per Appendix E.

    MARKETING ITEMS: Marketing Kit, Marketing Checklist

    Please refer to the FIVB Handbook and Additiv web site

    Media Plan implementation HTVB & Radio commercial opportunities.

    10m panel Accreditation cards Accreditation featuring the secured areas of access

    Athlete’s shower backdrop Awarding ceremony backdrop Base of the SWATCH electronic scoreboards

    Business cards Center court layout (all static & rotating panelling), including scoreboards’, inflatable and flag


    Cladding (look of external bleachers)

    Cladding of the perimeter Cheque layout with the first 3 amounts

    Envelopes FIVB Sponsors’ advertising pages and page positions

    FIVB sponsors' cost production estimates for all new panel, flags,


    Flyers (cover and back only) Food tickets Folder Interview backdrop Invitation cards May 2008 8

    Jingles Letterhead List of local sponsors and product categories

    Mascot and its branding Mikasa POS positioning Mixed zone backdrop Newsletter Official program cover Other items that require the FIVB's approval (give-aways, etc.)

    Official net & side net logos layout (give status of last year's supply at least 2 months prior the start of the


    On-site signage Parking accreditation Podium Promoter's website Referee chair Results' brackets' layout Roof of the VIP stand Scorers table Side court scoreboard layout Side court panneling layout Stadium entrance SWATCH POS positioning SWATCH Experience position SWATCH electronic Access SWATCH scoreboards layout & local sponsor publicity layout

    Tickets Tower of TV cameras Uniform layouts (athlete's) Uniform layouts (staff)- Polo shirt Uniform layouts (officials)- Polo shirt

    Uniform layouts (volonteers) Uniform - Windbreakers Video Wall (if required) PUBLICATION, PRODUCTION AND PROMOTION

    Event publicity and Promotion May 2008 9

locally, nationally, and


    Used FIVB TV highlight programs Promoter’s official event web site (set up and maintenance)

    Production team: Announcer (speaker), dancers, artists, etc.

    Public relations / Promotional Activities / Promotional Plan and/or

    on-site entertainment with Partners,

    incl. description, timing, place and

    concept owner

    Public Address recognition: Scripts, information,



    Tournament related activities (dining and dancing, conducting

    PR activities, International and

    Local Sponsors’ trading outs, Promoters’ (or Organizers of

    upcoming events) advertising, etc.,

    in areas close to the competition


    Branding on sponsor village tents Merchandising and product opportunities

    Camp for Beach Volleyball fans and/or activities court

    Environmental programs HOSPITALITY AND PROTOCOL

    VIP packages, hospitality advantages (Event / FIVB)

    Dream Tour Project implemented Names and roles of the celebrities and authorities attending the event

    Hospitality Zone: VIP benefits, catering, personnel and hostesses

    for VIP’s


    Press Delegate to present separate report.

    Status of the Press Master Plan and Media Plan implementation

    May 2008 10

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