Wednesday 12 May 2010

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Wednesday 12 May 2010

    Wednesday 12 May 2010

    9-10.30 am Registration & Tea and coffee & Welcome (10.15)

    10.30-12 noon Panel 1 Chair: Manuel Delgado Morales Panel 2 Chair: Nicole Reinhardt Panel 3 Chair: Tobias Locker

    LONG PANEL (ends c.11:30)

    Sentidos del Espacio, de los Valores y de Orthodoxy and Reform in Peninsular Preventing or Supporting the Spreading

    la Filosofía de la Trascendencia en el Counter-Reformation of Baroque? Religion and its Impact

    Barroco Hispano [Baroque Spaces] [Making of Baroque Religion] [Baroque Lineages]

    J.L. Suárez, Religion at the Borders B. Ehlers, Nuestras Indias: Spanish P. Stephan, Gloria versus Gloire. The

    G. Robalino, Apocalyptic Imagery in the Missionary Work within Spain Incongruity of Two Concepts of Political

    Novohispanic Theatre I. Ezquerra, Articulación Institucional de la Legitimation as the Reason of Gian

    G. Yuri Porras, Musical Scenes in Reformación de Costumbres en Tiempo de Lorenzo Bernini’s Miscarrying Louvre-

    Hagiographic Comedias by Agustín Felipe II Project

    Moreto, Matos Fragoso, Gerónimo Cáncer, R.M. Dos Santos Capelão, Tame the R. Cacheda Barreiro, Felipe V: From the

    and Lanini y Sagredo: Negotiation and Irrational. Standard and Detours on the Prince of France to the King of Spain. The

    Performance of Spanish Baroque Religious Cult of Relics in Mainland Portugal, during Construction of a New Image for the ththAuthority the 16 and 17 Centuries Monarchy

    M. Delgado-Morales, Desengaño del T. Locker, Splendour for the Court. thMundo y Trascendencia en el Barroco Huguenot Artist in 18 Century Prussia


12 1.30 pm Lunch

    1.30-3.30 pm Panel 4 Chair: Andrea Noble Panel 5 Chair: Angela V. Ballone

    Contemporary Uses of Baroque Culture [Neobaroque] Chair: Sacred Itineraries

    tbc [Baroque Lineages]


    A. Ndalianis, Multidiversity and the Neo-Baroque: Avatar, Lost J. Norman, Spectacular and Sensational: Sacred Theatre and its

    and the Worship of the Text Role in the Creation of a ‘Universal’ Baroque Aesthetic

    L. Ferreira Nunes, Baroque Virtual Environments: Baroque A. Reyes Manzano, Baroque Religiosity in Feudal Japan

    Costumes E. Ramos Fernández, Productivity within the Comedia,

    J.R. Jouve-Martin, Music, History and Neo-Baroque Productivity of the Comedia: Religious Orthodoxy and Economic

    Entertainment: Philip Glass, The Voyage of the Operatic Lifes of Vanguard in the Spanish Antitheatrical Tracts

    Cristopher Columbus P. Germano Leal, Emblems in Baroque Brazil: The Case of the

    R. Reddaway, Big Dog Donkey Robot: Cultures of Adaptation and Triunfo Eucarístico (1733), Aureo Throno Episcopal (1748) and

    Continuation the Funerals of D. João V in São João del Rey, Minas Gerais

3.30 - 4 pm Tea and coffee

    4-5 pm KEYNOTE

    Kenneth Mills (Toronto): Sacred Journeys and Difficult Middles in the Early Modern Spanish World

c. 5.30 pm Conclusion Day One

    6-7.30 pm Opening Exhibition & Reception

    Against Grids: Paintings and Objects by Ian Dawson, Nick Mead, Katie Pratt (curated by Brandon Taylor)

    Venue: Milk & Sugar Gallery

    8 pm Conference Dinner @ The Raquet Club


    Thursday 13 May 2010

    9-9.30 am Registration & Tea and coffee

    9.30-11 am Panel 6 Chair: Aurelio Espinosa Panel 7 Chair: Jesús Pérez-Magallon

    Religion and Politics in the Hispanic Baroque (1) [Religion and Literary Expressions of Baroque Religion

    Politics] [Making of Baroque Religion]

    A. Malcolm, Ignoring the Advice of Mystics: Spanish Policy-J. Garau Amengual, Ideas Religiosas en El Virtuoso Discreto del thMaking and the Clergy during the 17 Century Maestro Bartolomé Jímenez Patón (1569-1640)

    M.L. González Mezquita, Crucible of power: Politics and Religion B. Alba-Koch, Vidas, Novenas y ejercicios Espirituales: Lectura y that the End of the 17 Century Práctica Religiosa en la Nueva España, Siglos XVII al XIX

    M. Herrero Sánchez, La Monarquía Católica y las Potencias A. Broke, Cuando Contradicciones Componen sus Perfecciones:

    Protestantes. De la Lucha contra la Herejía a la Alianza por la Sor Juana’s Villancico for the Feast of the Assumption (1679)

    Estabilidad Internacional

11-11.30 am Tea and coffee

    11.30 am 1 pm Panel 8 Chair: Alistair Malcolm Panel 9 Chair: Janet Norman Panel 10 Chair: Karel Vanhaesebrouck

    Religion and Politics in the Hispanic Baroque Art and Religion Neobaroque and (post-)modernity. A first

    Baroque (2) [Religion and Politics] [Baroque Lineages] exploration [Neobaroque]

    N. Reinhardt, The Spanish looking-glass P. Baker-Bates, Art, Religion and Society in M. Snickare, Baroque, Modernity, and

