Meeting 1 - Carnegie Mellon University - MSE Studio

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Meeting 1 - Carnegie Mellon University - MSE Studio

    Team Status MSE Team Lead Meeting 2009/09/10

    Team Lead Meeting (Team Status and Minutes), 2009/09/10

    Team lead introductions:

    th? Lyle Holsinger YALA Ptolemy, 7 semester, Bosch Project ? Zafar Hyder Sand Castle, Tony Lattenze client, Architecture Tool

    ? Aparup Banerjee FACEO5, CASOS-ISR Client, SCS CASOS UI Workflow Tool.

    ? Joe Black Staargazers, NASA JPL, Model based tools process

    ? Lumi Liao- Squareroot team, Dave Root Client

    Mohit Architecture evolution, Dr. Garlan and Schmerl Client

    ? Pablo Biano Team Protech, SEI TSP Tool, James Over Client

    ? Nina Patel - Assistant studio manager, FACEO5, CASOS-ISR Client, SCS CASOS UI Workflow Tool.

    ? Saurabh Gupta Studio Manager, Vdashneg Team

    Biweekly Cave Cleaning

    ? What: Each team collectively cleans Cave Common Area and Cnf Rm 265

    ? When: Once in two weeks. Recurring Time and Date is TBD. Saurabh will let the team leads


    ? Each Team Leads Let their team know on cave cleaning schedule once known.

    ? Suggestion: Schedule Cave cleaning half hour before the recurring Team Leads meeting.

    Quiet time

    ? What: Be Quiet in the cave. No hallway talks. Can talk among your cave cubes about projects

    and such as required and keep the volume level reasonable.

    ? When: 11:00 4:00 pm everyday ? Each Team Leads Let their team know on cave quiet time.

    Discussion Points:

    1. Ask Ellen for markers and erasers 2. Ask Mel for a spare projector and justify to him why you have a pressing need. Rm 282 don’t

    have a projector

    3. Suggestions:

    a. Add TOC and other activities as Team Goal activities so they are taking into

    consideration during planning 4. Suggestions:

    a. Come up with schedules before hand as best as possible

    b. Negotiate meeting times with the client

    5. Talk to Emanuel for wired connection ( Dave Root has to approve

    the request and provide oracle string to Emanuel to get a switch from Emanuel. Jane and Ellen

    can also possibly help out. 6. Saurabh has sent out fairness policy document about scheduling conference rooms. Each time

    slot upto 3 hours. Encouraged to book in advance and recurring meetings. Clean meeting

    rooms after you leave. If you find a team going crazy with taking up meeting rooms then report

    Team Status MSE Team Lead Meeting 2009/09/10

    to Saurabh and he will take an action to take them off the calendar and sent them notice on why

    that happened.

    Team Questions

    1. New Bosch team Throwing agenda at last minute is a problem. Currently using Boot camp

    deliverables and other class projects such as methods contextual design as driving client

    agendas. What have other teams done?

    a. Suggestions:

    i. Focus on technical issues

    ii. Key is to try to get requirements out of the client

    iii. Get to know clients goals and expectations then try to set the agenda based

    on that

    iv. Voice recording

    v. If you don’t have much to talk then its okay not to have standing meeting

    the first semester

    vi. Email questions instead of standing meetings as they come up

    vii. Brainstorming sessions for first few weeks 2. Process:

    a. Suggestions:

    i. It’s a discovery.

    ii. Don’t make MSD’s weapon paper as your process framework bible

    iii. Can come up with your own process to begin with

    iv. Use bootcamp time and treat it as your studio time rather than a task to do.

    v. Try out different processes and work towards how to customize a process

    for your project

    vi. Pick your process once your clearly know what your project context is.

    3. Tracking Time

    a. Suggestions:

    i. Process Dashboard Tool

    ii. Toggle Tool.

    iii. WBS and Project Plan two different things. WBS task granularity is 10 hrs

    on average.

    iv. Experiment buckets.

    4. Ask Emanuel to set up server space.

    5. You will have to do requirements and waterfall-ish regardless of your project the first two

    semester because of nature of MSE program. Just have to deal with it. 6. There are 3 Senior MSE teams that are using TSP process (Sandcastle, Imhotep, VdashNeg).

    Use them as your users for the TSP Tool Project. Interviewing different TSP users by their

    Roles in TSP process is important to get different viewpoints.

Team Status MSE Team Lead Meeting 2009/09/10

    Team Status

    Yala! Ptolemy

    ? Met with client twice.

    ? Established regular team meetings including a designated period for reflection.

    ? Learned about goals of the project and overall project context.

    ? Met with previous Bosch team to learn more about Bosch as a client. Learned about Ptolemy



    ? Had a client meeting, prioritized tasks for cycle 1.

    ? Started experimenting for new functionality.

    ? Started writing a user guide

    ? Started fixing tickets from last semester

    ? Started work on paper outline"

    Jazz Rockers We have started with the documentation and fixing the open bugs. Some of the team members are

    given this week as a deadline to submit the outline of the paper.


    ? Semester planning.

    ? Technical Note planning.

    ? Initial status meeting with mentors.


    ? First client meeting & Scheduled weekly meetings

    ? Who's who/roles

    ? Project overview

    ? Talked about project context

    ? Came up with the questions for the client.

    ? Prepared for boot camp presentations - Team Organization & Project Context

    ? Started technology investigation - different workflow tools

    ? Scheduled biweekly standing meeting.

    STAAR Gazers

    ? We have met with our client once and are meeting with him again this week.

    ? Established a Google group for communication

Matts Daemons

Team Status MSE Team Lead Meeting 2009/09/10

    We moved on from requirements elaboration phase to the architecture design. The project is currently

    in the Design and implementation phase.


    ? We have our first meeting with Marsha and planned about the 9-meeting lauch of the project.

    ? We have defined roles, although TSP prescribes some more roles (compared to TSPi)

    ? We are about to develop our CM process and procedure and tools for issues and "

    ? Started technology investigation - different workflow tools

    ? Scheduled biweekly standing meeting.

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