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Love is the greatest emotion in the world

It's the miracle of love

    Ever since the dawning of the history of mankind, there have been myriads of diversifed inventions, discoveries, and even explorations of the mysteries of the universe. In fact, the human beings are so intelligent that we have solved almost all kinds of problems we have confronted with .

     However, nobody has ever made out what the word “love” really connotes, not even the most famous people such as great politicians, saints and philosophers can clarify the meaning of “love”, neither can they deal with the various affairs concerning love. Love is like a huge boundless net that shrouds us all in. We can neither break away from it nor escape from it. Like it or not, we are always entangled in it. It is an invisible net without any form, that shrouds in different people from different angels; It is a merciless net that upsets us or even tortures us to death. It is also a supreme net which almost no human can surpass. Even if they are heroes, emperors, wise men or saints, they can do nothing but show their helplessness in its face. Those who can breathe through the holes of the net should be regarded beyond commonness and vulgarity. Love can bring us temporary comfort and happiness, but mostly they bring about annoyance and sufferings. Maybe this is the reason why many people have seen through the illusions of the mortal world. However it is not so easy to break away from this boundless, ever-existing and indifferent net of love.

     Love is varied and changeable, but roughly it can be divided into three categories: family love, fraternal love and amatory love. Not like Monkey King who jumped out of the rocks, we were all born after mother's pregnancy of about nine months, hence we have countless relatives without any choice: parents, grand-parents, and grand-parents-in-law, uncles and aunties, brothers and sisters, etc. and once looking at the genealogical tree, we'll see no end. Family love is what everyone longs for, but the warmth and support from our beloved ones are what everyone yearns for the most. But how many of us are determined to contribute to our beloved one? And how many don't expect repayment and relaxed. conscience even if they have the desire and preparation to contribute to their beloved. The distance between relatives is different and so are their expectations. But since it's very difficult to know how much we should expect, a lot of worries and distresses emerge.

     Parents always expect their children to show their filial obedience, or at least pay them frequent visits after they have got married. If the children fail to do this, they feel hurt and upset, and they'll even complain about their children, because they just can't understand why their children don't care about them

    after what they have done for the children for so many years to bring them up. Nevertheless, one's experience determines his ideology. Young children are naturally attached to their parents, but when they grow up, specially when they have made their own friends, and got married, what they need most is independence and freedom, and parents sometimes might become their burden. Once there is generation gap, it becomes more difficult to communicate and this keeps them away from their parents. Objectively speaking, they need more independence in order to achieve success. In the present society, what the children want to have most isthe economic support from their parents, not their moral support or guidance. They would complain if your economic support is not up to their expectations. The love from uncles and aunties would naturally dwindle after they have had their own children. Only the love from grand-parents and grand parents-in-law is pure and demands no repayment, and they are also too old to wait for any repayment. As for the distant relatives, their love depends on their needs, just as the old saying goes “The poor have no friends even if they live in downtown while the rich have distant relatives even if they live in deep mountains”. Granny Liu, a

    distant kinsfolk, in A Dream of the Red Mansions , claims kinship with the wealthy Jia family, thinking that she may benefit from it in some ways. Liu might have run away without any traces if the Jia family had been a poor one. Another saying goes “Close neighbors are better than distant relatives.” The most difficult is to manage the relatives when doing business together, just as what the TV series program Liu Laogen discloses. It is all right to stay poor together, but as soon as the business grows prosperous, the group will become estranged and even dissolve because of the unfair distribution. Family love is like a maze which we shouldn't go too far into it, otherwise, we'll surely get lost. Love is a bilateral matter and unilateral love can only lead you to nowhere in spite of your good intentions. Family love is, sometimes, like an arranged marriage, leaving no choices to you. Due to the different experiences and tastes, staying together temporarily can be entertaining, while living together for a long time can only be boring due to the lack of common interest and understanding. How can we communicate with each other without understanding? Parents have the duty to support the children who are not yet economically independent, and children have the responsibility to provide for the elderly parents who are lack of economic abilities to support themselves. Except these two kinds of duties which we must fulfill, other kinds of love become conventional formalities such as paying visit to the sick or the dead and giving presents to the newly-born etc.. [FS:PAGE]

     No love among relatives has become a normal phenomenon which

    needn't to be fussed about. What's worse is when love is contaminated by money. Sooner or later we will get hurt. The sooner we get out of this net of love, the more we can preserve beautiful memories.

     We are not living in vacuum, and the society is formed of various kinds of people. As long as we want to live, study, or work, we have to contact, communicate and cooperate with others. Those who enjoy common interests, mutual understanding, common undertakings and common benefits become friends.

