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    No : SDE(E)/BSNL-CPU/ E-12/2005-06 / NIT No. 10 / 1345 Dated 27.10.05


    The Sub Divisional Engineer (E),BSNL Elect. Sub Dn. Chhatarpur invites on behalf of the BSNL sealed item rate

    tender in PWD-8 form from eligible & approved contractors who have been enlisted in B.S.N.L. in a category whose

    financial limit is more than the estimated cost :-


    NoCOST DATE opening limit

    . For

    Receipt of


    n 1 22410/- 448/- 08.11.05 10.11.05 15days S.I.T.C of 12 volt battery set for 32.5/40

    KVA E/A set of T.E. Bldg. Prithvipur,

    Binwara, Orchha (Tikamgarh)

    2 Repairing/shifting of 32.5 KVA E/A set 16633/- 333/- 08.11.05 10.11.05 15days

    (trolley mounted) from trolley to T.E.

    Bldg. Lidhora ( Distt. Tikamgarh)

    ( SH:- Supplying & fixing AVR & Misc


    3 9200/- 184/- 08.11.05 10.11.05 15days S.I.T.C of 12 volt battery set at T.E.

    Bldg Laundi (Chhatarpur)

    4 41801/- 836/- 08.11.05 10.11.05 15days Shifting/repairing of 32.5 KVA E/A set

    (Trolley mounted) from Chhatarpur to

    T.E. Bldg. Rajnagar(Chhatarpur)

The contractor shall submit & conform:-

    1) An application on their printed letter pads for the purchase of tender.

    2) Registration Certificate

    3) Latest Chartered Accountant Certificate along with certified copy of Pan card.

    4) (a) Condition & tender forms can be had from this office up to 08-11-05 on any working day on payment of Rs.164/-( one hundred sixty four only) in shape of D.D/CDR/Pay order/Banker’s Cheque. in favour of

    Account Officer BSNL Elect. Division JBP (Non refundable)

    4) (b) The tender will be received up to 15.00 Hrs .of 10-11-05 opening at15.30hrs.on same day. In case holiday is declared on the opening day the tenders will be opened on next working day.

    5 The tenders shall submit the tender in two sealed cover marked as cover I & II .The first cover

    shall contain the earnest money deposited Valid for 60 days from the date of opening of tender. in the

    shape of FDR/CDR/DD/Pay order of a schedule Nationalized

    Bank/State Bank, guaranteed by the Reserve Bank of India drawn in favour of "ACCOUNTS OFFICER,

    BSNL ELECTRICAL DIVISION, JABALPUR."The second cover contain the tender documents. In

    case, the earnest money is not deposited the tender will not be opened.

    6. (a) For the tenders intending to download the tender from the web site, they shall submit the

    tender in two sealed covers marked as cover 1stndst and 2 The 1 cover should contain Original attested

    copy of the credentials in support of fulfilling the experience criteria & other documents as per NIT, the

    tender cost in form of demand draft in favour of Accounts Officer, BSNL Electrical Division Jabalpur

    st cover is not annexed or credentials submitted by the firms are not as per the NIT or tender cost is not accompanied or Earnest money is not in proper form then the second cover

    and Earnest money in the form of Demand Draft/ Pay order/ Bankers Cheque from a schedule/ containing tender will not be opened and will be rejected summarily.

    Nationalized/ State Bank guaranteed by RBI in favour of Accounts Officer, BSNL Electrical Division (b) If any difference/discrepancies found between down loaded Tender form, and hard copy of

    Jabalpur. In Case the 1tender issued from Sub Division Office. The contents in Draft NIT shall be final & binding .

     The intending tenderers shall invariably sign the Undertaking provided with the tender

    documents. Any failure to do so shall result in rejection of the tenders.

    7. Tenders with any condition including rebates shall be rejected forthwith, However, tenders with

    unconditional rebates will be acceptable.

     Exemption from payment of Earnest Money and Security deposit granted by Chief Engineer

    CPWD shall not hold good for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

     Validity of tender shall be for 60 days from the date of opening of tender and EMD should be

    valid for 90 days.

“ The tender received by post/ courier shall not be entertained and opened.”

