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    Lesson 1

    This lesson will cover the LET‟S SING section.

    Language focus:

    Vocabulary: father, mother, brother, sister, baby (receptive)

     Finger (receptive)

    Expressions: Where are you? Here I am. (Receptive) Objectives:

    At the end of this lesson, hopefully pupils will be able to: ; Enjoy and become familiar with the song

    ; Understand the meaning when others talk about family members ; Show and point out family members from pictures

    ; Develop affection for family and family members

    Materials needed:

    Head mask of Amy, finger puppets and pictures of “father, mother, brother, sister and baby”, tape and recorder


    Activity 1: Finger puppets

    1\ Teacher wears a head mask of Amy and say “hello” to the children, and encourage them to guess who else is coming to their class. 2\ Introduce the finger puppet --- mother finger, father finger, brother finger, sister finger, baby finger.

Activity 2: TPR GAME

    1\ Ask the children to stick the sticker of family members on the stickers‟ page on their corresponding fingers, then ask them to count the fingers. 2\ Call the names of the fingers and the pupils show their fingers quickly. 3\ Ask the children to stand up and play the game; the one who responses wrong has to sit down.

    4\ Invite one or two children to the front to give instructions. Activity 3: LET’S SING

    1\ Introduce the song.

    2\ Listen to the song and do the action with the pupils.

    3\ Sing the song after the tape.

    Activity 4\ 5: Read and stick, Enjoy your English (Activity Book, page4, 5)

    1\ Read and sticks the families of Teddy Bear

    2\Tell the story of Teddy Bear.

    Activity 6: End the class

    1\ Ask the pupils to show the finger family and recall them. 2\ Sing the song.

    Blackboard design:

    Let‟s sing

    Lesson 2

    This lesson will cover the LET’S PLAY and the LET’S TRY section.

    Language focus:

    Vocabulary: grandpa, grandma, father, mother (productive)

     Sammy, Tommy, Floppy (receptive)

    Expressions: Who‟s this? Amy‟s mother. \ Grandpa. (Productive)


    At the end of this lesson, hopefully pupils will be able to: ; Know the expressions to identify family members ; Use these expressions to talk about family members from pictures or in

    real situations

    ; Develop some cultural awareness about the family in different countries

    Materials needed :

    Tape ,recorder , envelope ,pictures of Amy‟s family


    Activity 1: Let’s sing .

    Sing the song “Finger Family” with the actions .

    Activity 2: Let’s play

1\ Show a picture of Amy‟s family .Point to the members one by one ,and ask

    the children to guess” Who‟s this ?”.Give the children prompts by saying “Amy‟s …”

    2\Practice in pairs .(text book P4)

    Activity 3: Let’s take photos!

    1\ Take out diferent kinds of clothing for men ,women,boys,girls and babies,glasses and moustache etc .

    2\ Ask one child to dress up to pretend to be one memer of Amy‟s family .

    3\ The child asks the whole class “Who‟s this ?”

    Activity 4: Let’s try and Look and say(Activity book ,P1)

    1\Show some pictures of your friends ,some are foreigners to the children ,and ask them to guess the members in the photos ,using “Who‟s this ?”

    2\ Talk the pictures on P5 in pairs .

    Activity 5:End the class .

    1\ Elicit from the children what they have learnt today . 2\ Ask the children to sing the song to their parents .

    Lesson 3

    This lesson will cover the LET‟S CHANT section .

    Language focus:

Vocabulary : father , mother ,brother ,sister ,baby ,tall ,short ,big ,small



    At the end of this lesson ,hopefully pupils will be able to : ; Listen and enjoy the chant .

    ; Understand the meaning of the chant and chant with actions . Materials needed:

    Tape ,recorder ,crayons


    Activity 1: AN action game .

    1\ Talk the pictures of their family in pairs .

    2\ Pick up some photos and apprciate them ,Give commentsny using exaggerated voice like :” Oh, he‟s tall\ short \big \ small .”and make

    exaggerated actions at the same time .

    3\ Say the words slowly and do the actions together with the children . 4\ Invite some children to give instructions as a “little teacher”

    Activity 2: Let’s chant

    1\ Say a chant to show their pride and love of their family . 2\ Write the chant .

    3\ Listen to the chant and do the actions .

