Teacher or Guidance Counselors Recommendation Form

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Teacher or Guidance Counselors Recommendation Form

    Teacher or Guidance Counselor’s Recommendation Form

    Ohio University Summer Honor’s Academy 2010

Students may select any current teacher or guidance counselor to make a recommendation for him or her and they may choose to do

    so by using this form or by writing a letter of recommendation, or both. A total of two recommendations are required for each student

    application. The recommendation may be included with the student’s application or it may come to us in a separate envelope

    addressed to Office of Summer Sessions & Winter Intersession, Haning Hall 205, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701.

To be completed by the student:

Student’s Name: Grade you are enrolled in currently: First Middle Initial Last

Student’s Address: Street City State Zip

Name & Address of School you are attending: Name City State

Name and title of recommender:

To be completed by the recommender: This student is applying for nondegree admission to Ohio University to participate in our

    Summer Honors Academy for High School Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors. The student will be registered in one or two college courses along with traditional college-age students. The grade the student receives will remain on his/her permanent University record.

    Therefore, we place great importance on your appraisal of the student’s academic readiness and social maturity to help predict the student’s success in our program.

    Please explain if and how the student demonstrates that he or she is ready for college-level course work.

    Please describe any attributes of the applicant which strongly suggest he or she would benefit from the program.

    Do you know of any behavior that suggests that this applicant is not mature, reliable, honest, and/or do you know of any social or behavioral problems that might prevent the applicant from benefitting from our program? If so, please explain.

    Continued on second page.

Summer Honors Academy Recommendation Form Page 2

Please rate the applicant in comparison to others at your school.

    To what degree does the applicant deal with his or her own needs and personal problems with control and insight?

     Very mature; emotionally stable

     Average; on par with peers

     Immature; shows signs of inability to cope with problems

To what degree does the applicant do a thorough job, paying attention to details?

     Very thorough; does more than expected

     Average; attends to most details

     Inattentive to details; is often careless

To what degree is the applicant creative, seeking and gaining new ideas and knowledge?

     Very creative


     Not particularly creative

    How does the curriculum selected by the applicant compare with that of other college-bound students at your school?

     One of the most challenging


     Above average


To your knowledge, is the student involved in extra-curricular activities at school?

     Yes, many Yes, 1 or 2 None

    Has participation in these activities caused any trouble for the student to complete coursework or maintain grades?

     Yes No

Use the space below to write any additional comments you feel may be helpful.

    Please give this recommendation to the student in a sealed envelope to include with his/her application, or mail it to us separately at: Office of Summer Sessions & Winter Intersession, Haning Hall 205, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701.

Recommender’s Signature: School phone number:

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