Senior Developer - C++Java

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Senior Developer - C++Java


    CEng MIET

    Mob: 07970 044442


    A powerful combination of computing, organisational and commercial skills, with a consistent

    track record of quality delivery to time and budget.

    ? Proven ability to rapidly adapt to new technologies & assume the role of a technical authority.

    ? Wide-ranging background of successful project management & team leadership.

    ? Customer-facing skills from on-site technical implementations, to board room results presentations.

    ? Over 25 years experience of computer systems and development.



    ? MEng in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London (1988-1992); gave a

    comprehensive understanding of the low-level operation of computer hardware and networks.

    ? CEng MIET as a result of IEE appraisal of a 12-year personal portfolio of training and experience.


    ? Team Leadership of OOA/OOD developers successfully delivering to tight timescales.

    ? Project Manager with a dependable record of completion to time and budget - from own work to 20-

    strong development department, and from rapid development to multi-department collaborations.

    ? Project Engineering (C&I) for nuclear power plant to BS5750/ISO9000 & BS5882 Quality Assurance

    standards - company Class 1 Registered Author and Verifier.


    ? Systems CCNA awarded in May 2002, plus next-generation Cisco WAN expertise; System

    administration, design and implementation for Microsoft & Linux/Unix networks (MCSE on NT4

    awarded Mar 1999). Linux Kernel build and faultfinding.

    ? Recent Development C# 2.0, 3.5 Full and Compact Framework,Visual Studio 2008/5/3, MBUnit

    testing framework, SVN version control, Python scripting. MS Sql 2008/5/2k.

    ? Previous Development - Python website monitoring/load-testing engine developed from scratch;

    CVS version control; Mb/Py/J-Unit testing frameworks; VB.NET web site development; MCAD (C#)

    awarded Jul 2004; Sun C++ on Unix (Solaris) with RogueWave & STL plus Rational Purify and Quantify

    tools under RCS version control; Java under JBuilder on Win32 with CVS; Training Simulation Real Time

    Fortran/C under SCCS version control; Various scripting including Awk, MS Batch, CSH/KSH/BASH, PHP,


    Recent Career Timeline Lead Technical Consultant Aug 2007-Present

    Acumentive Ltd

.NET E-Commerce Developer Aug 2005-Aug 2007

    Commercial Services, Kent County Council

Lead Developer & Website Testing Consultant Jan 2004-Jul 2005

    SciVisum Ltd, Sittingbourne, Kent

Founder/Director Kolossi Consultants Ltd Apr 2003-Nov 2005

IT Systems Engineer (Advanced CCTV systems) Apr 2003-Dec 2003

    Astraguard Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent (through Kolossi Consultants Ltd)

Simulator Developer Jun 2003-Dec 2003

    BNFL, Oldbury Training Centre, South Glos. (through Kolossi Consultants Ltd)

Career Break Aug 2002-Mar 2003

Software Development Engineer Dec 1999-Aug 2002

    Viewgate Networks, Sevenoaks, Kent

    Career Detail

    Lead Technical Consultant Aug 2007-Present

    Acumentive Ltd Company Relaunched as Acumentive Dec 2009

    RadiantWave Ltd

A specialist Auto-ID technology & software consultancy, providing solutions to the Logistics and Healthcare

    industries amongst others. A genuinely “Virtual” company, with employees working full time from home.

    ? Started as the sole technical consultant/programmer working with the MD, providing technical support,

    pre- and post-sales consultancy and software developer duties.

    ? Developed a number of utilities to ease the process of building and testing quality products delivered

    on a third party’s application framework.

    ? Having worked with the company’s collection of various bespoke and third party applications delivered

    to clients, designed and developed a unified C# application framework able to rapidly meet the client’s

    needs. The framework is able to deliver flexible data marshalling for multiple types of hardware and

    backend systems, and produce Windows, Web & Mobile (Compact Framework) Client applications. It is

    built to target MS SQL Server 2008/5/2k.

    ? Formed and headed up the company’s growing technical team, up to 4 consultants.

    ? Established simple yet effective systems allowing Bug Tracking, Project Management, Collaboration

    (Wiki), Change Control, Data Backup and SVN version control - overcoming the challenges of the

    distributed nature of the company.

