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Guys Home Inspection Services


    September Volume #1 2002

    Guy’s Home Inspection Services E-Newsletter John Guy (336) 889-4897 NC Licensed Home Inspector #1615

    Greetings! 2. Are you a licensed general 17. Who will be doing the stcontractor? inspection (the owner or an Welcome to the 1 edition of my e-

    3. Do you carry Errors and employee)? newsletter. In this and subsequent

    Omissions Insurance (E&O)? 18. Are you certified by a national newsletters, I will attempt to

    4. Who is covered under your organization (NRSB, NEHA provide information that members

    E&O? or EPA) or to do radon of the real estate community will

    5. Do you carry general liability testing? find worthwhile. If you prefer not

    insurance? 19. Are you a member of the local to receive this, simply reply with

    6. Do you carry worker’s board of Realtors?? “unsubscribe” in the subject line of

    compensation insurance? 20. Are you a member of the an e-mail. If you would like to read

    7. How many inspections do you information on a particular topic, Better Business Bureau

    do schedule in one day? let me know & I will attempt to (BBB)?

    8. Are your reports provide pertinent information in an

    computerized? upcoming newsletter. Finally, if Mold Information 9. When do you typically deliver you would like to submit Everyone seems to be asking about (via e-mail, fax or US Mail) something to be included, please mold recently. Following are some reports? let me know. I will identify you as comments Medallion Healthy 10. What is your background and the author or source (unless you Homes (reprinted with permission). experience? prefer to remain anonymous).

    11. Do you belong to any Some mold species are toxic. If professional home inspection Office of the Month: mold is present, as a safety societies (American Society of Congratulations to Coldwell precaution, you should: Home Inspectors (ASHI), Banker Triad, Eastchester Dr. High

    NCLHIA (North Carolina Point Wear protective gloves (plastic or Licensed Home Inspector latex) Association)? Congratulations to Sharon Sink

    12. Are you full time? Wear long sleeves with Ed Price & Associates.

    13. Do you have any other Sharon was the winner of the Use a respirator businesses (remodeling, framed print at the vendor fair.

    roofing, etc.)? If any health effects are observed, 14. What is your fee structure? contact a doctor immediately. (the goal is not to find the

    cheapest but to verify that Mold and mildew can have an there is a structure and how adverse effect on people. Many does the structure compare to fungi will seriously irritate and other inspectors)? inflame lungs. Some fungi can 15. Do you meet all (any excluded Following are a few suggested cause skin and eye irritations and as a rule) the standards of questions for a potential home infections. practice of the NC Home inspector:

    Inspection Licensure Board? Prolonged exposure to active mold 16. Do you require payment at the 1. Are you a licensed home in an enclosed area can damage the inspection? inspector? (Required in NC) lungs, mucous membrane, cornea,


    Some Tips On How To Protect respiratory tract, stomach, Allowing air to circulate against

    intestines, and skin. Yourself the walls will enable the moisture

    to evaporate. Before you treat mold outbreaks, Be aware of any noxious odors.

    Freezing the moldy book may be try to determine what has caused it When a mold colony is growing, it in the first place. You need to an option for halting the spread of can give off distinctive odors that pinpoint whatever caused the mold mold while you evaluate other are the by-product of its

    metabolism. to develop and then fix it, because methods for killing the active mold.

    until you solve that problem, mold Freezing will stop the growth, but Be familiar with the symptoms of a it must still be cleaned. will continue to grow no matter mold-related illness. Different how often you treat the affected Dormant mold is dry and powdery mold species can produce different material.

