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II (A), List of key Design Drawings. II (B), List of part Drawings. G/0-101-46, i), IS:1628-1971, Axle Oil should evaporate under ambient condition (27 + 1 o C and RH 65 %)within 10 minutes of application.

    (For official use)







    JANUARY 1986





    LUCKNOW 226 011

     PRICE Rs. 1,650.00

    C O N T E N T S

    Clause Description

    1 Scope

    2 Definitions

    3 Leading Particulars

    4 Particular Requirements

    5 Testing of Underframe

    6 Inspection

    7 Painting and marking

    8 Guarantee

    9 Standard Specification

    10 Drawings

    11 ‘As made’ Drawings


    List of IRS, BS, IS and DGS&D Specifications superseded by ISI I

    Specifications and corrigendum slips to IRS Specifications.

    List of key Design Drawings. II (A)

    List of part Drawings. II (B)

    Method of determining tare weight of wagons. III

    Tentative Specification for adhesive for joining hose pipes to swan IV


    NO. WD U/FRAME 86 CS 2




    1. SCOPE

    1.1 This specification covers the particular requirements of manufacture and supply

    of underframe complete in all respects for Broad Gauge Bogie Phosphoric Acid

    Tank wagons strictly to Drg. No. WD 84064 S 01 alt.1 and other relevant

    drawings as provided hereafter in this particular specification. These underframes

    shall confirm to the requirements of this specification No. R659. (Read with all

    corrigendum slips.).

    1.2 Contractor will be responsible for the safe delivery of completed underframe at

    the premises of barrel manufacturer. He should take such special precautions so as

    to ensure that underframe do not develop any permanent set during transit.

    1.3 Key design drawings and IRS Standard Components used are indicated in list A

    and B respectively of Annexure II. The Contractor shall prepare his own

    working drawings based on the aforesaid key design drawings and submit them to

    the ’Engineers’ for approval before undertaking construction.

    1.4 The Contractor shall ensure that the working drawings submitted for the approval

    of the Engineers are fully in accordance with the key design drawings and

    deviation, if any, are specifically pointed out. Approval of the ’Engineers’ will

    only pertain to the general design features, important controlling dimensions and

    the deviations from the key design drawings specifically pointed out by the

    Contractor. Engineers will not check correctness of the details in the drawings and

    the responsibility for the same will be that of the Contractor.


    2.1 PURCHASER’ means the party placing the contract. 1.0 ‘Engineers’ means Research, Designs & Standards Organisation, Ministry of

    Railways, Manak Nagar, Lucknow 226 011.

2.3 ‘Inspection Officer’ means the officer and his deputies, nominated by or on behalf of the

    Director General, RDSO, Manak Nagar, Lucknow 226 011 to inspect the work on his


    2.4 ‘Contractor’ means the person, firm or company on whom the order for manufacture

    and supply of the underframe is placed and shall be deemed to include the Contractor’s

    successors (approved by the Purchaser), representatives, heirs, executors and

    administrators, as the case may be, unless excluded by the terms of the Contract.

    2.5 ‘Sub–Contractor’ means the person, firms or company from whom the Contractor may

    obtain any material or fittings to be used in the manufacture of the above said



    3.1 Gauge 1,676 mm (5’6“)

    3.2 Length over headstocks 12,000 mm

    3.3 Bogie Centres 8,000 mm

    3.4 Length over coupling faces 12,929 mm

    3.5 Maximum Axle Load 20.32 tonnes


    4.1 Underframe

    4.1.1 The general arrangement of the underframe shall be to Drg. no. WD-84064-S03.

    4.1.2 Cradle shall be fabricated as per Drg. No.. WD-84064-S09. But holes for the bolts

    meant for barrel mounting shall be left un-drilled.

    4.1.3 The rivets shall be of steel to specification No. IS: 1148 and shall conform to the

    specification No. IS: 1929 or IS : 2155 as the case may be.

    4.2 Draft and Buffing Gear.

    4.2.1 The wagon shall be equipped with automatic centre buffer coupler of knuckle type

    (Nontransition) with draft gear as shown in drg. No. WD84064S15 and as per

    RDSO specification No. SL-BD-80 (with latest amendments).

