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    题目?How to Write Professional

    Thesis in English

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    How to Write Professional Thesis in English

    Language is tool that used to communicate in daily life, history recording, academic research, etc. Statisticallythere are more than 3,000

    languages spoken by people in different region on our earth. In a word, human beings use language to express their ideas, just a tool. But due to routine of history (the development of science and technology, colonization, culture invasionetc ) , now English is on its history and dominate the academic area. We can’t reject itbut accept it compliantly. Well, as masters in chemistry, we can push our thesis that are written in English to worldwide if we write our paper in English, reciprocate us correspondinglythe amount and quality of

    ones thesis is a symbol of his academic level, which is certificate to be accredited by profession. So in this paper I will discuss how to write professional thesis in English briefly, including primary principles and several tricks.

    1. Primary Principles

     1.1 Be honestno plagiarism. First, its a issue about academic morality,

    all the authors protect their articles, because the articles which represent the academic achievements of the authors has cost the efforts of the authors. Well, all of us want to be respected by others. Second, plagiarism will corrupt the academic environment. What will the result be like all scientific workers copy with each other unscrupulously? Third, at present all academic journals have set up punishing system to purify the academic environment.

     1.2 Make sure your arguments are objective with originality. The

    article's basic view must come from specific analysis of materials and research, the issues presented from the professional disciplines must have a certain theoretical or practical significance in the academic field. Through independent exploring, express your own awareness and views.

    1.3 Be informative with strong evidence. Demonstrate your experiment

    in different views with as possible as you can in practical manner, no cheating. But dont forget to highlight the features of your thesis. Remember that attracting editor is one of the most important purposes. In a word, Its would

    be better that there is the main core and circumstantial evidence. The materials used in the paper should be based on valid, reliable and accurate proofs.

    1.4 Express accurately and simplicity definitely. Make sure that all the

    professional readers can understand your papers without ambiguity the

    most important requirement.

    2. Several Tricks

     2.1 Know character of different journal. All journals have their own

    features, such as, Science only accepts the article that has significant impact on theory, and Nature attaches importance to the possibility in practice with great innovation. J.Org.Chem never publishes article in inorganic chemistry.

    So its important to contribute your paper to a appropriate journal or magazine.

     2.2 Mortify your imperfect or negative results. We cant deny that

    beauty can shield off ugliness. So if we describe our objective experimental

    results to a large extent in appropriate way, the editors may be attracted deeply. But that it is not to say that we can neglect the negative results completely, honest cant be neglected.

     2.3 Ask for proposal from experts. If you feel something wrong exist in

    you paper when you have finished your thesis, get suggestions from experts who are in the same field with you as long as you can. So you can depose off the imperfect parts in you paper effectlessly.

    2.4 Collect classic sentences about your field encountered. English isnt

    our native language, it is inevitable that our paper cant be accepted just

    because of the defects of expression in English even we have a significant results. So that it’s a good idea to collect classic sentences about your field encountered, simulate them when you want to express the similar meaning in your thesis.

    AcknowledgementI have never write professional paper in English, all my statement is built upon my own feeling that come from lecture orated by vice-editor of J. Org. Chem in October 2009 and the class leaded by Prof.


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