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Mounted Framework: Contractor design constructed in Aluminum or epoxy coated mild EMC, EN50081,part1. EN50082,part1. Grid Interference, EN61000-3-2

     City Engineers Department

    Fleet & Property Management Section

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    Invitation to Tender

    Tenders must be returned so as to arrive no later than

    th12:00 Noon on 17 January 2008

    NB: Failure to submit the application in the format described could lead to your

    application not being considered

    9 July 2009

Derry City Council

    Council Offices

    98 Strand Road


    BT48 7NN

Tel: +44 2871 365151

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    PV Array at City of Derry Airport

    City Engineer’s Department


    1.0 Introduction & Scope of Works

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 Project Objectives

    1.3 Budget

    1.4 Proposals, Scope of Work & Specifications

    1.5 Programme

    1.6 Site Visit

    2.0 Proposed Location Drawings

    3.0 Instructions to Tenderers

    4.0 Freedom of Information

Appendix A: Form of Tender

Appendix B: Health & Safety Form of Assurance

Appendix C: Collusive Tendering Certificate

Appendix D: Declaration of Commitment to Promoting Equality of Opportunity

Appendix E: Fair Employment Declaration

Appendix F: Applications Questionnaire

PV Array at City of Derry Airport 1

    City Engineer’s Department

    Introduction & Scope of Works

1.1 Introduction

Derry City Council is seeking a competent and experienced electrical contractor to supply

    and install a 5Kw Photovoltaic (PV) Solar array at the City of Derry Airport located at

    Eglinton in Co Londonderry.

1.2 Project Objectives

The primary objectives of this project are:

    ? Install a Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Array capable of producing a maximum

     output of 5 Kw

    ? Inform the public and other users of the City of Derry Airport the amount of

     renewable energy produced at the airport.

    ? Comply with the Council’s desire to reduce it’s Carbon Footprint

1.3 Budget

Anticipated costs are in the region of ?27,000 including fees

Derry City Council reserves the right to amend the scope of work in this project subject to

    available funding.

1.4 Proposals, Scope of Works and Specifications will include:

    Supply, delivery and installation of 5Kw of solar photovoltaic (PV) system to include

    suitable panels, inverter and visual display meter incorporating all associated building,

    mechanical and electrical works.

    The PV array will be located on the existing airport roof facing in a southern direction.

    It will be the responsibility of the successful contractor to ensure that existing roof has

    adequate capacity to support the additional loads imposed.

    All scaffolding and costs associated with lifting support frames, PV arrays, etc must

    be included.

    The inverter and electrical control panel will be located in a mechanical plant room

    located within 5 metres of the proposed location of the PV array.

    The visual display meter will be located in a prominent position in the passenger

    check in lounge within the main terminal building, which must be clearly visible for

    passengers and visitors. The visual display unit must be clearly identified by means

    of appropriate signage

    Shutdowns if required must be clearly identified on the works programme (supplied

    with the returned tender documentation). Costs associated with any shutdown work

    must include a rate for working outside normal operational times.

PV Array at City of Derry Airport 2

    City Engineer’s Department

    Specification for 5KW Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Array

Installation size: 5 (Five) Kilowatt peak

     oOrientation: Due south or within 45 of south facing

     ooTilt: Between 0 60 of horizontal

Module: Kyocera KC120 or Mitsubishi MF110 or


Number of Modules: To be determined by Contractor (Typical

    specification attached)

    ____________(Please specify number)

Inverter: Omnion Series 2400 or Ginlong GCI

    5K or similar (Typical specification


Protection: In accordance with UL 1741, IEEE 929,

    G83/1 and G59

Ingress Protection: IP31

Mounted Framework: Contractor design constructed in

    Aluminum or epoxy coated mild steel

    (colour to be determined)

Roof Mounting: Contractor to establish if existing roof is

    capable of additional weight and make

    modifications as required

Electricity Metering: Local meter to record units generated,

    units consumed and units fed back to

    national grid

Visual Display Meter: Located in passenger check in lounge

    indicating current units generated,

    current units saved, current CO 2

    emissions saved, total units generated,

    total units saved, and total CO 2

    emissions saved.

Installation Area: See attached location drawing

     thElectrical Connections/Cable Sizing: To comply with 16 Edition IEE


Warranty: 24 months for all labour and materials

    PV Array at City of Derry Airport 3

City Engineer’s Department

PV Array at City of Derry Airport 4

    City Engineer’s Department

    Mechanical Specifications for Grid Connected Inverter

    Energy Source PV AC Nominal Power (kW) 5 DC Power (Max) (kVA) 5.4 DC Input Voltage Range 230 - 450 (V) or 230 - 750 DC

    Operating Range Utility 212 - 255 Voltage (V) AC

    Operating Range Utility 49 - 51 Frequency (Hz)

    Total Harmonic Distortion THD< 4 % AC(THD)

    Power Factor >0.98

    Efficiency Current Controlled

    Utility Monitoring Islanding protection V, F in accordance with UL 1741, IEEE929, G83/1, G59 ACAC

    Short Circuit Protection Current Controlled

    Communication Interfaces RS485

    Operation Surroundings -25?æ ~ +60?æ Temperature

    Operation Surroundings 0 ~ 95% Humidity

    Ingress Protection IP31

    EN50081,part1 EMC EN50082,part1

    Grid Interference EN61000-3-2

    Short circuit protection, islanding protection, over heat protection, over load Safety protection, grounding fault protection

    1.5 Programme

    PV Array at City of Derry Airport 5

    City Engineer’s Department

    The desired programme (subject to change) is as follows

Tender Issue December 2007

    Tender Return January 2008

    Contract Award February 2008

    Installation & Commissioning Complete June 2008

    Handover June 2008

    Within 2 weeks of appointment the successful tenderer will produce design & installation programme (on Microsoft Project 2007 format) highlighting milestones to ensure the project is delivered on time.

1.6 Site Visit

    Tenderers are advised to visit the site to acquaint themselves fully with the nature of the site and the extent of the working environment. The City of Derry Airport is a fully functioning facility open to the general public and as such inspections are by appointment only.

Inspection appointments can only be arranged by contacting:

Leo Strawbridge

    Energy Manager

    City Engineers Department

    Derry City Council

    98 Strand Road


    BT48 7NN

    Tel: 0044 2871 365151


In writing either by post or e-mail.

     thNo inspection visits will take place after 14 January 2008

PV Array at City of Derry Airport 6

City Engineer’s Department

2.0 Proposed Location Drawings

PV Array at City of Derry Airport 7

     City Engineers Department



PV Array at City of Derry Airport

     City Engineer’s Department




    PV Array at City of Derry Airport 1

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