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    Because NPCC has low oil absorption, fine and uniform particles, good dispersion, high whiteness, low hardness, small and non-toxic wear, odorless, tasteless, and good dispersion etc., in the paper industry, NPCC can increase the brightness of paper, solid structure, profit writing, coating uniformity, low friction, easy to dehumidification and drying easier. As the world’s paper industry from the early 80s last century, the successful shift from acidic to alkaline process technology material used to fill a revolution in change: NPCC and other pigments instead of wood pulp can improve the brightness of paper not permeability, porosity, bulk density, etc.. At present, paper formulations increase the use of NPCC from 5%-10% to 30%. NPCC can be widely used in high-grade paper products.


    1. Have high opacity and high brightness, can increase the whiteness and opacity of paper.

    2. Enable the mill to use more filler and less pulp, can greatly reduce production costs.

    3. Fine grain size and uniform of NPCC, wear on the machine is small, and the production of paper products can be more uniform, smooth.

    4. High oil absorption of NPCC, can improve the color fastness of color paper.

    5. Fill up the neutral paper or cardboard, can improve the tightness of paper or paperboard.

    Therefore, NPCC for paper fillers have higher bulk density, good plasticity and softness, delicate surface of paper, can significantly improve the performance of paper, so papermaking enterprises to obtain significant economic benefits.

The use in the surface of sizing

    NPCC with good properties of high brightness, large surface area, surface activity, high strength and hardness. In the surface sizing agent added to NPCC, can be high gloss and high ink absorbency of the paper, and can improve the smoothness of paper. NPCC as a pigment surface sizing of paper, it has the following main advantages of several important physical and chemical indicators:

    1. To improve the strength of IGT picking.

    2. To improve the whiteness of paper.

    3. To improve the K & N ink absorption.

    4. To improve the smoothness of paper.


    The solid content of the nano-precipitated calcium carbonate (NPCC) slurry called NPCC-102 is

    2about 50%, its size is 15-40nm, and its surface area is about 40 m/g. NPCC used in coating with higher

    brightness, strong adhesion and good washing resistance, weatherability. The practice proves that the coatings adding the NPCC can resist ultraviolet and anti-aging properties of a larger increase. Another notable feature is to increase coatings thixotropy, help paint construction. NPCC with steric hindrance effect, enabling the formula of a high density of suspended particles, anti-settlement role paint can make good results, starting compatibility.

    NPCC in coatings mainly instead of expensive titanium dioxide, lower production costs, can make performance has been greatly improved. The alternative volume of titanium dioxide is about 8-10%. In addition, the amount of the dispersing agent, the thickener, the talc, the lithopone and the ordinary calcium carbonate may be slightly reduced.

    The replacement ration of NPCC to titanium dioxide is 1.5:1. That is to say that adding 1.5 cent NPCC can instead of 1 cent (solid content) titanium dioxide.


    NPCC-111 Technical guidelines

    Appearance White filtered cake

    3Specific gravity, dry basis (g/cm) 2.5-2.6

    Particle size (avg), (nm) 15-40

    Particle shape Cubic

    Whiteness (%) ?90

    PH 8.0-9.0

    Moisture content (wt) (%) 50?2

    CaCO (wt) dry basis (unmodified) (%) ?98 3

    MgO (wt) (%) ?0.5

    Surface modification None

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