    4.2.2 Coupler operating mechanism shall be positioned as shown in drg. No. WD84064S


    4.3 Air brake:

    4.3.1 The wagon shall be equipped with twin pipe graduated release air brake equipment

    generally in accordance with RDSO’s specification No. WD-02-ABR-84. The layout of

    the complete air equipment shall conform to RDSO’s drg. No. WD–84064S13

    incorporating automatic load sensing device for empty load change over. The

    Contractor shall have to submit layout for fitment of his proposed Automatic Load

    Sensing device, approved by his Principal, to UIC fabricated bogie (Box wagon bogie)

    running over Indian Railways. Special consideration will be given to the Contractor who

    will submit a layout involving minor / no modification to the existing UIC bogie. Such

    layout will however require RDSO’s approval.

4.3.2 The pipes and joints consisting of brake pipe, feed pipe, branch pipe and pipe joints shall

    be as specified in specification No. WD-04-ABR-84.

    4.3.3 The complete air brake equipment including the pipe and joints shall be fitted with

    pattern underframe as per RDSO’s layout drg. No. WD – 84064 S 13 and offered to

    the Inspecting Officer for approval. The contractor shall carry out any modification in

    the layout of the air brake equipment if found necessary by the Inspecting Officer.

    4.3.4 The Contractor shall proceed with the bulk production of the pipes and joints only after

    the final approval of the layout of complete air brake equipment is fitted on the

    underframe correctly as per dimensions shown in the layout drawing. Special care must

    be taken with regard to the clamping arrangement of the pipes to the underframe.

    4.4 Brake Gear:

    The wagon shall be equipped with the underframe brake gear in accordance with the

    arrangement shown in drg. No. WD 84064 S 11 incorporating auxiliary equipments

    such as slack adjuster and automatic load sensing device meant for UIC type fabricated

    bogie. The Contractor shall also ensure correct functioning of the brake gear components

    in conjunction with air brake equipment.

    4.5 Bogie:

    4.5.1 For Bogie refer specification No. WD-01-UIC/Bogie-84.

    4.6 Welding:

    4.6.1 General requirements and comprehensive guidance with regards to fit-up for welding,

    welding procedure and inspection of welded joints are contained Technical pamphlet No.

    G 37, which can be had from DG / RDSO, Lucknow 226 011. 4.6.2 Whenever welding is specified or adopted in the manufacture of the U/frame or in the

    fabrication of such assemblies and components the manufacture shall submit his

    proposed welding procedure and sequence to the Inspecting Officer for approval. This,

    however, will not in any way, reduce the Contractors’ responsibility for satisfactory

    execution of the Contract in all respects as stipulated in cause 4 of IRS Specn. No. A 5

    (Referred in IRS Specn. No. R 6 59, Clause 4).


    1.1 Before proceeding with regular production of the underframe, a pattern

    underframe shall be manufactured and offered for inspection. The underframe

    shall be inspected / tested in accordance with clause 26 of IRS Specn. No. R 6

    59. Load test of the pattern underframe shall however, be done as per drg. No.

    WD 84064 S 19. Any modification, that may be called for as a result of

    these tests, will have to be incorporated free of cost by the underframe

    manufacturer in the bulk production.

    1.2 The test of Air brake system fitted to the pattern underframe shall be carried out

    as the procedure to be issued Engineers at a later stage.


    The inspection of underframe complete with bogie and other components is to be

    carried out by RDSO Wagon Inspection Directorate. The underframe

    manufacturer will provide all the facilities to the Inspecting Officer as is at

    present being given to them for the inspection of Railway Rolling Stock.


    The underframe shall be painted in accordance with the clause 28 (a) of IRS Specn. No.

    R 6 59. The underframe shall however, be cleaned and coated with priming paints only

    by the manufacturer and finishing paint shall be done by the Barrel manufacturer. The

    underframe shall be numbered serially as 1, 2, 3 and so on by the underframe

    manufacturer as a despatch reference to the barrel manufacturer. The marking shall be in

    accordance with the Clause 25 of IRS Specn. No. R 6 59 (read with corrigendum No.5).