    4\ Encourage the children to chant together .

    Activity 3: Piggy’s family

1\ Underline the new words in the chant .

    2\ Read the words in PIGGY BANK .

    3\ Activity book P2 Ex2

    4\ Listen to the tape and colour the pictures .

    Activity 4: Snap cards

    Activity 5: End the class

    1\ Elicit from the children what they have learnt ,and say the chant again .

    2\ Ask the children to listen to the tape and say the chant to their parents .

Lesson 4

    This lesson will cover the STORY TIME section .

    Language focus :

    Vocabulary: grandpa ,grandma ,daddy ,mummy, (produtive )

     Carrots (receptive)

    Expressions: One for grandpa , one for me . It‟s unfair .

     You „re a good girl .(receptive)


    At the end of this lesson ,hopefully pupils will be able to : ; Enjoy and understand the story

    ; Dramatize the story

    ; Develop the good habit of helping with the housework and doing things


    Materials needed :

    Pictures or realia of the story ,tape ,recorder ,carrots


    Activity 1:Let’s chant

    1\ Identify the children into four groups as “tall\ short \big\small group”


    2\ Call out names of the groups one by one , and ask them to do the corresponding actions to check their understanding .

    3\ Listen to the chant and say after it . Each group does the corresponding actions .

    4\ Swap identifies so that all the children have chances to say other words . Activity 2: Story: dinner time

    1\ Talk with the children about their routines of having meals at home and who serves etc .

    2\ Tell the children that they‟re going to hear a story about Amy‟s family . Amy‟s going to serve a dinner .Ask the children to guess how Amy will serve

    then show them the pictures .

    3\ Begin to tell the story ,using realia or pictures to support the children‟s understanding . Ask the children what will happen in the fourth picture when Sammy and Tommy come into the kitchen .

    4\ Tell the story again ,and encourage the children to curmur and do actions

together with Amy ,like “One for … , one for me .”etc.

    5\ Children try to tell the story with the help of teacher and realia . 6\ Group the children and give them time to dramatize the story ,and if time is sufficient ,ask one or two groups to act out .

    Activity 3:Listen and write.(Activity Book , Ex3)

    Activity 4:End the lesson

    Ask the children to listen to the story again and try to retell the story to their parents .

    Lesson 5

    This lesson will cover the AMY‟S GARDEN and LET‟S MAKE section .

    Objetives :

    At the end of this lesson ,hopefully pupils will be able to : ; Know what a family tree is

    ; Know how to make a family tree

    ; Know how to talk about family members in real situations ; Know how well they have done in UNIT ONE

    Language focus :

    Words : grandpa ,grandma ,father,

    mother,brother ,sister,baby ,tall ,short ,big ,small (productive)

    Family ,family tree (receptive)

Expessions : Who‟s this ? My mother (productive)

    Materials needed :

    FLASH CARDS OF WORDS learnt in unit one and some learnt last term ,blank pieces of paper ,crayons ,scissors ,tape or glue


    Activity 1: THE odd one out

    1\ put the flash cards on the blackboard .

    2\ read the words .

    3\ Ask the children to find out the new words .

    4\ Open the book ,and read the words in AMY‟S GARDEN

    Activity 2: Family tree

    1\ Show your family tree .

    2\ Taik about your family tree and make a model .

    3\ Ask the childrento make a family tree .

    Activity 3: Let’s get ready .

    1\ Group the children ,and ask each group to put the materials needed for making a family tree on the table .

    2\ Do a TPR activity with the children by giving instructions : Show me your crayons\scissors \paper\tapes .

    Activity 4: Let’s make

    Ask he children to draw and colour one of their family members ,then stick on a big tree that they drew .

Activity 5:Come to know my family members

    1\ Model the dialogue in LET‟S MAKE .

    2\ Ask the children to talk about their family tree . Activity 6: I am wonderful

    Activity 7:End the class

    1\ Elicit from the children what they have learnt in Unit One . 2\ Remind the children to give their family tree as a present to their parents .

    3\ Ask the children to talk about one of their favourite activities in Unit One

    with their parents .


Lesson One

    Teaching content: Let's sing & let's have fun

    Language focuses:

    Vocabulary: cook, eat, play, have fun

    Structure: Let's ??


    At the end of this lesson, hopefully the children will be able to:

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