    in appearance. It may also have a health effects. Some of the Look for a source of water, such as musty smell. It can be removed common symptoms of mold an unnoticed leak, broken window, using a vacuum cleaner and a soft allergy include a runny nose, or moisture along outside walls. brush or a brush attachment. Clean itching of the eyes & nose,

    brushes and dispose of vacuum congestion, fatigue & general Check the heat-exchange coils in bag to prevent spreading the mold malaise. Ask yourself, "Do my the heating/air conditioning system. spores. symptoms get better when I'm They are a prime area for fungus away from home for any length of Charcoal and/or baking soda can growth and spore distribution. time?" Clean with a normal fungus-killing be used to remove the odor of

    household cleaner. Perform a visual inspection of your mold. Place briquettes and/or

    bowls of baking soda in the area to home. Check out some of the Active mold looks fuzzy and has a absorb the odor. more common places where mold musty odor. Do not attempt to could be growing in your remove active mold, it must be Damp books are more susceptible home. Look for any signs of past to mold than wet volumes. dormant for removal. Attempting water leakage, check under sinks, to clean active mold will result in in and around bathrooms, check Mold will start on covers and work stains that are often impossible to out your basement (don't forget to inward on a book. Many molds remove. look at your sump basket!). If you prefer the starch in cloth-coverings don't have a sealed cover over your Increasing the air circulation will on books. Mold is often noted on sump basket, get one. dry most books and active mold the bindings long before it grows

    on the textblocks. efficiently. It would be ideal to Contact a heating/cooling have several fans circulating the specialist to inspect and clean out Low temperatures (below 68 area to accelerate the evaporation your AC condensate tray, clean out degrees F) and humidity levels as and drying process. and service your furnace low as possible below 75% will humidifier, clean out and service Do not shelve or store books stop most mold growth. the drip-pan under your directly against an outside wall. refrigerator, etc. In warm and humid conditions, Due to temperature and humidity mold can begin to grow within 24-differences between inside and Allow for good air flow 48 hours after the materials have outside environments, moisture throughout the interior of your gotten wet. may develop along walls. house. Keep furniture away from

    walls. Allow for adequate air-flow The spores of fungi that become Install or adjust outside gutters and over your windows & doors, as mold or mildew are always present drains so that water does not they will be the largest condensing in the air and on objects. When the collect near the outside walls. surfaces in your house and air-flow temperature and moisture in the Check gutters and drains regularly is needed to help evaporate environment are suitable for to avoid clogs. moisture buildup. germination, the fungus spore

    Waterproof basements and walls bursts and growth begins. Check your attic (roof decking, below ground level. Use water-rafters, etc.) for any signs of sealant paint on floors and walls.


    Be on the lookout for signs of darkening that could indicate mold you had your heat vents

    professionally? growth. If you notice any excess moisture. Do your

    suspicious areas, contact a windows frequently have moisture Also, check out North Carolina’s ventilation specialist for advice. on them in the winter web site on mold at time? Excess moisture is the Check for any discoloration on largest contributor to mold /mold/ walls or ceilings. Often, this can growth. be an indicator of moisture buildup, Is your heating/cooling duct work insulation problems, or ventilation

    problems that could be associated clean? When was the last time

    with future mold growth.

Why am I always taking a cold shower? Maybe you don’t have the proper type/size water heater….

    Water Heater Sizing

    A. Calculated Method

    Full Bathrooms Sum of tank capacity plus recovery rate*

    1 70

    2 90

    3 105

    4 115

    *Recovery rate = gallons of water raised 100 deg F per hour


    1. On data plate or ….

    2. Input BTU (from data plate) / 1000 x .85


    1. Get wattage of upper and lower element from data plate.

    2. Each 250 watts heats one gallon 100 deg F in one hour

    B. "General Rule of Thumb"

    a. Electric Water Heater:

    50 Gallon Family of 4

    65 Gallon Family of 6

    80 Gallon Family of 8

    b. Gas Water Heater:

    30 Gallon Family of 4

    40 Gallon Family of 6

    50 Gallon Family of 8

Just bought a new water heater or new water heater not in the budget right now? Try using the delay timer on the

    dishwasher to wash dishes well before or after bath times. Wash clothes in cold water as they are probably not heavily

    soiled anyway.

Have a good month and hope to see you soon!


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