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Nautilus (Bontekai): Opening Session, 30 March, 14:15

Gorch-Fock-Haus: 31 March 3 April

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 2

    Mon, 30.3. Tue, 31.3 Gorch Fock Haus Wednesday 1.4, Gorch Fock Haus Thursday 2.4., Gorch Fock Haus Fri 3.4

    Nautilus / Bontekai VHS Great Hall VHS Great Hall Seminar R. VHS Great Hall Seminar R.

    Keynote 9:00 Keynotes 9:00 Keynotes 9:00 Keynotes Excursion Session 7:30 v. Beusekom: Elliot: Restoration Reise: Aliens Species Eutrophication Lüth: Cultural Rullkötter: Processes 1. Langeoog Schuchardt: ICZM landscape Rappold: Modeling of Reijnders: Marine cumulative effects 2. Mammals Rabe: MSFD Spiekeroog Kabat: Research End: 10:20

     Break 10:20 - 10:50 9:50 Ecosystem & 11:00 10:50 11:00 Assessment End: 10:40 Aliens Species Human impacts BioGeoChem

    Break Break 10:30 -11:00 Break 10:40 -11:00 Break 11:50 - 12:15 Morning 2 Arrival and 11:00 Ecosystem & 11:00 Birds and 11:00 Wadden Human impacts registration at Assessment Assessment Sea as cultural Nautilus (Bontekai) landscape DISCUSSION DISCUSSION DISCUSSION (12:00 - 14:00) DISCUSSION DISCUSSION End 13:00 End: 12:45 End: 13:40 End: 12:45 Lunch Lunch 12:15 Lunch 12:45 Lunch 12:30 Lunch 13:00 Lunch 12:45 Lunch 12:45 Lunch 13:40 Lunch 12:45 Afternoon 1 14:15 13:30 13:30 14:00 14:00 13:30 Opening session at Coastal Habitat Definition & Species and Habitat Management Wadden Sea the Nautilus Management & Monitoring Assessment & Restoration as cultural Restaurant Sustainability landscape (Bontekai) DISCUSSION End: 15:30

    Break 15:40 - 16:10 Break 15:00 - 15:30 Break 15:00 - 15:30 Break 15:15 Afternoon 2 Arrival Opening Session 15:30 Coastal 15:30 Habitat 15:30 15:30 18:15 Management & Definition & Species and Habitat Management Sustainability / Monitoring / Assessment & Restoration DISCUSSION DISCUSSION DISCUSSION End 17:25 End 17:00 End 17:00 End: 17:00

    Short Break Break 16:30 Afternoon 3 16: 45 Habitat Management & Restoration / DISCUSSION End: 17:50

    Evening 19:30 Icebreaker 19:30 Dinner at the Nautilus and Event 19:30 Dinner at the Pumpwerk with Event by the 20:00 and Dinner at the by the National Park Schleswig-National Park Lower Saxon Wadden Sea Symposium Dinner at the Gorch Fock Haus and Event Nautilus Holstein by the Federal Ministry

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 3

    Final Program

    Monday, 30 March 2009 Meeting Venue: Nautilus / Oceanis (Bontekai)

    14:15 Elsa Nickel Federal Ministry for the Opening and Welcome Address

    Environment, Nature and

    Nuclear Safety

    14:25 Stefan Birkner Lower Saxon Ministry of Welcome Address by the State Government of

    Environment and Climate Lower Saxony 14:35 Byoung-Gyu Seo Ministry of Land, Transport

     and Maritime Affairs, Korea Signing of a "Memorandum of Understanding

     (Mou) between Korea and the Trilateral Wadden

    Elsa Nickel Trilateral Wadden Sea Sea Cooperation


    14:50 Karsten Reise AWI The Wadden Sea - What does it make world wide


    15:15 Francois Kremer European Commission, The conservation and sustainable development of

    Nature & Biodiversity the Wadden Sea under EU directives 15:40 BREAK

    116:10 1C.H. Koh, B.O. The relevance of science for management and 1Seoul National University, 22Kown, G.H. Yuk, Korea Maritime Institute, policy - the Korean experience 3234J.S. Ryu, W.K. Uni Washington, Korea 4Chang, University J.S. Khim

    16:35 Paul Siegel WWF West African Marine Marine and Coastal Management in West Africa:

