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Storage: EMC Clarion CX3-20 series ( 500 GB ? 2 TB Capacity ], Tandberg Tape Library (LTO-3) ERP FrameWork. System Admin. Business Admin. Dash Board

    Engineering Projects (India) Ltd.

     (A Govt. Of India Enterprise)



    Tender No. DLI/CON/ITD/220 Dated : 21.07.2008

    Last date of receipt of tender : 07.08.2008

    TENDER ENQUIRY IN TWO BID SYSTEM Sealed tenders are invited in two separate covers as follows for items as per the attached

    specifications / details.

    Item: Implementation of ERP Solution at EPI’s Corporate Office at New Delhi and Regional

     Offices at New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and their associated site offices.

Delivery Required By: At the earliest

Pre Qualification Criteria: Vendors / Parties in ERP Implementation are eligible to quote.

1. Technical Bid:

     Technical Specifications with terms and conditions of supply, deviation sheet and

     un-priced copy of bid in DUPLICATE and EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) in one

     sealed cover duly superscribed ‘Technical Bid’.

2. Price Bid:

     Price alone in both figures and words as per Annexure - II, in the other sealed cover duly

    superscribed ‘Price Bid’.

Each cover must be clearly marked with Title, Number and Date of the tender enquiry and last

    date of receipt of tender.

Tenderer shall clearly certify that the items quoted strictly conform to the specifications,

    deviations if any, should be clearly indicated on a separate deviation sheet.

Tenders shall be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five

    Thousand Only) in the form of crossed demand draft drawn in favour of ‘Engineering Projects

    (India) Ltd.’ payable at New Delhi. Tender not accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit are

     liable to be rejected.

The offer should be valid for a minimum period of three months.

EPI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders and also the right to place orders for

    full or part quantities or distribute amongst various bidders without assigning any reason


In case you are not in a position to make a suitable offer please return the enclosures.

Tenders to be addressed to: Sh. L.R. Nahar, General Manager (Contracts)

     Contracts Division

     Engineering Projects (India) Ltd.

     Corporate Office

     Core 3, Scope Complex

     7, Institutional Area

     Lodhi Road

     New Delhi 110003

     Phone No: 24321607

     Phone No: 24361666 Ext 2104

     Fax No: 011 24363426

     E Mail:

     Enclosures: 1. Tender Details

    2. Existing IT Hardware & Software Setup

     and Application Software as Annexure I

    3. Detailed areas required to be covered under ERP Solution as Annexure - II

     4. General Purchase Conditions of EPI as Annexure - III

     5. Check List as Annexure - IV

    Engineering Projects (India) Limited

    (A Govt of India Enterprise)



Sealed Tenders are invited from ERP Solution providers for Implementation of ERP at our

    Corporate Office at New Delhi and Regional Offices at New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai

    and their associated site offices.

Last date for submission of Tender: 07-08-2008

Details of the project:

Engineering Projects (India] Limited, a Govt of India Enterprise is a leading Prime Contracting

    Company and has left its imprint not only in India but in the overseas market as well where its

    past operation spread over a decade in the wake of oil boom in the Middle East. EPI

    successfully executed 30 odd project valued over US$ 782.00 million in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi

    Arabia, UAE, Yugoslavia, Maldives, Bhutan and Thailand .

EPI intends to go for implementation of ERP Solution in a phase wise manner starting with

    Financial Accounting initially. Existing IT Hardware & Software Setup is given at Annexure I

    and Detailed modules required to be covered under different phases of ERP implementation is

    given at Annexure-II. The functional areas mentioned against each module are only indicative

    and may vary during process study and implementation.

Number of Employees: at present 500+.

    Key Challenges

    ? Development and management of client relationships.

    ? Maximization of resource utilization and talent pool management.

    ? Forecasting of resource requirement to ensure quick ramp up.

    ? Efficient project management and execution of delivery model.


    ? To integrate different departments for effective sharing of the information.

    ? To make the real time information clearly available to all the employees, clients and

    other stakeholders.

    ? To minimize redundancies by creating integrated databanks in a centralized data centre.

    ? To improve efficiency and effectiveness.

    ? To constantly improve organizational image.

    ? To achieve resource optimization.

    ? To exercise better management control.

    Tender Requirement:

    Eligibility Criteria

Interested parties are requested to submit their company profile specifying their technical

    capability with supporting documents as per following details.

