Inspections - PEMCO, LTD

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Inspections - PEMCO, LTD

    PEMCO, LTD. 3525 Piedmont Rd., N.E., Bldg. 5, Ste. 310, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 P: 404-995-7111 F:

    404.995.7110/ 404.995.7138

    Home Inspection Package

Home inspections/ systems checks are optional and are available to any purchaser on insured or uninsured sales.

    The intent of the inspection is to identify major defects only. A professional inspector must perform the inspection.

    Contract must be accepted or executed before initiating inspection.


    ? Type info into relevant areas on page two and email form as an attachment to: or or print this two page form, fill out and

     sign relevant areas on page two and fax Home Inspection Package (two pages) to PEMCO, LTD,

     Attn: Utilities Specialist at 404.995.7110 or 404.995.7138

    ? Signed form will be emailed or faxed back to agent. Inspection/ utility connections must NOT be

    initiated until agent receives the SIGNED Home Inspection package.

    ? After inspection has been completed, please fill in items in Part B, sign & email/ fax back to the

    Utilities Specialist.

    Home Inspection Policy

1. Inspection requests submitted between September 15th and March 15th of each year must include a cashier’s

    check or money order made payable to PEMCO, LTD in the amount of $75.00 for re-winterization of the property.

    2. The utilities must be activated by the purchaser, or broker, or broker’s representative (in the purchaser's name).

    The utilities may not remain on for more than two days (48 hours). (In DeKalb, agent must remit $40.00 in certified

    funds made out to PEMCO, LTD for water connection & disconnection, PEMCO, LTD will then notify DeKalb to

    turn water on. In Atlanta, East Point, College Park and Clayton County, agent must turn water on in their name).

3. Purchaser is responsible for all expenses resulting from the inspection, including repair of damage to the property

    within the two day (48 hours) period.

4. The broker or broker’s representative must be present during the WATER UTILITY connection and complete


5. The purchaser may not make any additional repairs to the property prior to closing.

6. The broker or broker’s representative is responsible for ensuring that the property is returned to the same

    condition as before the inspection.

7. If utilities cannot be turned on due to code violations, known defects, or utility company policy, the Home

    Inspection Request will be denied.

    8. Purchaser(s) and agent for same hereby holds PEMCO, LTD., its subcontractors and assigned, and the

    Department of Housing and Urban Development harmless and assumes full responsibility for all aspects of this

    home inspection. A written copy of the inspection results must be presented to PEMCO, LTD. prior to any

    concessions/considerations regarding the executed contract. Each request for compensation or cancellation of

    the contract will be viewed on a case by case basis and judged on the information provided. Regardless of the

    final decision, purchaser(s) are informed that all costs associated with conducting the home inspection(s) are the

    purchaser’s responsibility and under no circumstances will the purchaser(s) be reimbursed for the home

    inspection costs.

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    PEMCO, LTD. 3525 Piedmont Rd., N.E., Bldg. 5, Ste. 310, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 P: 404-995-7111 F: 404.995.7110/ 404.995.7138

    Home Inspection Package (continued)

    For quicker processing, please email completed form to or

    Part A:

    Selling agent name:

    Phone/ Wireless #:


    Fax #:

    FHA case #:

    Property address:

    Water utility company:

    Gas utility company:

    Power utility company:

    Purchaser / Date Selling agent / Date

Utilities specialist: Date:

    After the inspection has been completed, fill-in items below, sign, email to or, or fax to 404.995.7110 or 404.995.7138, attn: Utilities Specialist

    Date inspection was completed

    Date water utility turn off scheduled

    Date gas utility turn off scheduled

    Date power utility turn off scheduled

    I have contacted all of the utility companies for which service was connected to perform the home

    inspection. I have instructed each of the utility companies to disconnect service. Initial here:

    Signature: Print name: Date:

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