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    Module 1 Travelling

    Unit1 Traveling around China(Lead in)

    I. Main teaching contents

    1. Text : Traveling around China

    2. New words and expressions

    3. Know about the advantages and disadvantages of different transportations 4. Grammar: the passive voice (revision)

II. Different points and focuses

    1. The names of Chinese tourist attractions

    2. Design a three-day trip for a foreign friend in China in English

III. Main teaching procedure

    1. Preparation for reading Where are they?

    1) the Great Wall

    2) Li River Scenery

    3) the West Lake

    An old Chinese saying declares, "There is heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below." Centuries later, Marco Polo called Hangzhou the most enchanting city in all the world. This is most evident in the West Lake area--the effective, if not geographic, center of Hangzhou. Hills embrace the lake on three sides.

    4) Huangguoshu Waterfall

    Huangguoshu Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Asia. Seventy-four meters (243 feet) high and eighty-one meters (266 feet) wide, it is a scenic marvel. Do not miss it if you are in Guizhou Province.

    5) Qutang Gorge at sunrise

    6) SILVERY pagoda, a rising bamboo shoot, an upright pen. These are images evoked by the 88-storey Jin Mao Building in Pudong, the tallest skyscraper in China and a soaring monument to Shanghai's economic boom. Jin Mao represents the energy and determination of the people of Shanghai.

2. Listen to the text and then answer the following questions

    1).Only a few parts of China can now be reached by train. F

    2).In China one can only go from one coastal city to another by boat. F

    3).Travelling by air is a good choice for those who are short of time. T 4).There is an inner-city but not an intercity bus service in China. (Inner-city bus service: bus service in the city; intercity bus service: bus service between cities) F 5) .For a longer stay in China, it’s advisable for one to have a bike of his own. T

3. Scan the text and answer the following questions

    1) What kind of train ticket do you buy if you go on a short journey?

     A hard or soft seat


    2) What can you see along the water route from Chongqing to Shanghai? The famous Three Gorges, beautiful towns and historical sites 3) Is CAAC the only airline in China? What service does CITS provide? No, it isnt. CITS sells air tickets

    4) What does the writer say of the inner-city bus service throughout China?

     The inner-city bus service throughout China is well managed and cheap 5) Why is Chongqing not a good place for cycling?

     Because it has a lot of steep streets.

    4. Read the text and complete the following table about the advantages and disadvantages

    of different forms of transportation in China.(on Page 2)

5. Discussion subject

    Which is your favorite means of transportation, by train or by bus? And why?

6. Ask the students to list different transportation

     by train by ship by bus by plane by taxi by subway

IV. Homework

    1. Oral homework: Thinking about reading

    D1: Among the different means of transportation mentioned in the text, which is your favourite

    and why?

    D2: Have you ever done any traveling? Can you describe one of your most unforgettable travel


    2. P7 C1, C2


     Module 1 Unit1 Traveling around China

    Language points

    I. Main teaching objects

    1. To learn language points.

    2. To complete the writing task

II. Main teaching procedure

    1.tire /tired/ tiring

    tire sb. out: completely tired

    The children have really tired me out. / The long journey tired the children out.

    I’m tired out. I think I’ll go to bed.

    We were tired out when we reached the peak.

     tiring Mountain-climbing is very tiring.

    It is a very tiring day. I am looking after the children.

2. determine v. 决定,确定,决心

    determine how / what / who/ to do sth / n.

     Upbringing plays an important role in determining a person’s character.


    A date for the meeting hasn’t been determined. 会议的日期还没有确定。

    They determined to study English hard next term .他们决心下个学期努力学习英语。

    n. determination

    He fought the illness with courage and determination.

     Her determination to do well made her keep on studying. adj. determined I’m determined to achieve my ambitions.

    a determined effort to stop smoking 坚决戒烟的努力

    make up one’s mind / determine to do sth / be determined to do

    3. generally speaking----in most situations/in most cases

     Generally speaking, some big cities in china have street signs both in Chinese and in English.


    Comparatively speaking, these aircraft are quite cheap. ?相对而言?

    Frankly speaking 坦率地说 / Strictly speaking 严格地说 /Properly speaking 恰当地说

    Roughly speaking 粗略地说 / Simply speaking 简而言之 /Personally speaking就个人而言

    in general / have a general idea of / general knowledge


    public services (pl.)

    at sbs service My secretary and library are at your service. customer service

    serve v.


    serve sb serve the people heart and soul / Why arent you out there serving the guests?

    serve sth cold / hot delicious served hot or cold serve as sth The old couch had to serve as a guest bed. serve sbs needs/ serve a purpose

    serve to do sth Let that serve to demonstrate what happens if you dont pay attention.