Last date of receipt of application for tender 08.11.05

     Last Date of Issue of Tender 08.11.05

    Last Date of Submission of Tender 10.11.05

     Date of opening of Tender 10.11.05 Please also visit us at Website

     Sub Divisional Engineer (E)

     B.S.N.L.Elect. SubDivision







     1 . I / we have read and examined “the notice inviting tender”, “Important note for the

    contractors”, ”Schedule of Quantity”, ”Specifications for ”, “ List of the approved makes.

     2. I /we have read and examined the General Rules and Directions & Clauses of CPWD-8 (as

    corrected up to August 1998) and with following modifications.

    (i) Conditions at S.No. 13,18 & 34 of CPWD- 6 stands deleted.

    (ii) The name of work, time allowed for work, estimated cost, tender cost, mode & amount of

    (EMD etc wherever appearing in CPWD-6/8 shall be as per the notice inviting tender. Available on

    the web site.

    (iii) In condition no. 22 of the CPWD 6, the amount of EMD, which can be forfeited, is 50%. (iv) The deviation in quantity shall be governed as per condition No.2 of “Important note for

    the contractor on”

    3 I /we agree that the said CPWD-6/8 shall be made a part of the contract while entering into

    the agreement. I/we hereby tender for the execution of the work specified for BSNL within the

    time specified, schedule of quantities and in accordance in all respects with the specifications,

    designs, drawings and instruction.

    4. I/we agree to keep the tender open for sixty (60) days from the due date of submission

    thereof and not to make any modifications in its terms and conditions.

    5. EMD is hereby forwarded in the form of Demand Draft/pay order/ Bankers cheque from a

    schedule/nationalized/ State Bank guaranteed by RBI in a prescribed form as earnest money. If

    I/we, fail to commence the work specified, I/we agreed that the said BSNL or his successors in

    office shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the said earnest

    money absolutely and the same may at the option of the competent authority on behalf of BSNL be

    recovered without prejudice to any other right or remedy available in law out of the deposit in so

    far as the same may extend in terms of the said bond and in the event of deficiency out of any

    other money due to me/us under this contract or otherwise.

    6. I/we agree to execute all the works referred to in the tender documents upon the terms and

    conditions contained or referred to therein and to carry out such deviations as may be ordered, as

    per conditions no.2 of “important note for the contractor”.

    7. I/we hereby declare that I/we shall treat the tender documents drawings and other records

    connected with the work as secret/confidential documents and shall not communicate

    information/derived there from to any person other that to whom I/We am/are authorized to

    communicate the same or use the information in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of



    (Postal Address)

    (Signature of Contractor)

     (Seal of the Contractor)


    The firm shall read carefully the following conditions and shall quote accordingly confirming all the points in their offer.


    The firm shall quote rates for all items inclusive of all taxes, duties and other levies e.g. excise duty, Sales tax, work contract tax turn over tax, entry tax, service tax, Octroi etc.

    2. The ordering quantity can be increased/decreased up to the extent of 50% (deviation limit) without the consent of the firm. The firm shall execute such quantities at the rates quoted in the tender without any change in terms and conditions of the contract.

    3. In partial modification to clause- 2 of PWD- 8, the compensation for delay shall be limited to 0.5 % the work order value per week for the first ten weeks and 0.7 % per week for next ten weeks and there after subject to a maximum of 12% of the work order value for the location where the work is delayed.

     Sub Divisional Engineer (E)

     BSNL Electrical Sub Division Chhatarpur


    NIT No. 10

     The Sub.-Divisional Engineer (E) B.S.N.L. Electrical Sub.-Division, Chhatarpur. invites on behalf of Bharat

    Sanchar Nigam Limited sealed item rate tender from the contractors satisfying under mentioned eligibility conditions.


    1.1 The work is estimated cost to This estimate, however, is given merely as a rough guide.

    1.2 Tender will be issued to eligible contractors satisfying under mentioned eligibility condition.

    Criteria of eligibility for issue of tender documents:

    Enlisted in BSNL in appropriate category.

    1. Tender will be issued to eligible contractor as production of documentary proof of satisfying

    eligibility conditions and valid ITCC/CA Certificate.