    Ecoregion (WAMER) Partnerships, Progress, and Prospects 17:00 Hans-Ulrich Rösner WWF Advantages and disadvantages of the dynamic

    approach in a changing world

    Icebreaker and Dinner at the "Nautilus" 19:30 with event by the International Wadden Sea School

     Tuesday, 31 March 2009 Meeting Venue: Gorch-Fock-Haus (Viktoriastr.15)9:00 Keynotes, Great Hall

    9:00 J.E.E. van AWI Syllt Decreasing eutrophication of the Wadden Sea:

    Beusekom how low should we go? 9:25 Sebastian BioConsult Integrated Coastal Zone Management : Status and

    Schuchardt Perspectives 9:50 Martin Stock LKN, NPV Tönning TMAP - salt marsh monitoring: relevance for the

    implementation of the EU-Habitat and Water

    Framework Directive 10:10 Kees Dijkema, Bas IMARES, RWS-DID Salt marshes: applied long-term monitoring

    Kers, van Duin

    10:30 BREAK

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 4

    11:00 Elske Koppenaal, University of Groningen The effects of soil subsidence (sea-level rise) on

    J.P. Bakker, K. barrier island salt marshes

    Dijkema, H. van


    11:20 Han van Dobben, Alterrra, Wageningen Present and future vegetation dynamics in dune

    Pieter Slim slack and upper saltmarsh at Ameland driven by

    soil subsidence and climate change 11:40 Heike Büttger, BioConsult SH, MariLim Assessing the good ecological status of Blue

    Torsten Berg & mussel beds in the North-Frisian Wadden Sea

    Georg Nehls

    12:00 AG Brinkman Wageningen IMARES Changing carrying capacity of the Wadden Sea

    sets constraints for restoration targets; A Dutch

    example how fresh water management measures

    affect future Wadden Sea 12:20 DISCUSSION

     LUNCH BREAK 12:15 13:30, Gorch-Fock-Haus

     Tuesday, 31 March 2009 Meeting Venue: Volkshochschule, VHS (Virchowstr.29)13:30 Dietmar Kraft ICBM, University of Integrated modelling: techniques for a transparent

    Oldenburg, and participative decision support on the coast and

    in sea

    13:50 Dave Hooley Characterisation Team, What have we done? Mapping the cultural

    English Heritage processes that have shaped our marine

    environment 14:10 Frank Ahlhorn COAST, University of Long-term Perspectives in Coastal Zone

    Oldenburg, Development A Participatory Integrated

    Assessment Process 14:30 Aad Smaal , Jeroen Wageningen-IMARES, How to integrate mussel culture in dynamic

    Wijsman, Jeroen MarinX, Wadden Sea management

    Jansen, Pauline

    Kamermans, Frouke

    Fey & Marnix van


    14:50 BREAK

    15:20 Lucien Hanssen, Deining Societal The role of ecological science in environmental

    Etiënne Rouwette, Communication, Radboud policy-making: from a pacification towards a

    Marieke M. Van University of Nijmegen facilitation strategy


    15:40 Paddy Walker & Waddenvereniging Do Directives give Direction?

    Maria van Leeuwe

    16:00 Jesper Madsen NERI DK The challenge of managing increasing numbers of

    geese in the Wadden Sea area: needs for tools to

    prioritize and evaluate efforts 16:20 Kira Gee, Andreas GKSS Research Centre, Cultural Ecosystem Services: Making the

    Kannen Geesthacht, intangibles tangible? 16:40 DISCUSSION

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 5

     Tuesday, 31 March 2009 Meeting Venue: Gorch-Fock-Haus (Viktoriastr.15)

    13:30 Stefan Garthe, Nele Research & Technology Seabird monitoring off the Wadden Sea: Current

    Markones Centre (FTZ), University of practice and future perspectives


    13:50 Jörg Petersen Nature-Consult, Hildesheim Applied vegetation mapping of large-scale areas

    based on high resolution aerial imagery - a

    combined method of remote sensing, GIS and

    almost exhaustive field verification. 14:10 Alma de Groot, J.P. University of Groningen Monitoring vertical accretion on salt marshes on

    Bakker, R.M. several spatial scales

    Veeneklaas, D.P.J.


