Home Buyers Inspection

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Home Buyers Inspection


    ? The PPI’s Inspection report will give you a complete and accurate account of your home’s condition. ? You will experience a hassle-free closing. Today’s buyers are choosey. If you can make your home the most attractive and

    appealing home, why wouldn’t you?

    ? You will be able to correct any problems that studies show cost you double off your closing price.

    ? Eliminate any surprise problems that may cause your deal to fall through.

    ? Just image how thrilled and impressed prospective buyers will be with the condition of the home. ? Because you have no areas of concern, you can ask for FULL PRICE!

    ? Let’s say; your home has been pre-inspected and your neighbours hasn’t, which do you think will sell faster and for more? A PPI HOME INSPECTION INCLUDES:

    Air Conditioning, Heat Entrance and Family/ Plumbing Systems

    Recovery Recreation Room Powder Room and Attic Exterior Property and site Basement and Crawl Space Fireplace Recovery Ventilator/ Air

    Bathrooms and Bedrooms Garage Exchanger Ceilings, Floors and Walls Heating Systems Roof and Flashing Den/ Office and Laundry Kitchen Structure and Foundation Electrical Systems Living and Dining Room(s) Windows and Doors


    The PPI inspection report will give you a complete and accurate account of your home's condition. Our reports are widely

    accepted by our customers and the real estate community because they are thorough, yet easy to read and comprehend

    i. Major defects. An example of this would be structural failure.

    ii. Things that lead to major defects. An example of this would be a small roof-flashing leak.

    iii. Things that may hinder your ability to legally occupy, finance or insure the home.

    iv. Safety hazards; such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electric panel.

    To help a buyer or seller make a better real estate transaction, a professional inspector provides a general evaluation of the

    home; a visual inspection from roof to foundation. Inspectors objectively identify material defects in the systems, structures and

    components of the home, in adherence to or exceeding national, provincial and industry regulations and standards.


    ?The Pettigrew Property Inspector exceeds the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) “Standards of

    Practice”. ?“To meet the consumer needs of selecting a qualified home inspector, CAHI, Canadian Association of Home Inspectors ???was formed in 1982. CAHI operated as the Canadian arm of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) until ?? 1994, when several provincial/regional organizations formed CAHI National. In September 2002, the name CAHIwas ?changed to Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors. The current “Standards of Practice” and “Code of ? Ethics” were adopted by CAHPIand are a derivation of the ASHI model.” ( We understand how important it is for you to know everything possible about your soon-to-be home. John surpasses the ??Standards set by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OSHI) and the Canadian Association of Home and Property ??Inspectors (CAHPI) when completing his inspections.

    Standards of Practice:

    We also understand that time is limited when making the decision to purchase a home. So, CALL TODAY! Mark your calendars and don't let the house of your dreams slip through your fingers. Just call, fax or email:

    Phone: (289) 259-4401 or (416) 428-6768 or Fax: (905) 681-7861


    Springtime is often the time when homeowners wanting to move or relocate put their houses up for sale. If

    this is your situation, the first step for you is to get your homes in the best condition possible. Not only does

    this demonstrate your pride in ownership and allow your Real Estate Agent full bragging rights (on your behalf,

of course) your house will be certain to fetch top dollar. A home that is visually appealing and in good condition will attract

    more potential buyers. For the rest of the article, please click on: C:\Documents and Settings\test\My Documents\John's Files\web Home Sellers - Preparing Your Home.doc


    ? Provides a hassle free closing. Buyers can afford to be choosy, today. So what can make your home more attractive? A

    pre-listed home inspection.

    ? Imagine how impressed buyers will be with the overall condition of your home.

    ? You will have corrected any problem areas that could have cost you at lot more during closing.

    ? Eliminate any surprise problems that may have caused the deal to fall thru.

    ? It will allow you to charge full price because there are no problems.

    Truth be told, if your home has been pre-inspected and another home has not, I know which house I would chose.

    ??All of our inspections follow the OAHI, Ontario Association of Home Inspector’s “Standards of Practice”.



    The Code of Conduct follows a strict code of ethics that we follow at Pettigrew Property Inspections. These Codes range from ??the training John Pettigrew has successfully completed (OAHI and CAHPI) and has his Registered Home Inspectors designation.

    The Code also specifies that the Inspection will follow all of the major components of the home in accordance to the Ontario ?Association of Home Inspectors Standards. (OAHI).

    And, another Code is that Pettigrew Property Inspectors will avoid all situations that could be construed as conflicts of interest

    by not accepting or offering monies or referring any kind of repair or replacement parts of the home by himself or other parties. C:\Documents and Settings\test\My Documents\John's Files\Code of Conduct.doc


    This page details items that are excluded from the inspection. It also details the chimney, furnace, septic, solariums and other

    areas with specific details. An example of this is when we detailed Houses Built Prior to 1950. These older homes were built without standardized building codes and we explained further. Another example is under sky lights. Skylights may become

    problematic over time. They may have condensation problems but may never be resolved.

    These Limitations are very helpful when learning about your new home. C:\Documents and Settings\test\My Documents\John's Files\Limitations 1 Rvsd.doc


    This is a double sided document signed and dated by both the inspector and the person requesting the inspection. It details

    what is including in the visual inspection and what is not. C:\Documents and Settings\test\My Documents\John's Files\new agreement.doc

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