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    Marketing 5311-001

    Spring 2009

    UT Arlington Fort Worth Center

    Santa Fe Station Room 113

Instructor: Dr. Carl McDaniel

Phone: (817) 272-2880 voice mail only


Office Hours: Saturdays, 12:30-1:00 PM in the classroom; other hours by appointment only

Class meets: Mondays 6:00-10:00 PM and Saturdays 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

     February 28, 2009 through April 6, 2009

     thText: Essentials of Marketing, 6 Edition, Lamb/Hair/McDaniel, ?2009

     Harvard Business Review Cases available at the U.T.A. Bookstore


    1. To help students develop a lasting understanding of the fundamental concepts and practices in marketing.

    2. To develop an awareness of and appreciation for the complex environmental forces that affect marketing decisions.

    3. To establish an understanding of the institutional structure of marketing, its past and probable future patterns.

    4. To help students master the numerous decision areas facing marketing managers and to introduce a frame of thought for

    dealing with such decisions.

    5. To participate in developing a marketing plan (see


    A survey of activities involved in marketing. Emphasis is placed on developing a managerial point of view in planning

    and evaluating marketing decisions of the firm. Analyzes decisions with respect to products, price, channel, and promotional

    variables and considers questions relating to cost efficiency, demand, social responsibility and regulations.


    Class meetings will feature lecture, quizzes, and case discussions. Students are encouraged to ask questions and make

    comments pertinent to the subject. Mini-lectures will complement the text. Current changes in marketing will also be discussed

    along with other additional information pertinent to the subject. Quizzes will be objective and only cover that day’s assigned



Every student will be assigned to a team created by your instructor. You will have primary responsibility for one case. The team

    will first summarize the case by designing the problem, proposing solutions and answering the assigned questions. Afterward, the

    instructor will take over as facilitator of class discussion. The primary group will have the first opportunity to answer questions.

    Then it will be opened up to the entire class. You are encouraged to ask the presenters questions as it will impact your grade.

    The primary group will prepare a written report on the case. All others will not prepare a written report but will be expected to

    contribute to the case discussion.


     Most classes will feature short (10 questions per chapter) quizzes that will cover the chapters assigned for that day. The

    instructor will give a mini-lecture and answer any questions regarding that day’s material prior to the quiz.


    Each team will create a marketing plan to be presented orally during the last class periods. A written plan is also

    required. It is expected that team members will work on this project throughout the term. Teams will pick their own companies,

    with the consent of your instructor, for creating a marketing plan. Each team must have an approved company by the end of the

    second class period. The marketing plan will be your final examination. Group project grades can vary based upon peer feedback.


    Quizzes 30%

    Primary case discussion & written analysis 25%

    Marketing Plan 30%

    Peer Evaluation and class participation 15%

    Total 100%

Everyone must carry their share of the work within their group. The only way to measure this is through peer evaluations. These

    will be done during the final class period.


    1. All University regulations regarding course conduct will be followed throughout the semester.

    2. Everyone is responsible for all material covered in the text, lectures, articles and outside assignments/handouts unless

    otherwise stipulated in class sessions.

    3. Students are expected to attend all classes. If you cannot attend a class for any reason, please let me know in advance.

    Unexcused absences will lower your total grade.


    Date Assignment

     February 28 Chapters 1 and 2

     March 2 Chapters 3 and 4; Exam I

     7 Chapter 5 and 6; Cases: Hurricane Island and Formula One Racing; Exam II

     9 Chapters 7 and 8; Case: Mont Gras; Exam III

     14 Chapter 9; Cases: Starbucks and Kingsford Charcoal; Exam IV

     23 Chapters 10 and 11; Case: Arrow Electronics; Exam V

     28 Chapters 12 and 13; Cases: Steinway and IKEA; Exam VI

     30 Chapters 14 and 15; Case: Tesco PLC and Coca-Cola; Exam VII

     April 4 Marketing Plan Presentations

     6 Marketing Plan Presentations


reconvene at another location. Students who provide information leading to the successful prosecution of anyone making a

    bomb threat will receive one semester's free parking in the Maverick Garage across from the Business Building. UTA's Crimestoppers may provide a reward to anyone providing information leading to an arrest. To make an anonymous report, call


COBA Policy on Food/Drink in Classrooms

    College policy prohibits food and/or drinks in classrooms and labs. Anyone bringing food and/or drinks into a classroom or lab will be required to remove such items, as directed by class instructor or lab supervisor.

Evacuation Procedures

    In the event of an evacuation of the College of Business building, when the fire alarm sounds, everyone must leave the building by the stairs. With the fire alarm system we now have, the elevators will all go to the first floor and stay there until the system is turned off. All those in the North tower side of the building should proceed to the fire escape stairs located on the East and West sides of that wing. thFor disabled persons: please go to the Northeast fire stairs. We have an evacuation track chair located on the 6 floor stairwell. thWe have people trained in the use of this chair and there will be someone who will go to the 6 floor to get the chair and bring it to any lower floor stairwell to assist disabled persons. Faculty members will notify the Dean’s Office at the beginning of each semester of any disabled persons in their classes.

    Should this be a real emergency, the Arlington Fire Department and UTA Police will also be here to help.

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