    14:30 Kerstin Stelzer, Brockmann Consult, Remote Sensing of the Wadden Sea a tool

    Carsten Brockmann, supporting TMAP and WFD monitoring

    Jasmin Geißler

    14:50 BREAK

    15:20 Ralf Vorberg Marine Science Service Mapping of subtidal habitats in the Wadden Sea -

    mission impossible? 15:40 Dietmar Bürk, GKSS Research Centre, Seafloor substrate mapping in the central Hörnum

    Martina Heineke, Marine Science Service, Tidal Basin (Sylt, Germany)

    Ralf Vorberg, Rolf


    16:00 Georg Nehls Bioconsult SH Habitat Type Reef in the Wadden Sea -

    Experiences from mapping of blue mussel beds 16:20 Oliver Finch, Axel University of Oldenburg, Yes - there are "some"! Monitoring for the Habitats

    Hochkirch, Rolf University of Trier Directive and importance of terrestrial

    Niedringhaus invertebrates

    16:50 DISCUSSION

    17:15 POSTER SESSION in the Great Hall

    19:30 Dinner at the Nautilus with event by the National Park Schleswig-Holstein

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 6

     Wednesday, 1 April 2009 Meeting Venue: Gorch-Fock-Haus (Viktoriastr.15)

    9:00 Keynotes, Great Hall

    9:00 Mike Elliott, Victor de University of Hull Pan-European Lessons in Estuarine and Coastal

    Jonge Restoration: linkages with EU Directives 9:25 Friedrich Lüth Röm-Germ. Kommission, The cultural landscape of the Wadden Sea and

    Frankfurt North Sea basin - perspective for research and


    9:50 Peter Reijnders IMARES Coevolution of science and management

    illustrated through the harbour seal population in

    the Wadden Sea 10:15 Pavel Kabat Wadden Academie Science for trilateral policy and management (title

    to be confirmed) 10:40 BREAK

    11:00 Thijs J. Maarleveld University of Esbjerg The fine-grained reflection of shipping - the

    Wadden Sea sourcebook of world importance 11:30 Sonja König Ostfr. Landschaft Aurich Wadden Sea and heritage management? 11:40 Kai Niederhöfer University of Münster Settlement history of a lost landscape

    archaeological remains in east Frisian tidal flats. 12:00 Martin Segschneider Archäol. Landesamt, A submerged cultural landscape - current

    Schleswig archaeological results form the Wadden Sea Area

    of North Frisia, Schleswig-Holstein

     LUNCH BREAK 12:30 13:30, Gorch-Fock-Haus

    13:30 Annet Nieuwhof University of Groningen Living in a dynamic landscape: developments in

    the archaeology of the Northern Netherlands

    coastal area

    14:00 Johannes Ey Lower Saxony Institute for Initiation of dike-construction in the German clay

    Historical Coastal Research district

    14:30 Ingo Eichfeld Lower Saxony Institute for A GIS-based study into the landscape and

    Historical Coastal Research settlement history of the western Heete estuary,

    Butjadingen (Lower Saxony) 15:00 DISCUSSION

11:00 Kees Koffijberg, Joint Monitoring Group of Trends in numbers and distribution of breeding

    Lieuwe Dijksen, Breeding Birds in the birds in the Wadden Sea

    Bernd Hälterlein, Wadden Sea (JMBB)

    Karsten Laursen ,

    Stefan Schrader &

    Petra Potel

    11:20 Karsten Laursen, JMMB 20 years migratory bird surveys in the Wadden

    Jan Blew, Bruno Sea

    Ens, Kai Eskildsen,

    Klaus Günther, Marc

    van Roomen and

    Petra Potel

    11:40 Bruno Ens, Marc van SOVON, Bioconsult SH Exploring contrasting trends of migratory birds

    Roomen & Chris van

    Turnhout, Jan Blew,

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 7

    12:00 Kees Koffijberg, SOVON Long term changes in breeding birds in response

    Chris van Turnhout & to vegetation succession along the Groningen

    Bruno Ens coast, The Netherlands 12:20 Philipp Schwemmer, Research and Technology A pilot study to assess the health status of

    Nils Guse, Ursula Centre, University of Kiel; Wadden Sea birds

    Siebert, Stefan


    12:40 DISCUSSION

     LUNCH BREAK 12:30 13:30, Gorch-Fock-Haus

    Wednesday, 1 April 2009 Meeting Venue: Volkshochschule, VHS (Virchowstr.29)14:00 Zwanette Jager, ZiltWater, IMARES, vTI, Assessment of long term trends in fish populations

