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By Roy Chavez,2014-05-17 13:04
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Business area definition; Delivered system; Design prototype; Design prototype records; Development plan; Feasibility prototype; Feasibility report


    ? Domain object modeling ? Planning game ? Active user involvement ? Product backlog ? Developing by feature ? Small releases ? Empowered teams ? Burndown chart ? Class (code) ownership ? Metaphor ? Frequent delivery ? Sprint backlog ? Feature teams ? Simple design ? Fitness (simplicity) ? Iterations and increments ? Inspections ? Tests ? Iterations and increments ? Self managed teams ? Regular build schedule ? Refactoring ? Reversible changes ? Daily scrums ? Configuration management ? Pair programming ? Baselined requirements

    ? Reporting/visibility of results ? Continuous integration ? Integrated testing

    ? Collective ownership ? Stakeholder collaboration

    ? On-site customer

    ? 40-hour weeks

    ? Open workspace

    ? Just rules

    Develop an Overall Model User Stories Feasibility Study Iteration (1)

     Form the Modeling Team Requirements Feasibility Report Sprint Planning Meeting

     Conduct a Domain Walkthrough Acceptance Tests Feasibility Prototype (optional) Product Backlog

     Study Documents Outline Plan Sprint Backlog Architectural Spike Develop Small Group Models Risk Log Sprint System Metaphor Develop a Team Model Daily Scrum Release (1) Business Study Refine the Overall Object Model Shippable Code Release Planning Business Area Definition Write Model Notes Sprint Review Meeting Release Plan Prioritized Requirements List Internal and External Assessment Shippable Code Iteration (1) Development Plan Sprint Retrospective Meeting Iteration Planning System Architecture Definition Build a Features List Iteration Plan Updated Risk Log Iteration (2) Form the Features List Team Daily Standup Build the Features List Functional Model Iteration Sprint Planning Meeting Collective Code Ownership Internal and External Assessment Product Backlog Functional Model Create Unit Tests Sprint Backlog Functional Prototype (1) Plan by Feature Unit Tests Sprint Functional Prototype Form the Planning Team Pair Programming Daily Scrum Functional Prototype Records Determine Development Sequence Move People Around Shippable Code Functional Prototype (2) Assign Features to Chief Coders Refactor Mercilessly Sprint Review Meeting Functional Prototype Assign Classes to Developers Continuous Integration Shippable Code Functional Prototype Records Self Assessment Acceptance Testing Sprint Retrospective Meeting Functional Prototype (n) Iteration (1) Iteration (2) Functional Prototype Design by Feature Iteration (n) Iteration Planning Functional Prototype Records Form a Feature Team Sprint Planning Meeting Iteration Plan Non-functional Requirements List Conduct Domain Walkthrough Product Backlog

     Study Referenced Documents Sprint Backlog Develop Sequence Diagrams Daily Standup Functional Model Review Records Sprint Refine the Object Model Collective Code Ownership Implementation Plan Daily Scrum Write Class/Method Prologue Create Unit Tests Timebox Plans Shippable Code Design Inspection Design and Build Iteration Unit Tests Updated Risk Log Sprint Review Meeting Build by Feature Timebox Plans Pair Programming Shippable Code Implement Classes/Methods Design Prototype (1) Move People Around Sprint Retrospective Meeting Conduct Code Inspection Design Prototype Refactor Mercilessly Unit Test Design Prototype Records Continuous Integration Promote to the Build Design Prototype (2) Acceptance Testing Design Prototype Iteration (n) Iteration (2) Design Prototype Records Iteration Planning Design by Feature Design Prototype (n) Iteration Plan Form a Feature Team Design Prototype Daily Standup Conduct Domain Walkthrough Design Prototype Records Collective Code Ownership Study Referenced Documents Tested System Create Unit Tests Develop Sequence Diagrams Test Records Unit Tests Refine the Object Model Pair Programming Write Class/Method Prologue Implementation Move People Around Design Inspection User Documentation Refactor Mercilessly Build by Feature Trained User Population Continuous Integration Implement Classes/Methods Delivered System Acceptance Testing Conduct Code Inspection Increment Review Document Release (2) Unit Test Iteration (1) Promote to the Build Iteration (2)

     Iteration (n) Iteration (n)

    Release (n) Design by Feature

     Form a Feature Team Iteration (1) Conduct Domain Walkthrough Iteration (2) Study Referenced Documents Iteration (n) Develop Sequence Diagrams

     Refine the Object Model

     Write Class/Method Prologue

     Design Inspection

     Build by Feature

     Implement Classes/Methods

     Conduct Code Inspection

     Unit Test

     Promote to the Build

? Assigned classes ? Acceptance tests ? Business area definition ? Daily scrum results

    ? Assigned features ? Acceptance tests results ? Delivered system ? Product backlog

    ? Class/method prologue ? Daily standup results ? Design prototype ? Retrospective meeting results ? Classes/methods ? Integrated code ? Design prototype records ? Review meeting results ? Code inspection results ? Iteration plan ? Development plan ? Shippable code ? Design inspection results ? Personnel rotation results ? Feasibility prototype ? Sprint backlog ? Development sequence ? Refactored code ? Feasibility report

    ? Document study results ? Release plan ? Functional model

    ? Domain walkthrough results ? Requirements ? Functional model review records ? Feature team ? System metaphor ? Functional prototype

    ? Features list ? Unit test results ? Functional prototype records ? Features list team ? Unit tests ? Implementation plan

    ? Internal and external assessment ? Increment review document ? Model notes ? Non-functional requirements list ? Object model ? Outline plan

    ? Planning team ? Prioritized requirements list ? Promoted builds ? Risk log

    ? Refined object model ? System architecture definition ? Self assessments ? Test records

    ? Sequence diagrams ? Tested system

    ? Small group models ? Timebox plans

    ? Team model ? Trained user population

    ? Unit tests ? User documentation

    ? Unit tests results

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