    2. Agreement shall be drawn with the successful tenderer on prescribed Form No. CPWD 7/8 which is

    available as a Govt. of India Publication. Tenderer shall quote his rates as per various terms and conditions of the said

    form which will from part of the agreement. th3. The time allowed for carrying out the work will be one month from the 10 day after the date of written

    orders to commence the work or from the first day of handing over of the site, whichever is later, in accordance with

    phrasing, if any, indicated in the tender documents.

    4. The site for the work is available.


     The site for the work shall be made available in parts as specified below :-

     ______________ ---N/A ----________________________

5. Receipt of applications for issue of forms will be stopped by 1600 Hrs. Two days before the date fixed for

    opening of tenders i.e. on 08-11-2005. Issue of tender forms will be stopped Two days before the date fixed for

    opening of tenders i.e. on 10-11 - 2005.

    Tender documents consisting of plans, specifications, the schedule of quantities of the various classes of work

    to be done and the set of terms & conditions of contract to be complied with by the contractor whose tender may be

    accepted and other necessary documents can be seen in the office of the Sub-Divisional Engineer (Elect.) Chhatarpur.

    Between hours of 11.00 A.M. & 04.00 P.M. everyday except on Sundays and Public Holidays.

    Tender documents, excluding standard form, will be issued from this office, during the hours specified

    above, on payment of Rs. 164/- in DD in favour of Accounts Officer BSNL Electrical Division Jabalpur.

    Alternatively the tender documents can be seen and are available for download from the Website The tenderers quoting on downloaded form shall have to submit DD towards tender fee and

    other documents and shall additionally follow the procedure given in para 8.3.

6. The tenderer must produce a latest chartered accountants showing details of Income Tax returns duly filed

    and no dues are outstanding towards Income Tax certificate amended from time to time before tender papers can be

    sold to him.

7. Tenders, which should always be placed in sealed cover, with the name of the work and due date written on

    the envelopes will be received by the Sub-Divisional Engineer (Elect.) Chhatarpur .upto 3.00 P.M. on 10/11 / 2005 and

    will be opened by him or his authorized representative in his office on the same day at 03.30 pm.


    8.1.1 The tenders shall be accompanied by earnest money (unless exempted) as per NIT condition, by Depositing at Call

    receipt of a Scheduled Bank/Fixed Deposit Receipt of a Scheduled Bank/Demand Draft of a Scheduled Bank issued

    in favour of Accounts Officer BSNL Electrical Division Jabalpur. The Fixed Deposit Receipt shall be accepted only

    if it is valid for six months or more after the last date of receipt of tender and is pledged in favour of Accounts

    Officer BSNL Electrical Division Jabalpur. A contractor exempted from depositing earnest money in individual

    cases, shall enclose with the tender an attested copy of the letter exempting him from depositing earnest money, in a

    manner described for earnest money in condition No. 8.2 below, and shall produce the original when called upon to

    do so.

    8.2 The tender and the earnest money shall be placed in separate sealed envelopes each marked “Tender” and “Earnest

    Money” respectively. In cases where earnest money in cash is acceptable, the same shall be deposited with the

    Accounts Officer BSNL Electrical Division Jabalpur. and the receipt placed in the envelope meant for earnest

    money. The envelope marked “Tender” of only those tenderers shall be opened, whose envelope marked

    “Earnest Money” is annexed and earnest money placed in the envelope is found to be in order.

    8.3 For Tenderes quoting on downloaded Form: The tenderers quoting on downloaded form shall additionally submit

    tender fee in the form of DD and necessary documents required to verify eligibility condition and shall follow the

    following procedure:

    i. Tender and necessary documents towards eligibility, ITCC/CA Certificate, DD towards tender fee/EMD,

    any other document shall be placed in two separate sealed envelopes marked as “Tender” and “Tender Fee,

    EMD and Eligibility Documents” respectively.

    ii The envelope marked “Tender” of only those tenderes shall be opened whose envelope marked

    “Tender fee, EMD and Eligibility Documents” is annexed and tender fee / EMD is found to be in

    order, firm is found to be eligible on the basis of documents submitted and other documents are

    found to be in order.

