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    Mortgage Assistance Loan Program

    $35,000 Loan for First Time Home Buyers

    This pilot program is an effort to encourage first time homebuyers to

     consider home ownership in existing residential communities in Baltimore

    County. The program is administered by nonprofit groups and is available in

    designated communities. Home Buyer’s Workshops and home ownership counseling are offered to potential

    homeowners. Mortgage Assistance loans up to $35,000 are available to families whose income is at or

    below 80% of area median, adjusted for household size:

    Household 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Size

    Income Limit $41,300 $47,200 $53,100 $59,000 $63,700 $68,450 $73,150 $77,900


    1. Before signing a real estate contract, completes Homebuyer Education Curriculum: Workshop(s) &

    Counseling with a Baltimore County affiliated Housing Counseling Agency *.

    2. Meets Income Eligibility: 80% of area median, adjusted for household size.

    3. First time home buyer (cannot have previously owned a dwelling within the last 3 years). Exceptions can be

    granted for separation, divorce or death of spouse or prior ownership of documented substandard housing.

    4. Qualifies for a fixed rate mortgage with a Participating Lender. (See the Referral List ) 5. Post purchase liquid assets cannot exceed 25% of gross annual household income.

    6. Gift Contributions may not exceed 3% of the sales price.

    7. Buyer’s proposed post purchase housing and total debt ratios cannot exceed 31% and 43%, respectively, of

    the gross monthly household income.

    8. Has cash equal to 5% of gross household income to contribute to purchase (see below).


    1. Existing dwelling that is owner occupied, occupied by buyer, or vacant. New construction is excluded.

    2. Dwelling types: Single family detached, semi- detached, townhouse, and condominium unit.

    3. Located within the mapped Community Conservation Area. Please see MALP Program Boundaries.

    4. Has had a satisfactory home inspection and has been certified as meeting the federal Housing Quality

    Standards (HQS) using an inspection firm from the County’s pre-qualified list. The HQS certification provides

    assurance to the County that the dwelling is free from hazardous defects and meets basic standards for safety

    and livability. All noted deficiencies must be corrected and verified prior to SELP Loan approval. The home

    inspection and HQS certification fee can be included as part of the buyer’s minimum cash contribution. 4. The cost of repairs required to correct HQS identified deficiencies might be Included in the borrowers

    maximum loan amount up to $2,500 when such repairs are done by a licensed contractor.


    1. MALP Loan Amount: Minimum $15,000, Maximum $35,000(of which up to $25,000.00 can be used for principal


    2. Buyer’s minimum cash contribution: 5% of gross annual household income.

    3. MALP Loan- Loan is deferred for fifteen (15) years (“Affordability Period “). Thereafter, the loan is forgiven after

    15 years, unless sale, transfer of title or default occurs before the end of the (Affordability Period) 15 years.

    4. Primary Loan- Loan principal is repayable upon the earlier to occur of sale, transfer, refinance, default on

    primary loan, or discontinuance of borrower occupancy in the home.

    Note: Official SELP PROGRAM GUIDELINES & PROCEDURES adopted by the Baltimore County Office of

    Community Conservation take precedence and clarify the details of the information presented here.


    Baltimore County - Office of Community Conservation - Housing Opportunities Program

    6401 York Road Second Floor, Baltimore, MD 21212 410-887-3124; Fax: 410-887-5696


AREA ZIP CODES Census Tract Number


    Turner’s Station

    West Inverness 21222 Colgate 21224


    Fox Ridge 21221 Middlesex 21220 Hawthorne 21220 Village of Pawnee 21220



    21237 Franklin Ridge 21237 Amberly/ Kings Courts 21237

    Randallstown 21133 Pikesville 21208 Western Park 21244 Mt. Washington 21209 Glydon 21071 Marriottsville 21104


    Edmonson Heights

    Gwynn Oak

    Windsor Mills

    Ridgley 21234 Holland Hills 21206 Elmwood 21206 Parkville 21234 2921.01, 2921.02, 2920.02,2920.01 Parkville Boundaries are -Perring PWKY, Oakleigh (above Taylor Ave), Harford Road ( East) I95-

    (North )

Loch Raven Village

    Burkleigh Square

    Towson Manor





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