A. Implementation of ERP with one or more of the following products.

    a) SAP R3 or SAP B1

    b) Microsoft Dynamics Nav

    c) Oracle

    d) Goodbooks ERP

    e) Ramco ERP

B. Number of ERP implementations during last three years.

    C. Staff strength with their technical qualifications and experience

    D. Clients List

EPI reserves the right to select or reject any party without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Scope of work

The scope of work includes assessment of the current processes and the current IT

    infrastructure, identifying the areas for process improvement, Gap Analysis, understand the

    feasibility of implementing ERP keeping in mind EPI’s operations, identify modules in ERP and

    map these modules to EPI’s processes, outline detailed specification of the software, hardware

    and network, prepare the proposal for implementation. The solution should provide for online

    updation of data and should be developed for the requirements of the organization and should

    have the facility to convert / upload the existing data.

Initially the solution will be implemented at EPI office at New Delhi. After successful

    implementation at New Delhi, it will be implemented at Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai offices of


Bidders are requested to submit the tender in two bid system (Technical & Price bid separately)

    in sealed envelope.

1. The sealed tenders shall be sent to

    General Manager (Contracts)

    Engineering Projects (India] Ltd

    Core-3, Scope Complex,

    Lodhi Road,

    New Delhi -110 003.

2. No tender will be considered until or unless all the documents are properly signed and

    without EMD.

3. EPI reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in full or part or reject all the tenders

    without assigning any reason whatsoever.

    Technical Bid

The bidders are required to study, understand and assess the existing activities of EPI and

    include the following in their technical bid

    ? EMD for Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft

    in favour of ‘Engineering Projects (India) Ltd’ payable at New Delhi.’

    ? Company Profile with details mentioned in eligibility criteria.

    ? Analysis of existing computer applications.

    ? Analysis of information flow in the organization.

    ? Analysis of the areas requiring process improvement.

    ? Strategies for implementation highlighting areas requiring process improvements. This

    will also include strategy for change management and training to be imparted to the

    employees of EPI.

    ? Detailed specification of System software, Hardware & Networking.

    ? Project Deliverables

    ? Outlining of the implementation schedule

    ? Warranty for one year to be provided after implementation

    ? Confirmation of support and maintenance for a minimum period of 10 years after


Price Bid

The price bid must contain price for each module specified in Annexure II and order will be

    placed module wise only. The bidder may quote for 10 user license initially and additional cost

    per user license should be mentioned separately.

    Payment Terms

100% payment will be made on delivery & successful implementation of the software at EPI

    offices against submission of a performance bank guarantee of 10% of the total amount of work


    Annexure - I

Existing IT Hardware & Software Setup

Servers: IBM Blade Centre HS 21, HCL Infinity GL, Sunfire 4200,

     IBM X series.

Network setup: 24 Port Manageble Switches, NS-25 & NS-5GT Firewalls,

     Cyberoam 100i, Cisco 1721 Router, 16 Port SAN

     Switches, WiMax 512 KBPS

Storage: EMC Clarion CX3-20 series ( 500 GB 2 TB Capacity ],

     Tandberg Tape Library (LTO-3)

Software: MS-SQL Server 7.0/ 2000/ 2005, Ms-Exchange 2000,

     HP Openview, MCA Fee , Trendmicro Security Suite,

     Legato E-Mail Extender & Networker.

    Application Software

Financial Accounting : HCL Accountant

    Project Management: MS-Project, Primavera

    Engineering Package: Autocad, DeccaPlot, StaadPro, Revit, Mx- Road Binding

    Legal & Contracts : Contract Management

    HR Division: Adrenalin

Payroll package for salary processing, leave balance updation, employee profile maintenance


     Annexure - II

    Detailed areas required to be covered under ERP Solution is given below: Description Module Phase License

