Home Condition Survey

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Home Condition Survey

    The Home Condition Survey An Outline


    When you buy a home it is sensible to know about the condition of the property.

    The Home Condition Survey provides an objective opinion about the condition of the property

    which you, as the buyer, will be able to rely on and use.

    What is covered and how is the inspection carried out

    We undertake a visual, non invasive inspection of the inside and outside of the main building

    and all permanent outbuildings. This means that the surveyor does not take up carpets, floor

    coverings or floorboards, move heavy furniture or remove contents of cupboards.

    We examine the gas, electricity, water and drainage services that can be seen but do not

    remove secure panels or undo electrical fittings

    This is what we examine:

    The Building

    Outside elements Inside elements

    Chimney Fireplace & chimney breast

    Roof covering & structure Ceilings

    External Walls Internal walls & plasterwork

    Rain water goods Floors

    Doors & windows Bathroom fittings

    Other woodwork & Detail Inside woodwork

    Decorative state Built-in fittings

    The Services

    Electricity Heating

    Gas Water

     Drainage: above and below ground

What the Home Condition Survey report tells you

    The report tells you:

     About the construction and condition of the home on the date it was inspected

     If you need any specialized investigations of things that might damage the building

     Rebuilding Cost for insurance purposes.

    The report applies ‘condition ratings’ to the major parts of the main building. Each element listed above is given a condition rating 1, 2, 3 or NI. This is what they are: Condition Rating 1

    No repair is currently needed. Normal maintenance must be carried out.

    Condition Rating 2

    Repairs or replacements are needed but the surveyor does not consider these

    to be serious or urgent.

    ?John Alexander-Head 2009 Tel 07710 230727;

The Home Condition Survey - continued

    Condition Rating 3

    These are defects which are either serious and/or require urgent repair or replacement. A

    serious defect is one which could lead to rapid deterioration in the property or one which is

    likely to cost more than 2.5% of the rebuilding insurance value to put it right.

    You may wish to obtain quotes for additional work where a condition rating 3 is given, prior to

    exchange of contract.

    Condition Rating NI

    Not inspected either because the element was not present or could not be accessed under the

    terms of “what is covered” above.

What the report does not tell you:

     This report does not tell you the value of the home or cover things that will be

    considered when a valuation is provided, such as where the home is or the

    availability of public transport or other facilities.

     It does not tell you about any minor defects that would not normally influence your

    decision to buy.

     The report does not give advice on the cost of any repair work or the types of repair

    which should be used.

     The report is not an asbestos inspection under the Control of Asbestos at Work

    Regulations 2002.

    If you need advice on subjects that are not covered by the Home Condition Survey, you must

    arrange for it to be provided separately.

How can I trust the surveyor

    John Alexander-Head is a member of The SAVA Home Inspector Certification Scheme. To

    become a member of The SAVA Home Inspector Certification Scheme and be able to produce

    Home Condition Surveys, a surveyor has to:

     Pass an assessment of skills, in line with National Occupational Standards;

     Obtain the Diploma in Home Inspection.

     Have insurance that provides cover if a surveyor is negligent.

     Have a formal complaints procedure.

Detailed Terms and Conditions are available at the time of ordering a survey.

Call John Alexander-Head on 07710 230727 to discuss a survey

    or email

    ?John Alexander-Head 2009 Tel 07710 230727;

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