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    七年级春季英语下unit1-unit3月测 21. A:You get up early.

    (时间;120分钟 分数;120) B:Thank you !

     A.sorry B.thanks C. Not at all D.yes 一、英汉互译,每小题1分,满分15分! 22 .He go to work around 8 o,clock.

     A.after B.only C.about D.then 1.Make friends ______________________ 2.下国际象棋

    ____________________ 23.I like English ,I think it is fun .

    3.Play the piano___________________ 4.起床 A.boring B. relaxing C.exciting D.interesting __________________________ 24.A:Can I help you ?

    5.get dressed______________________ 6.骑自行车__________________ B:Yes ,please,

    7.on weekends_______________________ 8.许多 A.What can I do for you ? B. I am sorry .C.Thank _________________________ you !D.I want to go.

    9.think of__________________________ 10.要么....25.The fifth month of the year is my favorite.It is ...__________________ my birthday.

    11.take a shower______________________ 12.......之间 A. August B. June C.Octomber D.May __________________ 三(单项选择.(每小题1,满分20)

    13.take the train _________________ 14.说英语26.They help me ____Japanese. _______________________ B.with C.on

    , homework___________________ 16.散步27.Bill can play ____violin but he cant play chess. __________________________ A.the / B.the ,the C./,the D.a,/ 二(词语释义,选出与划线部分意义最接近的解释。,每小题1分,满分10) 28._______ do you want to join? 16.He is good at English. The music club. well in with C.does well in D.not good A. What club B. When C. What D .where 17.I love english .what about you ? 29.We usually eat _______________ lunch at 12:30. to about C.what at D.what with A. my B. the C. X

    18.What is your favorite club? 30.Mike often ________________ a shower in the morning.

     A.famous ....better A. makes B. have C. takes

    19.She eats lots of vegetables. 31.---How do you get to school?

     A.much B.many C.half D.a ---_____ bike or ____ foot? 20. I take the bus go to shool. A. by, by B. on, on C. by, on D. on, by

     A. By bike B. By train bus D.take bus 32.---_________ does it take her to get to school?



     ---It takes her around ________ minutes A. write B. say C. Spell D.Speak

     A. How far,twentyfive B.How long , twentyfive 44.The food ____good.

     C.How far, twenty five D. How long,twenty five A..looks B.sounds C.tastes D.gets 33. ---________ is it from your home to school? 45. ---How long does it take?

     ---Three kilometers ---It takes ____________.

    A. How far B. How much C. How D. How long A.alf an hour B.a hour C.two hour D.half a

    34.---Why do you want to ______ the English club? hour

     ---Because Mr Li in the club is good ______ us. 四、完形填空,10分!

     A. have; with B. join; with Ann is a middle school student. She has a sister 46 a brother.

     C. join; at D.join ,in They are Helen and Paul. Ann and Helen can 47 . Ann can sing 35. My brother doesnt like playing basketball _______ watching TV. well, but Helen 49 . Helen doesn’t like and play 48

     A. and B. but C. or playing the instruments. She 50 chess, but she doesn’t play chess 36.Can you speak Chinese, Tom? 51 Ann. Ann can’t play chess. Helen often plays with Paul,

     Yes, but only ______. because Paul plays 52 very well. Paul can 53 play basketball

     A.lots of B. many C. a little D.much well. And he is 54 the school basketball club. He often 55 37.Thanks for _________________ me. other students with basket.

     A. helping B. to help C. help 46. A. or B. but C. and

     38. He __________________ his homework ____________ Sundays. 47. A. speak B. show C. dance

     A. doesn’t, on B. don’t do, in C. doesn’t do, on 48. A. the guitar B. guitars C. guitar

     39. I often go to work ________. 49. A. can B. cant C. dont

     A. ride my bike B. by bike C. by a bike D. on bike 50. A. has B. does C. likes

     40.How ______ is it _______ your school to the Children’s Palace? 51. A. with B. for C. on

     A. long, to B. for, to C. long, from D. far, from 52. A. basketball B. chess C. games

     41.---______ do you usually go to bed? 53. A. also B. too C. only

     ---At six. 54. A. of B. to C. in

     A. What time B.How time C.When D.A and C 55. A. plays B. joins C. helps 42.Rick often does ______ homework at 6:00. 五(阅读理解,30分!

