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    English Education

     Name : 师丹萍

     Class: English 0803

    Student No.: 0805100311

    Table of Content

    Introduction 1 I. Section One------ How to teach reading 1 II. Section Two------How to teach writing (Developing correctness

    in students’ writing 4

    III. Section Three------Analysis problems on English teaching 6

    IV. Section Four------Strengthen and improve English teachers’ continual teaching 7

    V. Section Five------Making the revolution of English

    education 8

    Conclusion 9


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    The function of language is communication. English teaching is to teach the students how to communicate with each other and to train their communicative competence.Nowadays, English become very important and common in XI’AN, because English is the most popular, brief and convenient language in the world. Also, English education is more and more dispensable. Even though, the number of adults and children are learning English except two million students. Meanwhile, lots of English major graduate students cannot find a job; nightly percents of translate position cannot employee a good translator in some places. (GuangMing daily, Mar, 27, 2006). Why? It is a question which is worth to think over and over. Therefore, English education must be paid much attention. For instance, there are many ways have been used in the English education, such as classroom teaching, internet teaching, but in some senior high schools, even several colleges, and some remote district in Xi’an ,a lots of problems still exist in the English teaching especially in the teaching of reading and writing. In this paper, the importance and methods of reading and writing will be further discussed. In addition, there are also some problems about the resource of teachers, for example, unbalanced resource of English teachers in remote district, the quality of teacher’s conception.

Key words: Teaching English, English education, problems, method of reading and

writing, environment

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