    ? Performed the role of technical authority maintaining both a detailed knowledge of the technology and

    forming lasting supplier relationships with the many types of RFID, Ultrasonic ID and Real-Time

    Location Systems in use by the company.

    ? Pioneered the use of Virtual Machines (Virtual PC & VMWare) for testing and demonstration purposes.

.NET E-Commerce Developer Aug 2005-Aug 2007

    Commercial Services, Kent County Council

A commercial division of the organisation charged with providing goods & services to other departments,

    and bringing money into the council.

    ? Lead responsibility for the division’s bespoke web shop software. Established and operated

    departmental systems for version control, configuration management, documentation, and deployment. ? Specified, developed, and implemented e-commerce integration with client systems using Integra,

    Agresso, @UK, Capita SIMS and Oracle I-Procurement. Facilities made available included transparent

    search and punchout catalogue access, and email, web-service & http order submission. ? Lead technical role in implementing and customising a Strategix OneOffice SCM system replacing

    several backend systems, which live late 2007.

Lead Developer & Website Testing Consultant Jan 2004-Jul 2005

    SciVisum Ltd, Sittingbourne, Kent

Web Application Monitoring and Testing Consultants.

    ? Designed and developed a Python scriptable web retrieval, analysis and load testing engine, capable of

    simulating varying numbers of concurrent users performing journeys through the pages of a website.

    First version used in load testing on a client site within 2 months of project start. ? Established and operated systems for CVS version control, feature/bug tracking and documentation. ? Performed client requirements capture, and both remote & on-site load testing for major household

    names. Presented results to client technical staff, management and board members.

IT Systems Engineer Apr 2003-Dec 2003

    Astraguard Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent (through Kolossi Consultants Ltd)

Suppliers and integrators of Video & CCTV analysis, and Digital Video Recording systems.

    ? Established and operated systems for CVS version control of software distributions & Linux kernels, and

    tracking of customer site equipment, software configuration & work logs.

    ? Key Windows 2000 & Linux installer, integrator and support engineer for several major customer sites,

    including the Bank of England, Met Police, and High-Security prisons.

    ? Developer of Linux Kernels & distributions, software installation scripts, and HTML/PHP configuration

    and monitoring tools running under Apache.

Simulator Developer Jun 2003-Dec 2003

    BNFL, Oldbury Training Centre, South Glos. (through Kolossi Consultants Ltd)

Agreed call-off contract with former employer for Software Development when Astraguard workload allows.

Founder/Director Kolossi Consultants Ltd Apr 2003-Nov 2005

Incorporated and VAT Registered Kolossi Consultants Ltd.

Career Break Aug 2002-Mar 2003

Took advantage of the opportunity to spend some exceptional months with my new young family, and

    spent time reassessing my achievements to date and career & life plans.

Software Development Engineer Dec 1999-Aug 2002

    Viewgate Networks, Sevenoaks, Kent

Software Development company for telco and customer WAN infrastructure monitoring.

    A highly methodical approach, with a strong focus on procedures designed to eliminate errors ...

    High quality maintainable code Daniel Mack, Director of Advanced Technologies, Viewgate Networks

    ? Team Lead of three OOA/OOD developers using Extreme Programming techniques to take a C++

    SNMP Data Collection module from Specification & UML Design, Implementation & Unit Testing to

    integration with the WAN QOS (CAR) monitoring product in 3 months. Build and version control

    procedures devised for this project were adopted as a company standard, and the trial use of

    flexible/home working was more widely rolled out.

    ? Acted as technical advisor to interim Development Manager and project managed the department

    through the satisfactory resolution of all customer issues with legacy product and simultaneous

    production of a new MPLS/BGP (and later IPSEC) VPN monitoring product to market in three months. ? Formed and managed a product customisation team to give faster turnaround to customer requests to

    create/modify Java modules for product data collection system. Often involved faultfinding, resolution,

    testing and deployment for live overseas sites with turnaround measured in hours. ? Prevailed through 2 rounds of redundancy that reduced the development department by 70%. Made

    redundant as company relocated away from the area and reduced to a development staff of 4 -

    negotiated enhanced redundancy terms including personal MCAD course to expand knowledge of SQL

    Server 2000, C#/ASP .NET and XML Web Services. Offered contract work soon after departure.