     A.her B.his D.your A 43. ---Please ________________ the word. People travel to work in different ways. Some people go to work

     ---S-C-H-O-O-L, school. on foot because they live near their work places. Some people go to



    work by bike because they live farther away, or they like riding bikes. They think it's C. playing on computers

    good for their health. Today more people have private (私人的) cars, so they can go to 64. For breakfast, they like _____.

    work in their cars. In the south of China, many people even go to work by boat because A. eggs, bread and milk

    water is around their houses. Will people go to work by plane? I think so, if necessary,如 B. vegetables and fruit

    果必要的话!. C. chicken and fish

    根据短文内容, 判断下列句子正(T)、误(T) 65. They dont like _____ or _____.

    56. All people like to go work by bike. A. ice cream; vegetables

    57. Some people think it's good to go to work by bike. B. ice cream; dessert

    58. Today more people drive to work. C. hamburgers; dessert

    59. In the north of China, many people go to work by boat. C

    . The writer thinks some people will go to work by plane if necessary. Mike works very long hours every day. He usually gets up at 17:00. 60

     He has a shower and makes his breakfast. What a funny time to make

     B breakfast! After breakfast he practices his guitar, then he puts on his Tony and Anna are brother and sister. They are Americans. Tony likes sports very much. jacket and goes to work. To get to work, he takes the number17 bus He can play soccer, basketball and volleyball. Anna likes music(音乐) very much. She to the Star Hotel. The bus usually leaves at 19:15. He works all night. cant play ball games. But they both(两者都) like playing on computers. People love to listen to him! He gets home at 7:00, and he watches They like eggs, bread and milk for breakfast. For lunch, Anna likes eating vegetables and the early morning news on TV. He goes to bed at 8:30, a tired but fruit, but Tony likes chicken and fish(). They both like hamburgers. But they dont like happy man. Can you think what his job is?

    ice cream or dessert. ( )66. How long does Mike work?

    根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。 A. 7 hours B. 8 hours C. about 9 hours D. all night

     61. Anna is Tonys _____ and they are _____. ( )67. He ____________ and makes his breakfast.

     A. sister; Chinese A. gets up B. takes a shower C. works D. washes his

     B. sister; Americans face

     C. friend; Americans ( )68. What does Mike do after breakfast?

     62. Tony likes ______ and he can play ______. A. He goes to work. B. He puts on his clothes.

     A. sports; tennis C. He practices his guitar, then puts on his jacket and goes to

     B. music; basketball work.

     C. sports; volleyball D. He practices his guitar.

     63 .Tony and Anna both like _____. ( )69. Maybe he is ________________________.

     A. vegetables B. soccer A. a worker B. a singer



     C. a writer D. a teacher

    ( )70. How does he go to work?

    起床 540 午饭 1200 A. By car B. By bikes

     C. On foot D. By bus

    早饭 630 做作业 700 六(用所给词的适当形式填空,10分!

    71.Can you help kids with _______ (dance)

    上学 730 看电视 900 72.They want _____ (join) the basketball club.

     73.Can you ________(sing)?

     74.What time ______ he usually ______(go) to bed? 上课 800 上床睡觉 1000

     75. Scott______ (work) very long hours.

     76. The food in the boxes _______(be) very delicious.

     77. His parents usually_______ (get) up at five. 提示词;get up, have breakfast, go to shool , have

     78. What about _______(listen) to the music. class , eat lunch , do homework , go to bed .......

     79. Tom isn't good at _______(speak) Japanese.

     80.His sister ________(want, join) the music club. My day

    七(句型转化,10分! 81. I want to join the music club. (对画线部分提问)

     ________ ________ do you want to join?

    82.He takes a shower at 8:00.(划线部分提问)

     __________________________________________ 83. Bill can play the drums. (改为否定句)

     Bill ________ ________ the drums. 84. She goes to work by car.(就划线部分提问)

     _____ _____she __________ to work? 85. I take the subway to the factory.,改为同义句!

     I get to the factory______ ______



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