    All other marking shall be as indicated in drg. No. WD 84064 S 18. However the

    barrel manufacturer shall do these markings.


     The underframe shall be guaranteed against defects of materials and fabrication for a

    period of 24 months from the date of despatch or for a period of 18 months from the date

    of putting them in service.


    Those IRS, BS and DGS&D specifications, called for in clause 6 (g) of IRS

    specifications R 6 59 which have been superseded by IS specifications & corrigendum

    slips issued to the IRS specifications are Listed in Annexure I. All materials required by

    the manufacturer of the underframe shall conform to the latest issue of relevant

    specification, adopted by RDSO, unless otherwise specified therein.

    10 DRAWINGS:

    10.1 The relevant drawings are Listed in Annexure II. List A indicates key design

    drawings and List B indicates standard component drawings.

    10.2 The alternation number indicated against each drawing in Particular Specification,

    are however, subject to advancement in the course of manufacture of these

    underframes and the Contractor shall comply with these amendments in

    manufacturing components. Copies of such amended drawings will be supplied to

    the Contractor free of cost. The drawings Listed in Annexure II (List A & List B)

    are complete in all respects and any detailing necessary will be done by the



    11.1 The Contractor shall supply a complete set of ‘AS MADE’ Polyester Film

    Tracing (50 Micron Thick Matte) of complete set of drawings followed in the

    manufacture of the underframe alongwith an index and diagram to the Purchaser

    and Engineers for their record. The diagram shall indicate the leading particulars,

    overall dimension and salient feature of the wagon. These tracings shall conform

    to the requirements as detailed in Clause 32 IRS Specification no. R6 59. The

    Contractor shall incorporate in the above set of tracings, any deviations,

    modifications and relaxations granted in the course of manufacture of wagons, as

    called for in Clause 31 IRS Specification no. R6 59.

11.2 The ‘AS MADE’ drawings detailed above shall contain full details of each

    components / sub assembly / assembly inclusive of the material specification,

    actual average weight and reference drawings. The general order of the drawings,

    title block etc. shall be strictly as indicated in drawing No. SK 67521, with space

    for IRS Drg. No. left blank. The size of the sheet shall be A1 (841 mm x 594 mm)

    and the code of practice for drawing shall conform to IS Specification No. 696.

    The hard wood strips for binding the tracing shall conform to drawing No. 67520,

    alongwith 6mm size brass set screw for binding strips drawing No.67522.


    The following IRS, IS, DGS&D Specifications called for in Clause 6 (g) of IRS

    Specifications. IRS Specification no. R6 59 (upto corrigendum slip no. 7) have been

    superseded by corresponding Specification corrigendum shown against each of them and

    therefore the latter shall be followed wherever applicable.

    IRS/ IS Specn. IS Specification


    H3 - 53 i For non calibrated (Electric butt welded)chain

    Grade 30 IS : 2429 70 (Part I)

    Grade 40 IS : 3109 82 (Part I)

    Grade 63 IS : 6217 82

    Grade 80 IS : 6215 82

    ii For calibrated (Electric butt welded) chain.

    Grade 30 IS : 2429 70 (Part II)

    Grade 40 IS : 3109 82 (Part II)

    Grade 63 IS : 6296 71

    Grade 80 IS : 6216 82

    H5 - 51 i IS: 1929 1982 Rivets for general purpose (12 to 48 mm

    diameter with amendment Nos. 1, 2 & 3).

    ii IS: 2155 82 Rivets for general purpose (below 12 mm

    diameter) (Amendment 1 & 2).

    H6 - 59 i IS: 23931980 Cylindrical & Tapper pins (Amendment No.1).

    ii IS: 6688 81 Tapper pins

    iii IS: 6689 72 Cylindrical pins (Hardened). H7 - 51 i IS: 2638 74 Flat Split Cotter.

    H19 - 59 i IS: 1364 1967 & IS: 1364 83 (Pt. II) Precision and semi

    precision hexagon bolts, screws, nuts and look nuts (dia, range

    M 3 to M 36) Amendment No.1

    ii IS: 2016 1967 Plain washer (with Amendment No.1 to 3 ).

    iii IS: 2232 1967 Slotted and castle nuts (with Amendment

    No.1 to 3).

