Java For New MCS Program

By Lloyd Andrews,2014-04-24 12:56
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Java For New MCS Program

Installation of Java Version 1.5.0_06

In order for MoDOT Carrier Express’ Overdimension/Overweight permit application to work correctly, you must

    have Java 1.5.0_06 installed on your computer. Follow these steps to get the free program.

    Download and Install Java Version 1.5.0_06

    Note: User must have Administrative Rights on the computer to install this software

    1) Go to

    2) Click on the words “Download JRE

    3) Choose Accept License Agreement.

    4) Click on Windows Offline Installation, Multi-Language

    5) Choose Save and note where the file is being downloaded to; example “Desktop”

    6) Go to the location where the file was downloaded

    7) Double-Click on file: jre-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe to begin installation

    8) Choose Typical setup … (this is the default setting), Click on – Accept (License Agreement)

    9) Installation will begin; this can take a few minutes

    10) Click on Finish to complete installation; Reboot computer if requested to do so.

    SET UP for JAVA Version 1.5.0_06

    11) If you wish to turn off the Java Updates; Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel (Windows 2000)

    12) To activate the newly-installed program, click on the Java Icon in the Control Panel. If it doesn’t respond

    immediately, hang on. It can take moment for the Java Control Panel to open

    13) Uncheck the box next to the words “Check for Updates Automatically” then click OK. This completes the




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