    Loes Bolle, Andreas CWSS, Bioconsult, Marine

    Daenhardt, Britta Science Service

    Diederichs, Harald

    Marencic, Gerold

    Lüerßen, Thomas

    Neudecker, Jörg

    Scholle, Ralf Vorberg

    14:20 Andreas Dänhardt, Von-Thünen-Inst., IfV Seabird-fish interactions in the Wadden Sea

    Peter H. Becker

    14:40 Katharina Schmidt, von-Thünen-Institut Changes of abundance and distribution of young

    Thomas Neudecker plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) in the Schleswig-

    Holstein Wadden Sea (Germany) in the last 20


    15:00 BREAK

    15:30 Ingrid Tulp, Loes J. Wageningen IMARES Signals from the shallows: In search of common

    Bolle, Adriaan D. patterns in long-term trends in Dutch estuarine and

    Rijnsdorp coastal fish

    15:50 Erik Meesters, Peter IMARES, Fishery Museum, An effective survey design for harbour seals in the

    Reijnders, Sophie LAVES, FTZ, Sweden Wadden Sea: tuning Trilateral Seal Agreement and

    Brasseur, Svend (TSEG) EU-Habitat Directive requirements

    Tougaard, Michael


    Ursula Siebert &

    Tero Härkönen

    16:10 Anita Gilles, Ursula FTZ Büsum, University of Harbour porpoises and harbour seals in the

    Siebert, Klaus Lucke, Kiel, Dt. Meeresmuseum, German Wadden Sea and adjacent waters -

    Jacob Rye Hansen, LKN Results from the MINOS and MINOSplus projects

    Dieter Adelung, Nationalparkverwaltung,

    Nikolai Liebsch,

    Gabriele Müller,

    Harald Benke,

    Michael Dähne,

    Ursula Verfuss, Kai


    16:30 DISCUSSION

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 8

     Wednesday, 1 April 2009 Meeting Venue: Gorch-Fock-Haus (Viktoriastr.15)

    14:00 Frederik Zwart Staatsbosbeheer, WET DUNES DRY FEET An ecological

    Terschelling restoration project and its consequences for other

    functions of the dunes. 14:20 Jan Wolf Barkowski ICBM, University of Salt marsh Restoration Nature conservation and

    & Holger Freund Oldenburg Coastal Defence 14:40 Martin Maier, Klaus-University of Oldenburg, IfV Breeding birds on mainland salt marshes - effects

    Michael Exo & Julia of changing land use


    15:00 BREAK

    15:30 John Frikke Miljøministeriet, Environ. ”Operation Corncrake” a joined agricultural and

    Center Ribe environmental project for the meadows around the

    estuary of Varde River 15:50 Anky Woudstra Wadden Sea Society Safety and nature go hand-in-hand 16:10 E.J. Lammerts, A.P. Staatsbosbeheer, Deltares, Towards the implementation of dynamic nature

    Oost, A.P. Grootjans University of Groningen / management on the Wadden Sea islands

    Radboud University of


    16:30 SHORT BREAK

    16:45 Steve Colclough Environment Agency UK High tidal flats, salt marshes and managed re-

    alignments as habitat for fish 17:05 Jan Steinbring Miljøministeriet, Skov- og The Danish Houting Project

    Jensen Naturstyrelsen

    17:25 DISCUSSION

     19:30 Dinner at the Pumpwerk with event by the National Park Lower Saxony

     Thursday, 2 April 2009 Meeting Venue: Gorch-Fock-Haus (Viktoriastr.15)

    9:00 Keynotes, Great Hall

    9:00 Karsten Reise AWI Neobiota in the Wadden Sea 9:20 Rullkötter, Jürgen, ICBM, University of Interdisciplinary assessment of fundamental

    Oldenburg driving forces and transformation processes in a

    tidal basin, southern North Sea (Keynote) 9:40 Kees Rappoldt, EcoCurves, SOVON An engineering model approach to assessing the

    Bruno J. Ens, cumulative impact of human activities on wintering


    10:00 Oliver Rabe MLUR Marine Strategy Framework Directive 10:20 BREAK

    12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 9

     Thursday, 2 April 2009 Meeting Venue: Gorch-Fock-Haus (Viktoriastr.15)10:50 Martin J. Baptist and Wageningen IMARES User limits or natural limits; can we set limits to