    M2 - 65 IS: 1030 82 Carbon steel Casting for general Engg. Purpose. M 3 49 i IS: 1875 78 Carbon steel Billets, blooms, slabs and bars for

    forgings (with Amendment No.1 to 3).

    ii IS: 2004 1978 Carbon steel forgings for general Engg.


    M4 - 65 i IS: 1875 1978 (Forging Quality)adopted type C 45 to IS:

    7283 74 (steel black bars for Production of machine parts

    Non forging Quality adopted (Amendment No.1) M8 - 61 i IS: 1148 1982 Hot rolled steel viet bars (upto 40 mm

    diameters) for structural purposes.

    M9 i IS: 7283 74 Carbon steel Black bars for production of

    machined parts for general Engg. Purpose. (with Amendment


    M10 71 i IS: 3885 Steel for the manufacture of laminated springs

    and (Railway Rolling Stock).

    M11 - 71 i Part I 1977 flat section (with Amendment No.1 & 2)

    ii Part II 1982 Rio and groove sections

    iii IS: 7377 1974 Intensity of shot peening of helical &

    laminated springs (Railway Rolling Stock). M16 - 49 i IS: 1079 73 Hot rolled carbon steel and springs (with

    Amendment No.1)

    M23 - 38 i IS: 961 1975 Structural steel (high tensile) (Amendment

    No.1 to 4)

    M2462 i IS: 3195 82 steel for the manufacture of volute and helical

    and M25 - 62 springs (Railway Rolling Stock).

    M27 - 54 i IS: 1149 1982 High steel rivet for structural purposes. M30 - 61 i IS: 3747 1982 steel flanging & pressing quality. N2 - 62 i IS: 319 1974 Free cutting brass bars rods and sections.

    ii IS: 320 1980 high tensile brass bars rod and sections (other

    than forging stock).

    N6 49 rods for i IS:1458 1965 Railway Bronze ingots and casting (with

    Amendment No.1 to 4)

    N10 54 i IS: 25 1979 Antifriction bearing alloys adopted. N18 48 i) IS:292-1983 leaded Brass Ingots and casting. IS: 84-50 i) IS:1745-1978 (Second Revision) Petroleum hydro carbon


    IS:127-62 i) IS:167-1950 Ready mixed paint, thick white for lettering (with

    amendment Nos. 1 to 3).

IS:226, Gr.’A’i i) IS:226-75 Structural steel (Standard Quality) (with amendment

    Nos.1 to 3)

    IS:226-Gr.’ASW’ i) IS:2062-1969 Structural Steel (Fusion Welding Quality) (with

    amendment Nos. 1 to 4).

    G/0-307-244 i) IS: 340-1978, Varnish, Mixing

    G/0-101-46 i) IS:1628-1971, Axle Oil

    B.S.84 IS:4218-ISO Matric Screw Threads

    i) Part-I-1976, Basic and Design Profiles (with amendment No.1)

    ii) Part-II-1976, Diameter Pitch Combinations (with amendment


    iii) Part-III-1976, Basic Dimensions for Design Profiles.

    iv) Part-IV-1976, Tolerancing System (with amendment No.1)

    v) Part-V-1979, Tolerances.

    vi) Part-IV-1978, Limits of sizes for commercial bolts and nits

    (diameter Range 1 to 52mm)

    BS:309 i) IS:2107-1977, White Heart Malleable Iron Castings. BS:310 i) IS:2108-1977, Black Heart Malleable Iron Castings BS:916 i) IS:1363-1967, Black Hexagon Bolts Nut and lock nuts (Dia 6

    to 39 mm) and Black Hexagon (Dia 6 to 24 mm) (with

    amendment No.1)

    BS:1916 (Part-I) i) IS:919-77, Recommendations for limits and fits for Engg.

    ii) IS:2101-62, Recommendation for limits and fits for sizes

    above 500 mm upto 3150 mm (Amendment Nos 1 and 2). BS:2799 i) IS: 1865-1974, Iron Castings with Spheroidal and Modular


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