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Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan


    Primary Agency: (Examples) Police Department

    Support Agencies: (Examples) EMD

    Road commissioner

    Fire Department

State Support Function: SSF13 Law Enforcement (Vermont State Police)

I. Introduction

    A. Purpose

    To provide for a coordinated emergency response for law enforcement and security.

    B. Scope

    The scope of this FA shall include police actions to minimize the adverse impact upon a disaster

    area. The aid may include manpower, equipment and/or technical expertise; and in cooperation

    with local authorities, designed to assure the continuity of law enforcement.

    I. Situation and Planning Assumptions

    A. Situation

    The Police Department has # members, consisting of # full-time and # part-time. The Police Chief

    serves full time and is the operational and administrative head of the department. It is as well

    equipped as any community of comparable size.

    The Police Department has Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for normal operations in all

    areas of law enforcement and it may give mutual aid assistance to neighboring communities or

    receive assistance from those communities, the County Sheriff’s Department and/or Vermont

    State Police. The Police Station has emergency power.

    However, in a major emergency, the Police Department would need additional personnel and

    equipment to perform its assigned tasks. If mutual aid assistance is unavailable or severely limited

    due to the nature and size of the emergency, then expedient alternatives need to be developed.

II. Concept of Operations

    A. General

    Law enforcement and security will be initiated at the lowest operational level by the Community

    Police Department.

2006 FA #13 - 1

    Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan

B. Organization

    The functional organization structure of this FA is shown in Figure 13-1


    Police Department

    Emergency Management Fire Road commissioner EMS Director Department

    Figure 13-1

C. Notification and Activation

Under normal conditions, the Police Department will function under regular department standard

    operating procedures/guidelines.

Upon notification of an impending emergency, the Police Chief or his designee may authorize the

    following functions:

? Begin call-up of off-duty police personnel

? Recruit additional personnel if needed

? Notify the Town Administrator and the Emergency Management Director of the state of

    readiness and request outside assistance, if necessary

? Report to the EOC when directed by the Emergency Management Director

? Disburse personnel and equipment to strategic locations or in concert with EOC decisions.

? Assist the Fire Department in emergency public warning procedures as outlined in FA 2

    Communications & Alerting.

? Coordinate the establishing and manning of traffic control points with the xxxxxx County

    Sheriff’s Department, State Police and Special Operations Unit, and Mutual Aid Departments.

? Provide 24-hour protection for all evacuated properties as determined by safety standards, as

    personnel are available

? Maintain this FA in an up-to-date condition.

D. Emergency Response Actions

Immediate actions upon activation include but are not limited to:

    2006 FA #13 - 2

    Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan

? Establishing necessary communications with field operations.

? Assessing of overall law enforcement needs and response capabilities.

? Managing and coordinating the Name of Community’s law enforcement requirements in

    support of the incident/emergency.

? Providing additional support capabilities, as required.

E. Recovery Actions

Recovery efforts will require the coordination of security in the affected area(s), traffic and control

    point(s) implementation, aircraft transportation, and mobilization and demobilization of resources,

    manpower, and equipment.

F. Deactivation

Partial deactivation would occur based upon the extent of the current response and recovery

    actions and at the discretion of the EMD and as recommended by FA-13.

Deactivation of this FA would occur when the following conditions are met:

    a. Law enforcement and security needs return to being fully met by the affected primary


    b. Activated resources (i.e., compacts, National Guard personnel, etc.) have been released to

    normal duty by the primary jurisdiction with concurrence of FA-13.

    IV. Roles and Responsibilities

The Police Department will:

? Provide necessary law enforcement services

? Provide emergency crowd and traffic control

? Provide security in damaged and/or evacuated areas

? Assist in public warning and alerting procedures

    ? Assign personnel and equipment to the appropriate host area to augment law enforcement


    ? Provide and issue appropriate identification for emergency services personnel, essential

    workers and vehicles

    2006 FA #13 - 3

Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan

    ? Perform such other emergency functions for the safety of people and the protection of property

    as deemed necessary by the Town Administrator and EMD, through the Police Chief

    The Emergency Management Director will:

    ? Provide operational support and resources, where appropriate, in support of the management

    of FA-13, Law Enforcement.

    The Road commissioner will:

    ? Assist in the provision of transportation resources to support area evacuations, as needed.

    The Fire Department/EMS will:

    ? Support in the implementation of FA 13.

    V. References

    A. Standard Operating Procedures/Guides (SOPs/SOGs)

    The Police Department has Standard Operating Procedures located at the Police


    B. Interagency Agreements/Compacts/Mutual Aid Agreements

    The Community Police Department maintains Mutual Aid Agreements with contiguous


    VT Special Operations Unit

    VI. Attachments

    A. Forms

    See Appendix F at the end of this EOP. 2006 FA #13 - 4

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