5. efficient & effective


    His teaching was not very effective. 他的教学效果不好。

    The new interest rate becomes effective next month. 新利息下月生效。

    When is the contract effective from? 合同什么时候开始生效?


    He needs an efficient secretary. 他需要一个高效率的秘书。

    The staff was very efficient. 工作人员效率很高。

    A good manager is both competent and efficient. 一个好的经理既要胜任又要效率的秘书。

    Our efficient new machines are much cheaper to run. 我们高效率的新机器开起来要便宜得多。

    n. efficiency

    6.distance of / cover a distance of / at a distance / in the distance

7. exist vi. 不用于进行时

    Stop pretending the problem doesnt exist.

     existence come into existence / being

     be in existence

    New companies came into existence every year.

    Scientists have many theories about how the universe first came into existence.

8. depend on / rely on

    1) 依靠,依赖 ;信赖 depend on sb/sth to do sth / for sth

     Man depends on the sun to live as well.

     Some animals depend on insects for food.

    2) 取决于,视而定

     Whether the sports meeting will be held depends on the weather.

     Whether we go or not depends on the weather. ----- How will it turn out? ----- Well, it all depends. adj. be dependent on be independent of dependence Success is dependent on how hard you work

8. route

    sea route / a bus route

    take a route/ follow a route 沿某路线走

    the Eighth Route Army 八路军

9. pass through


    1) 经过, 通过

    A diameter passes through the center of a circle.

    She said she was passing through Paris and would like to have a chat with me. 2)经历, 遭受 go through

    John passed through a difficult period shortly after his marriage broke down. The country is passing through troublesome time. 该国动荡不安。

    3) 经历并完成 He passed through a university course in Houston.他在休斯敦修完了一门大学。

10. historical 历史的

     historical research 史学研究 a historical play [novel] 历史剧小说

    historic adj.

     1) 历史上著名的; 有历史意义的; 有历史性的

    The historic battle changed the fate of two nations.这一历史上著名的战役改变了两个民族.

     2) (=historical)历史的 a historic spot古迹

    These historical sites have attracted millions of tourists from home and abroad. About 50 percent of the book was historical facts.这本书中大约50%的内容是历史资料。

    It was regarded as a historic change!这被认为是历史性变化。


    v. a decision to limit imports of foreign cars

    be limited to 局限于?某地、团体? Her traveling has been limited to a few French resorts. We must limit ourselves to one gallon of water per day. n. a 55mph speed limit / lower (upper ) limit 最低/最高限度 / time limit

    set a limit (on) 设定限度

    there is no limit to Theres no limit to what you can do if you can try. within limits 在合理限度内 You can come and go when you want --- within limits. within / beyond the limit of

12. time-saving / trouble-making / peace-loving / man-eating / English- speaking/ labor- saving

13. advantage

    take advantage of sb /sth

     I took the advantage of the good weather to paint the house.

     Dont take the advantage of the little child.

    have an advantage over

     For certain types of work wood has advantages over plastic. to one’s advantage

     Having a good command of spoken English is to your advantage in the job-hunting market.

    have the advantage of

     For children of this age, cereals have the advantage of being rich in iron.

14. available adj.

    We are already used up all the available space.


The university is trying to make more accommodation available for students.

    an increase in the number of jobs available to women. The president was not available for comment.

    I’m sorry, those overcoats are not available in your color and size.


15. on schedule 按时(= on time) n.

    I have a full schedule today!我今天日程排得很满。

    Our production schedule is so tight that we may have to take on extra staff.

    Be sure to come on schedule

    ahead of schedule 提前

    behind schedule落后,迟于规定时间

    Never leave what you should do behind schedule

    schedule v. (be often used in passive voice)

    be scheduled to do sth 排定

     The new airport is scheduled to open just before Christmas.

     The exhibition is scheduled to run from January until March. a scheduled flight定期航班


    We allowed him to depart. 我们允许他离去。 / They departed for Beijing last week. The train for Edinburgh will depart from platform 5. depart for / leave for / sail for / send for

    n. departure His sudden departure from the political scene took everyone by surprise.

17. fill up / shut up / eat up

    fill up ( with sth)盛满,装满,占掉?时间?,填写

    Please fill up the tank with oil. 请灌满油箱。

    Yoga class and language study fill up my spare time. 瑜珈课和语言学习占掉了我的业余时间。

    If you require a passport, will you please fill up this form? 填写这张表格

18. mention

    Dont mention it!

    not to mention / without mentioning

    above mentioned / mentioned above 上述提到的/前面提到的

    mention sth to sb / mention that

    As I mentioned earlier, this has been a very successful year for our company.