    Iii The tenderer shall not modify/correct the downloaded form and if it is found that the tenderer has

    modified/corrected the document after downloading, the tender of the tenderer shall be liable to be

    cancelled and/or EMD submitted with the tender shall be forefeited.

    9. The description of the work is as follows :- :

    1 S.I.T.C of 12 volt battery set for 32.5/40 KVA E/A set of T.E. Bldg.

    Prithvipur, Binwara, Orchha (Tikamgarh)

    2 Repairing/shifting of 32.5 KVA E/A set (trolley mounted) from trolley to T.E.

    Bldg. Lidhora ( Distt. Tikamgarh) ( SH:- Supplying & fixing AVR & Misc


    3 S.I.T.C of 12 volt battery set at T.E. Bldg Laundi (Chhatarpur)

    4 Shifting/repairing of 32.5 KVA E/A set (Trolley mounted) from Chhatarpur to

    T.E. Bldg. Rajnagar(CPU)

    Copies of other drawings and documents pertaining to the works will be open for inspection

    by the tenderers at the office of the above-mentioned officer.

    Tenderers are advised to inspect and examine the site and its surroundings and satisfy

    themselves before submitting their tenders as to the nature of the ground and sub-soil (so far as is

    practicable), the form and nature of the site, the means of access to the site, the accommodation they

    may require and in general shall themselves obtain all necessary information as to risks,

    contingencies and other circumstances which may influence or affect their tender. A tenderer shall

    be deemed to have full knowledge of the site whether he inspects it or not and no extra charges

    consequent on any misunderstanding or otherwise shall be allowed. The tenderer shall be

    responsible for arranging and maintaining at his own cost all materials, tools & plants, water,

    electricity access, facilities for workers and all other services required for executing the work unless

    other wise specifically provided for in the contract documents. Submission of a tender by a tenderer

    implies that he has read this notice and all other contract documents and has made himself aware of

    the scope and specifications of the work to be done and of conditions and rates at which stores, tools

    and plant, etc. will be issued to him by the Government and local conditions and other factors having

    a bearing on the execution of the work.

    10. The competent authority on behalf of the President of India does not bind himself to accept the lowest or

    any other tender and reserves to himself the authority to reject any or all the tenders received without the

    assignment of any reason. All tenders in which any of the prescribed condition is not fulfilled or any condition

    including that of conditional rebate is put forth by the tenderer shall be summarily rejected.

    The competent authority also reserves its right to allow to the Central Government public sector

    enterprises, joint venture with CPSE holding 51% equity or more, a purchase preference with reference to the

    lowest valid price bid where the quoted price is within 10% of such lowest price in a tender other things being

    equal in case of tenders/quotations whose date of receipt is upto 31.03.2004, subject to the estimated cost

    being of Rs. Five crores and above.

    The Public enterprises who avail benefits of the purchase preference should be subjected to adequate penalties for cost overruns etc.

    11. Canvassing whether directly or indirectly, in connection with tenders is strictly prohibited and the tenders

    submitted by the contractors who resort to canvassing will be liable to rejection.

    12. The competent authority on behalf of President of India reserves to himself the right of accepting the

    whole or any part of the tender and the tenderer shall be bound to perform the same at the rate quoted.

    13. The contractor shall not be permitted to tender for works in the Telecommunication / Postal Circle

    (responsible for award and execution of contracts) in which his near relative is posted as Divisional

    Accountant or as an officer in any capacity between the grades of Superintending Engineer (E) and Junior

    Telephone Officer (both inclusive). He shall also intimate the names of persons who are working with

    him in any capacity or are subsequently employed by him and who are near relatives to any gazetted

    officer in the Telecommunication / Postal in the Ministry of Communication. Any breach of this

    condition by the contractor would render him liable to be removed from the approved list of contractors of

    this Department.

    14. No. Engineer of gazetted rank or other Gazetted officer employed in Engineering or Administrative

    duties in an Engineering Department of the Government of India is allowed to work as a contractor for a

    period of two years after his retirement from Government services without the previous permission of the

    Government of India in writing. This contract is liable to be cancelled if either the contractor or any of his

    employees is found any time to be such a person who had not obtained the permission of the Government of

    India as aforesaid before submission of the tender or engagement in the contractors service.

