online education

By Rachel Sims,2014-05-20 21:01
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online education

    online education

     With the development of science and technology, online education is becoming more and more popular. As we can imagine, there are lots of students choosing to receive higher education on the internet.

     As far as I'm concerned, the reasons for that are various. First, education sources are improving with the society promoting. There is no doubt that studying on the internet is a better way to enlarge knowledge and broaden our horizons. Second, it’s convenient for us students to study and attend

    a lecture wherever and whenever we want to. By the way, we can take classes constantly until we get it. What’s more, online education takes a excellent teaching style of one-by-one and we can attract our attention to the teacher without any noisy made by others, which can make the form of a good atmosphere for us to study.

     Therefore, as for me, I’m in a favor of online education. On the one hand, online education can help us save much time to accomplish other things that we want to do in our spare time. On the other hand, cyber sources are so enormous that we should make full use of it to fulfill ourselves. 得分? 88.7 / 100分制

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