    Dankers, Nobert human use, based on a natural functioning of the

    Wadden Sea? 11:10 Bert Brinkman, Aad Wageningen IMARES, A study on the effects of mussel seed fisheries on

    Smaal, Johan MarinX, NIOZ D71 the Subtidal nature value of the Dutch Wadden

    Craeymeersch, Sea (PRODUS subproject 3)

    Frouke Fey , Henk

    Heessen, Marnix van

    Stralen, Rob Dekker

    11:30 Heino Fock and VTI Institute of Sea Relative Ecological Risk Assessment in the Marine

    Anne F. Sell Fisheries, Hamburg Environment

11:50 BREAK

    12:15 Ansgar Diederichs, BioConsult SH Does sand extraction near Sylt affect harbour

    Miriam J. Brandt, porpoises?

    Georg Nehls

    12:35 Peter Becker IfV “Contaminants in Bird Eggs” in the Wadden Sea:

    Trends and Perspectives 12:55 Detlev Metzing ICBM, University of Impact of climate change on the flora and fauna of

    Oldenburg coastal dunes and salt marshes

    13:15 DISCUSSION

    11:00 Beck, M., Kohlmeier, ICBM, University of Nutrient cycling in tidal flat areas and export to the

    C., Grunwald, M., Oldenburg, GKSS North Sea

    Brumsack, H.-J.

    11:20 Kowalski, N., Institute for Baltic Sea Manganese and molybdenum dynamics in the

    Dellwig, O., Beck, Research (IOW), ICBM water column and sediments of tidal flats

    M., Grunwald, M., University of Oldenburg,

    Kölsch, Piepho, M., GKSS Research Centre,

    Riedel, T., Freund, Alfred Wegener Institute,

    H., Sylt,

    van Beusekom, J. E.

    E, Brumsack, H.-J.,

    Böttcher, M. E.

    11:40 Riedel, Köster, ICBM, University of Carbon and nutrient cycling in Wadden Sea

    Beck, Engelen, Oldenburg sediments




    12:00 Thomas H. University of Oldenburg, Hydrographical variability in the East Frisian

    Badewien, Alexander Institute of Physics., Wadden Sea as revealed by time series

    Bartholomä, and Senckenberg Institute measurements

    Rainer Reuter

    12:20 DISCUSSION

12th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, 30 March 3 April 2009 page 10

    Thursday, 2 April 2009 Meeting Venue: Volkshochschule, VHS (Virchowstr.29)11:00 Georg Nehls & Heike BioConsult SH, Do Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas increase

    Büttger benthic biomass of the Wadden Sea? 11:20 Alexandra Markert & Senckenberg Institute The prominence of native blue mussels as

    Achim Wehrmann ecosystem engineers in the intertidal flats of the

    Wadden Sea is replaced by alien oysters: status

    quo of system change 11:40 Norbert Dankers, IMARES, AWI Sylt, BfN What to do with alien species. Statement on:

    Christian Bonn Prevention - Early Detection - Control

    Buschbaum, Frank


    12:10 DISCUSSION

     LUNCH BREAK 12:45 14:30, Gorch-Fock-Haus

     Thursday, 2 April 2009 Meeting Venue: Gorch-Fock-Haus (Viktoriastr.15)14:30 Final discussion and recommendations

    15:15 BREAK

    15:45 Final discussion and recommendations

    20:00 Symposium Dinner at the Gorch Fock Haus with event by the Federal Ministry

Friday, 3 April 2009 EXCURSIONS

    07:30 Departure Bus Wilhelmshaven

    09:30 Departure Ferry Bensersiel

    16:00 Departure Langeoog

    17:15 Arrival Bensersiel

    18:40 Arrival Bus at Sande (train to Oldenburg 18:51)

    18:55 Arrival at Wilhelmshaven

07:30 Departure Bus Wilhelmshaven

    09:00 Departure fishery vessel Neuharlingersiel

    16:40 Departure fishery vessel Spiekeroog

    17:15 Arrival Neuharlingersiel

    18:30 Arrival Bus at Sande (train to Oldenburg 18:51)

    18:45 Arrival at Wilhelmshaven

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