    15. The tender for the works shall remain open for acceptance for a period of ninety days from the date of

    opening of tenders. If any tenderer withdraws his tender before the said period or makes any modifications

    in the terms and conditions of the tender which are not acceptable to the department, then the Government

    shall, without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit 50% of the said earnest money

    as aforesaid.

    16. This Notice Inviting Tender shall form a part of the contract document. The successful

    tenderer/contractor, on acceptance of his tender by the Accepting Authority, shall, within 15 days from the

    stipulated date of start of the work sign the contract consisting of:-

    a. The notice inviting tender, all the documents including additional conditions, specifications and

    drawings, if any, forming the tender as issued at the time of invitation of tender and acceptance

    thereof together with any correspondence leading thereto.

    b. Standard C.P.W.D. Form 7/8.

    17. For Composite Tenders

    17.1.1 The tenderer must associated with himself agencies of the appropriate class eligible to tender

    for the other components individually.

    17.1.2 It will be obligatory on the part of the tenderer to sign the tender documents for all the

    components. (The schedule of quantities, conditions and special conditions etc.)

    17.1.3 After the work is awarded, the contractor will have to enter into separate agreements for each

    component with the Officer concerned.

    17.2 The Executive Engineer In charge of the major component will call tenders for the composite work. The cost of

    tender document and Earnest Money will be fixed with respect to the combined estimated cost put to tender for the

    composite tender. Security Deposit will be worked out separately for each component corresponding to the

    estimated cost of the respective component of works. The Earnest Money will become part of the security deposit of

    the major component of work.

    17.3. On acceptance of the composite tender by the competent authority the letter of award will be issued by the Executive

    Engineer In charge of the major component on behalf of the President of India, making it clear in the letter of award

    that the contractor will have to execute separate agreements for different components of work with the concerned

    Officers of the respective discipline (Designation to be given).

     Sub-Divisional, Engineer (E)

    B.S.N.L. Electrical Sub.-Division,



    The firm shall read carefully the following conditions and shall quote accordingly confirming all the points in their offer.

    Firm should specifically note that if they do not enclose E.M.D. with their tender, their tender will not be opened at all.

TAXES AND DUTIES: The firm shall quote the rate each time on lump sum basis including all taxes; levies and octroi

    as well as W.C. tax applicable on the date of submitting this offer. Any statutory change by fresh order after opening

    of tender shall only be reimbursed as per actual on submission of proof in accordance with standing order No.258.

    No concessional form shall be issued.

    EXCISE DUTY: The firm shall furnish excise duty gate pass along with the equipment supply as a proof of excise duty

    payment made by them. Loading, unloading, transportation, insurance etc. shall all be included in their offer.

    All the materials will be under the charge of the contractor till it is completed and handed over. No materials will be

    removed from site without written permission of the engineer-in-charge.

    Firm shall confirm to carry out the work as per the N.I.T. conditions.

    PAYMENTS TERMS: No advance payments will be made. Stipulations like levy of interest if payment is not made in

    specified time is not acceptable to the department.

    Offer should be clear. Any ambiguous offer is liable for rejection by the department. Department’s decision in this regard

    shall be final and binding on the tenderer. Offer with condition will be summarily rejected.

     Sub-Divisional Engineer (E)

     BSNL Elect.Sub Division.





     (a) Security deposit at the rate of 10% in accordance with the terms of agreement will be deducted by the BSNL from

    progressive payments made

     to the firm for all the running works. However bank guarantee on scheduled banks is acceptable in lieu of security


    (b) The security deposit held with BSNL or bank guarantee in lieu of security deposit shall be released only after

    successful completion of final performance cum seasonal test or one year after successful completion of initial

    acceptance test in respect of individual works, whichever is later.

2. Compensation for Delay

In lieu of the prescribed percentages for compensation for delay stipulated under clause 2 of PWD-8, the following changes

    shall apply:

Compensation for delay will be limited to 1/2 % of work order value for every week of delay subject to a maximum of 5% of

    work order value for the location where the work may be delayed and the firm is found responsible for the same.

    Other provisions of clause 2 shall however remain unaltered.

