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Labour Market Information - Diplomapartnerscom

    Quick Guide: Construction and the Built Environment labour market information and web- based information sources, prepared by Hilary Nickell, Surf In2 Careers Ltd

    Statistics: This sector is one of the most diverse with over 700 different types of jobs. 2.23 million people work in a wide range of occupations within the sector - between 7% and 8% of the UK’s total workforce. The majority are employed in Craft level occupations such as bricklayers,

    electricians, carpenters, joiners, plumbers and painter/decorators. The industry also has a range of professional level jobs including architects, town planners and different surveying occupations, in addition to management, technical, clerical and manual workers.

    A large proportion of people in the industry are self-employed (37%), compared with only 13% for the economy as a whole. 92% of all employment in the industry is in very small businesses with less than 11 workers. This is much higher than in the economy as a whole. Currently only 2.8% of workers have ethnic minority backgrounds. Females are under-represented, making up only 10% of the workforce. The proportion is significantly higher in professional level employment, particularly town planning. Pay in the industry is above national average with median gross weekly earnings of ?410, compared with the national average of ?335.

    Trends: Over the period 2004-2014 the economy as a whole is estimated to grow by an average 0.5% each year. There is a need for 108,000 new entrants to work as managers, 40,000 for professional level occupations, a further 40,000 for technical or associate professional level jobs, 291,000 for skilled trades and 52,000 for semi-skilled jobs. Overall, a net loss of 7,000 unskilled jobs is forecast. The sector will need to recruit nearly 90,000 people a year between now and 2010 just to meet current demand. In order to meet this demand, employers will increasingly have to recruit from non-traditional sources.

Sample careers: architect, bricklayer, builders’ merchant/DIY store worker, building control officer/inspector, building conservation officer,

    building technician, building surveyor, carpenter/joiner, carpet fitter/floor layer, cavity wall insulator, ceiling fixer, civil engineer, civil engineering technician, clerk of works or site inspector, construction manager, construction operative/labourer, construction plant mechanic, demolition operative, domestic energy assessor, electrician, estimator, facility manager, fence installer, glazier/window fitter, heating and ventilation fitter, kitchen and bathroom fitter, home inspector, land and property valuer, painter and decorator, plant operator, plasterer, plumber, quarry worker, refrigerator and air-conditioning technician, road worker, roofer, scaffolder, shop fitter, stonemason, structural engineer, technical surveyor, technical surveyor, tiler, town planner, water distribution/sewerage, window fitter.

    ? The LMI extracts above are supplied courtesy of Careers Companion Online. Original source data can be supplied on request at

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Web-based information sources

Main sources

    There are three main sources of national occupational information on the sectors included in the Diploma. They are:

    ? Jobs4u an extensive careers database and a good site for young people ( ? Prospects information for graduates which can help young people consider progression pathways from their Diploma course.


    ? Learn Direct has over 700 job descriptions and job profiles (

Specialist sources

    ? SSC in the tables below indicates a Sector Skills Council website.

    ? The ‘Quick Find’ column indicates the information covered on each website. The information they offer varies in depth and range.

    Quick Find Key: C careers information, J job hunting, L learning and training, T tutor resource/interest

    Site name Web address Notes Quick Find Asset Skills Housing, property, facilities management and cleaning (Property, Facilities Management, Housing C L T and Cleaning) (SSC)

    BEST Building Services Apprenticeship details on Building Services Engineering

    C L Engineering Training

Building Services Journal Careers advice, CV. Job and salary information C L J T

    bConstructive Careers and case study information with an A-Z Job Finder C L T

    Careers in Quarrying Careers case studies and training information C J L T

    Chartered Institute of Building Accredits higher education courses L T

    Chartered Institute of Housing CHI Services with careers information on working in

    C L T housing

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    Site name Web address Notes Quick Find

    Chartered Surveyors Training Trust Advanced Apprenticeships in surveying C L T

    CITB- construction skills Job profiles, entry routes and curriculum resources C L T

    Construction and Built Environment Information on the 14-19 Diploma

    L T Diploma

Construction Skills (SSC) Main umbrella organisation working with CITB L T

    Energy & Utility Skills (SSC) Electricity, gas, waste management and water industries C T

    Institution of Civil Engineers Education zone with careers info C L T

    Institution of Structural Engineers Professional body for structural engineering T

    Lantra (SSC) Useful site for certain related careers such as Fencer C L T (Environmental and Land-based)

    New Civil Engineer School student information, careers and HE C L T

    Royal institution of Chartered Training information on starting out

    C L T Surveyors

Royal Town Planning Institute Education & Careers - Planning as a career C L T

    SummitSkills Careers fact sheets on Building Services Engineering

    C L T (Building Services Engineering) (SSC)

    The Association of Building Professional body for technology of building

    L T Engineers

    The Association of Project Careers Information

    C L Management

    The Chartered Institution of Building Careers Factsheets

    C L T Services Engineering

    The Institution of Plumbing and Links to other sites, but useful careers info and brochure

    C L T Heating Engineering

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    Site name Web address Notes Quick Find The Institution of Engineering Careers Education resources

    C J L T Technology

WISE Women into Science Promotes construction as a career option for girls C L T Engineering and Construction

General sites

    Site name Web address Notes Quick Find Careers A-Z Use A-Z for specific job titles C J L DfES 14-19 Gateway Information on 14-19 developments including the Diploma L T G & T Wise Support for gifted and talented students and tutors L T Learn Direct Possible source to more flexible learning options L T QCA 14-19 QCA information, guidance and advice on 14-19 learning L T Teacher Resource Exchange Moderated database of online resources and activities T Teacher Training Training and development agency for teaching C J L T

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