19. cycle go cycling

    v. Do you cycle to work? 你骑车上班吗(

    The water is cycled through the machine and reused. 水经过机器循环使用。

    n. the cycle of seasons

    the endless cycle of violence in this part of the world 循环


This washing machine has a 50 minute cycle. 周期

    bicycle / tricycle / recycle / cyclist

    Unit One Additional Reading

    The Ocean Park

    I. Main teaching contents

    1. Text: The Ocean Park

    2. Exercises

II. Teaching procedure

    1. Scan the article and answer the questions

    1) Where should you go if you are looking for an exciting amusement?

     To the Ocean Park

    2) Why are pandas loved? Because they have an unusually cute look.

    3) Can you touch the sharks and rays?

     No, we cant. Because they are separated from visitors by the walls of the viewing tunnel,

    though they are within arms reach..

    4) Who are the actors and actresses in the Ocean Theatre?

     Small and great marine animals.

    5) How much should you pay if you are 15 years old? HK$320.

2. Language points

    1. not onlybut also

    Shakespeare was not only a writer but also an actor.

    Not only do the nurses want a pay increase, they want reduced hours as well. Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what I love to


    Not only had the poor man been fined, but also he had been sent to prison. 这个可怜的人不仅被罚款,而且还被送进了监狱。

2. rate

    v. be rated as She is generally rated as one of the best modern poets.

     rate sb /sth highly The company seems to rate him very highly.

     That hotel doesn't rate five stars at all. n. 1)比例,;比率[C]

    The unemployment rate is rising in that country. 那个国家的失业率正在上升。

    birth / divorce / crime / success / failure /high rate

    2) 速度,速率[the S]

    The car was going at the rate of 60 miles an hour. 汽车以每小时六十英里的速度行驶。

    3) 费用,价格;行市[C]

    The room rates at this motel range from $30 to $50 per day. 这个汽车旅馆的房价每天从三十美元到五十美元不等。

    4) 等级[U] She gave her children a first-rate education.

     second-rate / third -rate


3. spectacular

    adj. 壮观的a spectacular fireworks display

    The ceremonial opening of the exhibition was very spectacular.

    巨大的, 辉煌的 His new show is a spectacular success. 4. observe

    1) 看到,注意到,观察员observe sb. doing /do sth

    Ben knew that someone had observed him meeting Ryan.

     The child observed his classmates play football.

    Thousands of people observed the ship leaving the harbour. 2 遵守; 遵循

    They faithfully observed the rules. 他们忠实地遵守规则。

     observe the traffic regulations

    3) 庆贺,庆祝

    Observe Christmas / May Day

5. sight v. 看见,发现

    The sailors gave a shout of joy when they sighted land.

    Several rare birds have been sighted in the area. n. in / within sight

    out of sight / come into sight / lose sight of / catch sight of / at first sight / go sightseeing

6. surround

    Armed police surrounded a house in the High Street. 武警包围了一栋位于大街的房子。

     He glared at the people who surrounded the tent. 他眼瞪着那些包围帐篷的人。

    be surrounded by

     How can I work when I’m surrounded by foolish people?

    surrounding adj. the surrounding towns

    surroundings n.

7. within arms reach / within stones throw

    be out of reach / beyond reach

    All the main tourist attractions are within easy reach of the hotel.

8. stage

    n. on the stage / at this stage / stage by stage / at a later stage v. We hope to stage four plays this season.

    Theyll be staging a Hocky exhibition 他们将举办一场画展。

    once staged

9. entertain

    1) 使欢乐,使娱乐

    We were all entertained by his humorous stories. 他的幽默故事使我们大家都很开心。

    The clown entertained the children with all kinds of tricks. His jokes entertained us throughout the party.


2) 招待,款待[(+with/at/to)]

    They often entertained their friends to home-made cakes at weekends.



    He entertained a belief that his son would rise in the world.他相信他的儿子会出人头地。

    entertaining adj. an entertaining day 令人开心的一天 entertaining performances entertainment n. providing entertainment for tourists 为游客提供娱乐节目

     a musical entertainment 音乐演出

10. stay behind

    He decided to stay behind and look after the baby I stayed behind to help clean up after the party. stay late / stay to dinner / stay for lunch stay calm / quiet / warm (link verb)

11. arrange

    arrange to do sth

    arrange for sb. to do sth

    as arranged

    arrange sth with sb.

    Have you arranged to meet Mark this weekend? Ive arranged for the window cleaner to come on Thursday. Matthew arrived at 2 oclock as arranged.

    n. arrangement make arrangements to do sth / for sth

     come to some arrangement

12. guide

    n. a tour guide

    a guide to North American birds北美鸟类指南

    vt. guide sb through / along / to

    He guided us through the narrow streets to the central square.

    He let himself be guided by his mothers opinion

    guided tour 有导游带领的游览

    guide dog 导盲犬


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