3. Change in Specifications

    1. BSNL reserves the right to make changes in the specifications of the work if in its opinion the same is found

    necessary. However such alterations shall be made after mutual discussion and agreement between BSNL and the

    contractor. Any price implication in this regard shall be mutually discussed and agreed upon, in terms of clause 12 of


    2. Modifications or alterations by the contractor in the design / specifications of any equipment/material will not be

    permitted by BSNL as a matter of principle. However the same can be agreed by BSNL under the exceptional

    circumstances where

    a) The same is necessitated due to non-availability of material/component of certain specification or make


    b) Such alterations constitute an improvement in the opinion of the contractor and BSNL.

    3. Prior written approval of BSNL is necessary before undertaking any alteration/modification in the specifications of the


4.Packing, Forwarding & Storage at site

    Before dispatch to site, the equipment / component / materials shall be properly packed so as to afford

    protection against transit damages and damages against storage in open areas either at transporter's premises or at

    work site. Special care shall be taken in respect of sensitive items like heat transfer surface of cooling coils, air-

    cooled condenser etc. When storage in open area is inevitable proper waterproof covering shall be provided to

    protect damages on account of rainwater etc. However, damaged items shall be replaced as per the direction of


5.Bye-laws Indemnity against Liabilities

1. The contractor shall comply with all bye-laws and regulations of local and statutory authorities having jurisdiction over the

    works and shall be responsible for payment of all fee and other charges and giving/receiving all necessary notices and keep the Engineer-in-Charge informed about the notices issued and received.

2. The contractor shall indemnify BSNL against all claims in respect of patent rights, design, trade mark or name of other

    protected rights in respect of any plant, machine, work or materials used for or in connection with the works or temporary works and from and against all claims, demands, proceedings, costs, charges and expenses whatsoever in respect of or in relation thereon. The contractor shall defend all actions arising from such claims and shall himself pay all royalties.

3. License fees, damages, cost and charges of all and every sort that may be legally incurred in respect thereof shall be borne

    by the contractor.

4. All liabilities / penal recoveries on matters arising out of tax/excise/levies such as incorrect deductions, discrepancies in

    the filling up returns, revised assessments by the concerned authorities etc. shall be borne by the contractor.

It is contractor's liability to follow all safety procedures in accordance with relevant I.S. amended upto date during execution

    of work at site.


    1. The work shall be done as per current CPWD specifications for Electric works as amended from time to time and

    Indian Electricity Rules as amended up to date.

    2. A qualified supervisor shall supervise the work.

    3. The layout of the work will be given by the Engineer-in-charge or his duly authorized representative at site of


    4. All the materials not mentioned in the list of approved makes shall be got approved from engineer-in-charge

    before bringing them to site.

    5. After completion of work, the contractor will have to submit the completion plan in triplicate. 6. INSPECTION OF SITE:

    For the purpose of inspection of site and relevant documents the contractor is required to contact E.E. (Elect)

    concerned and shall give reasonable facilities for inspection of the same. The contractor shall inspect and examine

    the site and its surroundings and shall satisfy himself, before commencement of work, to the form and nature of

    the site, the nature of work, and the quantities of materials necessary for completion of the work, the means of

    access to the site etc. and in general shall obtain all necessary information’s as to risks, contingencies and other

    circumstances which may influence or affect his work. No extra charges consequent on any misunderstanding or

    otherwise will be allowed.


    The contractor shall be deemed to have satisfied himself before entering into the contract as to the correctness and

    sufficiency of his offer for the work and of the rates and prices quoted in the schedule of works. These rates and

    prices shall except otherwise provided, cover all his obligations under the contract and all matters and things

    necessary for proper completion and maintenance of the works.


    The contractor has to get the layout and panel drawings (with dimension) along with the control panel wiring

    drawing approved before start of the work.


    The Department’s authorized representative shall have full powers to inspect (if it seems necessary in view of

    Engg-in-charge to do so), drawings of any portion of the work or examine materials and workmanship of the

    equipments at the contractor’s works or at any other place from where the material or equipment is obtained.

    Acceptance of any material or equipment shall in no way relieve the contractor of his responsibility for meeting

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