The city,the quality of life

By Alfred Hunt,2014-04-25 14:37
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The city,the quality of life

     The city, the quality of life

    My dear teacher and classmates,

     I still remember that at the beginning of our coming to university, wed like to discuss about the life quality of our hometown cities. One may say, City A is fashionable, glorious and noble. There are various kinds of beautiful clothes, delicious

    food and expensive cosmetics.” Another follows,” City B has wonderful environment,. The weather is never too cold nor too hot all the year round, which makes people

    living there very comfortable……”The third will break in,” City C has a long history, and therere many places of interest. We can enjoy the culture in ancient times; also

    pick up a lot which cant be learned from text books.”……

     What is the appropriate standard to evaluate the life quality of a city? The average

    income? G D P? The level of basic construction? Environment quality or……

     I searched the Internet and find the answer.

     According to the rank of life quality of city in China by Xinhua Web and China

    Government Information Web, when they evaluate the city life quality, they will take

    a lot of factors into account, including environment, social security, career developing,

    sustainable development, ecology, the average income, and so on. Every single aspect can influence the index of the life quality of a city, or rather, can make a

    difference to our life quality.

    The standard to evaluate a city„s life is various. However, as a resident of the city,

    my wish is to live comfortably and conveniently, and the basic requirement can be

    satisfied. What we need is not highest salary to spend, the most expensive goods to

    buy, or the most places to visit. As long as we can eat full, wear warm, live happily, in

    my opinion, should be enough for every one. I‟m glad to see the traffic goes more

    quickly and orderly. The street lamps have given light on more streets and alleys.

    When old people get sick, they will be given the best care and treatment with the

    lowest fees.

    I hope n every corner of the world, these welfares can be realized. So, I‟m waiting for the changes towards better life quality.

    Lets pay close attention to the changes around us every now and then and expect a

    brighter future.

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