    Love is the most beautiful language in the world. We can wipe our tears away when we cry. It

    can bring happiness to us when we feel lonely. It can even give us confidence when we have

    problems. I often listen to some pop songs, and most of them are about love. The singers sing

    these songs loudly. I think that’s very real. They express their feelings directly. It shows that they


    The happiness of loving and being loved is very wonderful. Let’s try to love each other so that

    the world will be full of love.

My dear friends

     Do you know what is the most precious and everlasting thing in the world?

     Money? You may lose everything you have if you do not use money carefully enough. Youth? In one?''s long life youth is like a flash in the pan and no one in the world has the secret to keep his youth forever. Beautiful look? Many people pray that they can get hold of beauty, but it disappears far more quickly than they can imagine. And when they are in real trouble beauty itself feels helpless. A good job? As you grow older and your brain and hands cannot work as fast as before, it will become other people?''s wealth.

Then what is the most precious and ev;erlasting thing in the world?

     When you are far away from your fam;ily and feel especially lonely, who will you think of?

    When you stand on the crossroad in your life and do not know which way to choose, who will you think of? When you encounter greater difficulties than ever and need other?''s encouragement, who will you think of? When you decide to make the greatest decision in your favorite course, who will you think of? Who gave birth to you? Who brought you up? Who shed cheer;ful tears

    when seeing you make achieve;ments? Whose wholehearted blessing will be always with you no

matter how far you will go?

     Yes, it''s mother that you will always think of and it''s mother''s love that will be always together with you.

     I once heard a moving story about a mother. Two children were drawn into the flood and the situation was very dangerous. Their mother jumped into the water without the least hesitation. But you know the moth;er could not swim at all. Jumping into the water means she might lose her life. But at that time she had no time to think about herself. She just wanted to try all means to save her children.

     Maybe her courage moved the God. The miracle happened. She finally succeeded in saving her children one by one. And she, of course, felt extremely ex;hausted.

     My friends, mother''s love is the greatest love. Mother''s love is the safest love. No matter you are happy or sorrowful, rich or poor, mother''s love will always stay with you.

     Thank you all!

    I always think which word is the most beautiful one in the world. Now, I have got the answer. It is love. The first impression that love gave me is the romantic love stories. But I was wrong. Love doesn’t limit to the love between lovers. It includes the love between our families, friends and even strangers. It also doesn’t limit to the love

    between human beings. There is love between humans and animals. I think it is love that makes the world full of miracles.

    One day, I read a report---Death is afraid of gritting teeth. Robert and his wife Mary climbed a mountain. When they arrived the top, an unfortunate thing happened. Robert was nearly fell down from the steep cliff while Mary was taking photos. Having found this she

    grasped her husband using her teeth without thinking. Dragged toward the steep cliff she held a tree. She couldn’t call for help but gritted her teeth tightly and waited. As time passed by, her mouth bled, but she could not relax for even a second. Because she knew her husband’s life was gritted in her mouth. Not until one hour later did

    the passengers find them and save them. After I finished reading it, I wondered how a woman’s teeth could burden a strong man’s weight for an hour. I think it is love that made the miracle.

    Once, I asked myself whether I could still live a normal life without all four limbs or whether I could surf, dive, ride a horse or play golf without limbs. I couldn’t. I could even not imagine these. But one man could do all of these. He is Nike vujicic. Born with tetra-amelia a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs he struggled as a child, eventually came to terms with his disability and started his own non-profit organization Life Without Limbs-at age seventeen. He is widely known as a motivational speaker giving talks worldwide on life with a disability, hope and finding meaning in life. However, no matter how much success he has made, he must owe a big part of them to his parents. His birth is a disaster to his parents. Even the science could not explain why he born without limbs. His parents could not accept it but they did. His family is not rich and Nick is the elder of three children. But they tried their best

    to give him a good living environment. Every day they told Nick that he was beautiful the way he was born and he never knew what he could do until he had a try. Nick’s father taught him swimming when he was 18 months old. Instead of sending Nick to special school, they sent him to a normal school. Nick’s beautiful childhood is a ladder to his success. Nick is a miracle. It is love that made the miracle. The history of human is a history full of love. Faced with catastrophes like snow storms and earthquakes, so many people chose to save others at the cost of their own. Therefore, so many people survived as a miracle. Maybe they even didn’t know the saver before. With the help of kind people, the destroyed place was rebuilt in an incredible speed. It also is the love that made the miracle.

    Now, I am standing here, I want to say I am a miracle. I am not proud of myself but proud of my parents. I am a miracle of my parents’ love. So do you to your parents. Your birth and your growing up are full up with the love of them.

    Above all, we can see it is love that makes the world full of miracles. As long as every one of us contributes a piece of our love, the world will be a paradise. So, let’s show our love and make the world full of miracles.

    Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

    -- Louise Hay

    This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love; the more they give, the more they possess.

    -- Rainer Maria Rilke

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