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Essay Preparation

    6 people

    2-3 sentences

    4 books

    (the author, the main characters, the struggle, the plot)

William Shakespeare

    -an English poet and playwright widely regarded as the greatest writer in English language

    -the worlds pre-eminent dramatist

    -a great number of work acclaimed by the public -not until he died that he became famous and reputable


    -a legendary ancient Greek epic poet traditionally said to be the author of the Iliad and the


    -blind, play a major part in the development of the Greek culture


    -create massive empire

    -control most of Europe

    -greed for power;downfall

Marco Polo

    -travel to China

Wright Brothers

    -first aeroplane

Thomas Edison

    -invent lightbulb;gain a lot of money


Albert Einstein

    -the theory of relativity


    -theory of evolution

Alexanda Bell

    -invent telephone

Henry Ford

    -invent car

    -invent moving assembly line

Abraham Lincoln

    -murdered after the Civil War -abolish slavery

    -reunite the whole country

Addlf Hitler


    -start WW2

Franklin Roosevelt

    -New Deal during the Great Depression


Joseph Stalin

    -Russian Revolution

George Washington

    -general in the Independent War

Queen Elizabeth

Martin Luther King

    -I have a dream

    -rights of black people

Rosa Parks

Marie Curie


    -nobel prize for chemistry

Harpur Lee

Chales Dickens

George Orwell

Mark Twin

Yao ming

    -the first Chinese playing in NBA

the Market

Bill Gates

    -donate 90% of his money to charities


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