Nuclear Electric/Magnox Electric/BNFL 1989-1999

    BNFL Magnox Generation 1998 Government designated merger

    Magnox Electric plc 1996 Nuclear Electric plc part privatised

    Nuclear Electric plc

Simulator Maintenance & Development Engineer May 1996-Dec 1999

    Magnox Electric plc, Oldbury Training Centre, South Glos.

Lead of two engineers charged with balancing the often-conflicting priorities of high availability

    management and enhancement of the computing hardware, software and infrastructure of two full-scope

    configurable nuclear power station control room simulators, office LAN (30 users) and training AV facilities. “Paul achieves set deadlines which are within his control, despite considerably high workloads”

     Paul Griffiths, Simulator Operations Team Leader, Magnox Electric plc

    System Administration

    ? Turned around the uncoordinated, unmanaged and unreliable simulator and LAN systems -

    implemented enhancements & upgrades, introduced simple procedures, and achieved corporate policy

    changes. Resulted in stabilised performance, lower running costs and the introduction of additional

    tutor productivity facilities.


    ? Careful balancing of commercial and sys admin priorities enabled several major GUI and C/Fortran

    simulator software development projects to be completed without impact to other responsibilities. Commercial

    ? Operated ?90k Simulator Maintenance and Development revenue consistently within budget, securing

    capital funding through considered business justification, and additional revenue/NRR where necessary.

    ? Sole computing technical authority for two projects (?1.2m+) a combined hardware replacement and

    software porting & enhancement project, and a complete simulator replication project. Both ran in

    parallel and were completed to original time and cost.

Control & Instrumentation Engineer 1989-1996

    Nuclear Electric plc, Berkeley Technology Centre, Glos Promoted 1996

Member of a Control and Instrumentation Project Engineering Group, working to BS5750 (now ISO9000) &

    BS5882 (Nuclear QA) for Magnox, AGR and PWR nuclear power stations.

    “Paul is a highly qualified engineer who is self-motivated and works to time and cost within the company

    framework.” John Large, Systems Engineering Team Leader, Magnox Electric plc

? Led a multi-departmental project to conduct a safety analysis of an unusual operation of equipment at

    a Nuclear Power Station, producing the final report for Station Management and regulatory authorities.

    ? Technical authority on the process computing systems at Sizewell B for group, having taken part in

    commissioning and early operation of the site during 7 months of secondments.

    ? Contract technical officer and supervisor for senior agency engineer and lab technician.

    ? Volunteer membership of IT strategy working-groups and QA policy creation became a company

    Class 1 Registered Author and Verifier.

    ? Software specialist capturing requirements, producing design, attaining QA approval for proposals,

    rigorous testing of developed/modified software; Data manipulation & validation applications for office

    engineering staff, to station plant process computing, including work on live control room systems.

    ? Produced several key software modules and implemented project quality systems for a total rewrite of

    one of the company’s training simulators; project completed and accepted to time and cost.


    th? British; Born 10 March 1970; Fit, lifelong non-smoker; Living in Ashford, Kent.

    ? Married, two children under 9 years old.

    ? Own car, full clean driving licence, and member of Institute of Advanced Motorists.

    ? School Education to A Level in Kent, bar three years in UK Sovereign Base Area, Episkopi, Cyprus.

    ? 25+ years computing use from machine code on first home computers to cutting edge PC technology.

    ? Elected (Jun 2008) Parent Governor at my children’s primary school, with responsibility for Health &

    Safety, and steering the new school building through the initial “snagging list” phase.

    ? Served for 2 1/2 years as elected Parish Councillor for Bradley Stoke (pop. 18,000); Chair of Finance &

    Administration Committee - maintained ?1.3m of deposits with approx ?300k pa income & expenditure;

    Chair of Leisure Committee - introduced a rational system for assessment of grants to local

    organisations (?16k pa).

    ? Interested in aviation, and planning to undergo training to attain a pilot’s licence (PPL).

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    or are available on request from

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