    ERP FrameWork 1. I I 10

    System Admin

    Business Admin

    Dash Board

    Infrastructure Components

    Connectivity with Web Portal, Knowledge


    ERP Financials II I 10

    General Ledger

    Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Payable

    Cash & Bank

    Fixed Assets


    Cost Accounting

    Bank Reconciliation

    Tax Management

    Inventory, LC tracking

    Consolidation of Accounts


    HR & Payroll III II 10

    Personnel Management


    Employee Self-Service

    Asset Management

    Health and Safety




    Planning & Monitoring IV III 10

    Project Management

    Connectivity with Ms-Project/ Primavera etc Legal & Contracts V IV 10

    Material Management

    Contracts Management

    Vendor and Supplier Profile

    Supplier Rating and Profile

    Requisitions and Enquiries

    Quotations and comparative analysis Purchase Orders

    Prices and Discounts

    Vendor Contracts and Agreements Purchase Order Management

    Procurement Receipts

    Reporting Description Module Phase License

     Engineering VI IV 10 Drawing List Management

    Business Development & Marketing VII IV 10 Tender Management

    Document Management

    Marketing Management Requirements

    Pricing and Discounting

    Customer Service and Returned Goods


    Client Relationship Management

    Reporting and Interfacing requirements

    Plant & Equipment VIII V 10 Inventory Management

    Locations and Lot Control


    Reservations and Allocations

    Inventory Adjustments

    Quality Assurance IX V 10 Inspection & Quality Testing

    Defective or excess material return

    processing must update on-hand

    Customer return file: awaiting disposition

    Damaged materialcorrective action and

    failure analysis available to vendor on-line

    Inspection required indicator by supplier and

    by item

    Pre-inspection receipts

    on-line inquiry of inspection and material


    Validation against automated inspection


    Inspection disposition with audit trail

    Disposition delinquency report

    Quantity rejected

    Reject reason records

    ISO Details

    Information Technology X V 10 Service & Support Management

    Additional Cost per user license 2. Annual Maintenance & Support Charges 3.



     Engineering Projects (India) Ltd.


     Materials Management Division


    1.1 The Buyer means Engineering Projects (India) Limited, a Company incorporated in

     India and having its registered office and Corporate Office at Core 3, Scope

     Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003.

1.2 Supplier' means the tenderer whose tender has been accepted and shall include his

     its/their heirs, executors, administrators or successors and permitted agents as the

     case may be.

1.3 'Purchase Order' means the letter of memorandum, communicating to the supplier, the

     acceptance of his tender and includes an advance acceptance of his tender.

1.4 'Consignee' means where the stores are required by the purchase order to be

     despatched by rail, road, air or steamer, the person specified in the Purchase Order to

     whom they are to be delivered at the destination, where the stores are required by the

     Purchase Order to be delivered to a person as an interim consignee for the purpose of

     despatch to another person, such other person and in any other case the person to

     whom the stores are required by the Purchase Order to be delivered in the manner

     specified therein.

1.5 'Inspectors' : Inspectors deputed by BUYER.

    2. Terms & Expressions Terms & expressions not herein defined shall have the same meanings as assigned to them in the

    Indian Sales of Goods Act, 1930, Indian Contract Act, 1872 and General Clause Act, 1897.

3. Prices

    Prices accepted by the BUYER shall be considered as firm and not subject to escalation due to

    any variations in the prices of materials, labour and/or any other reasons whosoever which may

    occur while the order is being carried out.

4. Payment Terms

    Unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties, payment for delivery of the stores will be

    made on submission of bills in accordance with instruction given in the purchase order by a

    cheque or demand draft in accordance with the following procedure.


    4.1 90% of the price of the equipment/material shall be paid on proof of despatch to the

     consignee through bank or delivery to an interim consignee, if any, and on production

     of Inspection Note issued by the Inspector, Maker's Test Certificate, the number- and

     date of the Railway receipt, postal receipt, bill of lading or consignment note under

     which the goods charged for in the bill are despatched by rail, post, sea or air

     respectively and the number and date of the letter with which such railway receipt,

     post receipt, bill of lading shall also be attached to the bill and in the case of stores

     despatched by post, the postal receipt shall be attached in original to the bill. The

     bank charges shall be borne by the supplier.

    4.2 Balance 10% of price of equipment/material shall be released within 30 days after

     expiry of the warranty period as per Clause No. 17.

5. Insurance to be arranged by BUYER.

6. Inspection, Checking, Testing

    The stores covered by the Purchase Order shall be subject to preliminary inspection and testing at any time prior to shipment and/or despatch and final inspection within a reasonable time after arrival at the place of delivery. The Inspector shall have the right to carry out the inspection and testing which include raw materials at manufacturer's work and at the time of actual despatch before and after completion of packing.

    The supplier shall inform the BUYER at least 21 days in advance of the exact place, date and time of rendering the stores for required inspection, provide free access to Inspectors during normal working hours at supplier's or his/its sub-supplier's works and places at their disposal, internal test reports, material/component test certificates, approved drawings and all useful means of performing, checking, marking, testing, inspection and final stamping at his own expenses. Stores offered without internal testing shall be treated as a lapse on the part of supplier.

    If, after receiving inspection call from the supplier/manufacturer the inspector on reaching the works finds that the equipment/materials offered for inspection is not fully ready or fails to meet vital requirements, it will be deemed to be a fake inspection call. Issue of a fake inspection call shall be treated as a serious lapse on the part of the supplier.

    In the event of rejection of stores due to defective workmanship/material/design or fake inspection call, the stores would be offered for re-inspection at the earliest. The BUYER shall have the right to deduct the cost of re-inspection from the supplier's invoices.

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