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(En el Mundo Hispanico EMC) Current events Teacher-generated materials Realidades III Chapter I Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework

    September October November December Essential Questions

    ? Who am I and how do I compare with others? ? What is the history of ? Who was Che Guevara? What was his mission ? Am I a competitive person?

    South America? What is and ideology? Why is he so controversial? ? How did I spend my summer vacation? ? What are my expectations when currently happening in that ? How do I enjoy the outdoors? participating in an athletic competition? ? What do I expect to achieve during my junior part of the world? year of high school? ? Am I familiar with some of the National parks in South America? ? Can I identify the countries in South America? What do I know about them? What is happening in that part of the world?


    Review grammar South American history Che Guevara Athletic competitions Introduce South American geography Outdoor activities

Materials/Text Alignment

    Realidades III .review chapter Realidades III:Si me permiten Realidades III Chapter I Realidades III Chapter I Teachergenerated materials hablar. Teacher generated materials Teacher generated materials Amsco workbook Three years. (En el Mundo Hispanico Motorcyle Diaries movie

    Hablemos el Mismo Idioma (Gloria Estefan) EMC) La United Fruit Company por Neruda

    Current events

    Teacher-generated materials

    ? Student Skills

    ? To describe themselves and their activities in ? To study and report on ? To understand the importance of Che Guevara ? To compare athletic events and

    the present, past and future. South American history in the Latino world. Was he a hero? Was he a competitions\

    and development in terrorist? ? To be able to use the preterite and imperfect ? To identify different kinds of Spanish. tenses correctly ? To tell about camping activities. competitions

    ? To learn about the impact ? To recall and demonstrate proficient usage of ? To discuss camping equipment and supplies. ? To identify goals and prizes indigenous population and regular and irregular verbs in the present, past ? To search on line and learn about the national ? To create an original competitive event the other ethnic groups and future. parks in South America. ? To identify sporting events in South have on the Latin ? To review basic grammar. ? To review weather America American culture. ? To identify and locate the countries in South ? To identify limited flora and fauna as it would ? To compare and contrast sports in North America ? To investigate the causes relate to camping. (ex. Bear, ant, lake, tree, America and South America. for political, economic and etc.) ? To understand some of the political and social ? To narrate a sequence of events in a social unrest in South issues of Latinos. competition. America. ? Tell about memorable events that had a ? To express emotions during a significant impact on me. competition.


? Project: A class quilt or mosaic: Students ? Jigsaw presentations on ? Poema about Che Guevara ? Essay on an athletic competition to

create a quilt square filled with interests and materials from En el include preparation, execution and ? Tests, quizzes on Motorcycle Diaries and Che. self-identification and include a written essay Mundo Hispanico outcome. ? Tests/quizzes on camping and outdoor that will outline personal history, description ? Tests/quizzes on Si me ? Test/quizzes on the athletic vocabulary. vocabulary of family and friends, interests, summer permiten hablar ? Original group Olympics. ? Original group dialogues on camping activities and hopes for the new school year. ? Quizzes, written and oral experiences in a national park in South ? Tests’quizzes on appropriate Class presentations of quilt squares. tests on South American America. grammatical structures: preterito, ? Dictations history. imperfecto, subjuntivo, etc. ? Original brochure on a national park in South ? Oral tests America. ? Oral tests ? Quizzes/tests to assess knowledge of present, ? Oral tests preterit, imperfect, future, conditional, progressive, perfect and subjunctive.

Mass. Foreign Languages Curriculum Frameworks

     January/February March? April May June

     Essential Questions

    ? How does art reflect life? ? Can I identify the ? How do literature and poetry reflect life? ? How do I deal with stress?

    Who are some of the famous performing Latin American ? How do I deal with conflict? Spanish and Latin American artists and their music, ? How do I relate with others? artists? theater and dance? ? How can I use what I learned this year to better communicate ? Can I identify the major art ? What is the history of salsa, and understand the culture of South America. styles? the current Latino music ? How does La historia oficial reflect the conflict that existed ? What is folk art? in Argentina?


    Art Music and dance Literature and poetry Cinema Folk Art Conflict resolution

     Materials/Text Alignment

    Realidades III chapter II Realidades III chapter II La Camisa de Margarita Realidades III chapters IV Art books and supplies La Bamba El Delantal Blanco Teacher generated materials Tour at Museum of Fine Arts. Teacher generated materials Neruda La historia official Art transparencies, slides, Cuando Era Puertorriquena reproductions, post cards Various South American songs The Language of Folk Art, Various steps of South American

    chapaters 1 and 6 dances. (dance videos)

     Student Skills

    ? To identify different styles ? To identify the performing ? To discuss the political and social context ? To use the present and past subjunctive to express desires,

    of art arts. and ramifications of a work of literature. hopes, feelings, judgments, etc. ? To compare and contrast art ? To write reviews of shows ? To narrate the plot of a story. ? To discuss and compare social relationships.

    works or concerts. ? To understand how the author or poet ? To discuss and recommend solutions to conflict situations.

    ? To describe art forms, ? To classify self-expression expresses his sentiments. ? To review the grammatical constructions learned this year materials, supplies ? To identify different forms ? To create an alternative ending and /or ? To discuss the plot and characters, and themes of the movie ? To identify works and styles of entertainment. stanza that reflects the student’s ? To understand the historical context of the movie of Latin American artists. perspective using “if” clauses. ? To formulate opinions about ? To express how you would react in a particular situation ? To use the past participle as the performing arts and the ? To discuss plot and characters using “if” clauses. an adjective to describe a artists. work of art. ? To identify some of the ? To be able to appreciate famous and popular works of art and what they musicians. Songs, dances represent when we go to the and dancers. Museum. ? To draw conclusions as to

    how art reflects life.

     ? To research a South American artist ? To understand the importance of the arpilleras

    in Chile and in Peru and the

    women who created them as

    a protest against oppression.


    ? Reflection on museum visit. ? Quizzes/tests on the ? Tests/quizzes on vocabulary and content. ? Tests/quizzes on vocabulary and content.

    vocabulary ? Write an essay about the life ? Dramatize a work of literature ? Dramatizations of conflict resolutions

    and style of artist. ? Performances of South ? Poetry slam ? Create a pamphlet on conflict resolution American songs and dances. ? Reproduce a painting of the ? Write alternative ending or stanza. ? Describe how you would have done if you were Alicia or any South American artist. ? Essays on genres of music of the other characters in the movie. ? Write summaries of readings. and//or dance and on ? Present their reproduction to ? Oral tests ? Oral tests favorite performers. the class. ? Oral tests ? Create an arpillera of a South American scene.

     ? Oral tests

Mass. Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework


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