    A. Espinosa, Communal Memory in New the Hispanic Baroque: The Case of Luis de Neobaroque

    Spain: Royal and Municipal Interactions Morales and Juan de Ribera J. Post, Antoine Wiertz, a Neo-Baroque thand the Continuity of Cultural Identities of J. Fernández-Santos Ortiz-Iribas, A Land of 19 Century Painter

    Mestizaje Eclipse? The Spanish Reaction to the K. Vanhaesebruck, Immersion, Liminality

    A.V. Ballone, Authority from Theory to Roman and Neapolitan Baroque and Neobaroque Theatricality

    Practice: New Spain during the Realm of A. Robin, Painted Series of the Way of the

    Philip IV, or Baroque as a Way of Ruling Cross in Viceregal Latin America


1-2.30 pm Lunch

    2.30-4.30 pm Panel 11 Chair: Fernando Cervantes Panel 12 Chair: Angela Ndalianis Panel 13 - Chair: D. Weidner

    Transnational Narratives in Sacred Performative Adaptations of Baroque The Sacramental Matrix in the Baroque

    Spaces [Baroque Lineages] Concepts [Neobaroque] [Making of Baroque Religion]

    P. Chinchilla Pawling, El Sermón y la P. Mahon, Immersion Emergencies and J. Imorde, Visualizing the Eucharist

    Novedad Possible Worlds: The Neo Baroque and M.Kern, Translation Processes in the Art

    C.U. Montiel, Comunidad y Práctica en los Religion in Art on the Theme of Water of the Early Modern Age: “The Mass of

    Sermones Jesuitas de Alonso de Rojas e S. Schuppli, Tricked Out Space in Michael Saint Gregory”, a Feather Mosaic from

    Isidro Gallego Haneke’s “Caché” 1539

    J.M. Williams, Baroque Expression and A. Avila, Cirque du Soleil. Complexity in B. Quiring, With Real Hunger to

    Inquisitorial Censorship in Peralta Scene Transubstantiate The dispersion of the

    Barnuevo’s Pasión y Triunfo de Cristo K. Norget, Baroquing Apart: Aestetics of Eucharist in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

     contemporary Mexican Popular Protest H. Schlie, The Schneeberg Case. Staging a

     Lutheran Painting as cult image in a

     Baroque Altarpiece.

4.30-5 pm Tea and coffee

    5-6 pm KEYNOTE

    Fernando Cervantes (Bristol): The Supernatural in the Hispanic Baroque Imagination

    6 pm Conclusion Day Two

    7.30-9 pm Public Evening Concerto: Music from the Missions and Baroque Masterpieces

    Venue: Victoria Museum & Gallery

    Friday 14 May 2010


9-9.30 am Registration & Tea and coffee

    9.30-10.30 am KEYNOTE

    Andrea Noble (Durham): Severed Heads and Body Parts: Baroque Legacies in Mexican Visual Culture 10.30-11 am Tea and coffee

    11 am 12:30 Panel 14 Chair: Dana Bultman Panel 15 Chair: Kenneth Mills Panel 16 Chair: tbc


    The Bible, Myth, and Superstition in the Diaspora and Empire in a Transnational “Por Dios, por España”: Using Baroque

    Atlantic Baroque [Baroque Identities] Space: The Development of the Baroque Values for the Construction of the

     Atlantic [ Baroque Spaces] National Culture and Politics during

    G.M. Negroe Sierra & P. Miranda Ojeda, Franco Regime (1) [Baroque Lineages]

    La Crisis de la Ortodoxia Católica: C. Dodds Pennock, Aztecs in the Atlantic:

    Creencias y Supersticiones en el Mundo The Baroque Atlantic as an Indigenous J. Grossman, Baroque Spain as a

    Colonial Yucateco Space Metaphor: The Symbolic Dimension of

    R. Soulodre-La France, Of B. Van Ruymbeke, The French Protestant Francoist Foreign Policy after World War II

    Hermaphrodites, Croaking Frogs, and Atlantic in the Baroque Age C. Kasten, From Battlefield to National

    Singing Birds: Baroque Anomalies in Late W. O’Reilly, The Baroque in Employ of Theatre: Francoist Cultural Politics and the

    colonial Society in Nueva Granada Habsburg Imperial Ambition, 1700-1740 Auto Sacramental

    R. Hill, Noah and the New World: Colonial P. Barreiro-López, Baroque Touch: From

    Theories on the Origins of Indians the “caídos” to “veta brava”: Aspirations

     and Interpretations of Culture in the

    Franco Regime

12.30-2 pm Lunch

    2-3.30 pm Panel 17 Chair: Ruth Hill Panel 18 Chair: Andrew Redden Panel 19 Chair: tbc

    Between Two Worlds Martyrdom in the Hispanic Baroque “Por Dios, por España”: Using Baroque

    [Baroque Lineages] World [Religious Identities] Values for the Construction of the

     National Culture and Politics during

    M.C. Saenz-Roby, The colonial Religious I. Pérez-Tostado, English Exiles, Franco Regime (2) [Baroque Lineages]

    Crisis in Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala Martyrdom Stories and the Rise of the


    R. Goodwin, Garcilaso’s La Florida del Spanish Monarchy as a Global Catholic N. de Haro, Art against Franco, a Inca, a Native American History? Power Prototype of Spain (again) F. Gomez Herrero, Vicissitudes of Love A. Redden, Protomartyrs in the Province of V.M. Egío, 'In Spain nothing changes' near Inés de la Cruz's Carta Atenagorica Paraguay 1620-1720 The Spanish Contribution to ' Prescott's

    (1690): Reflections on Historicity and K. Vélez, Unseating the Martyr: New Paradigm' Foreignness in relation to the Hispanic Exemplars at the Margins of the Hispanic J.L. Marzo, The Baroque Myth in Spanish Baroque World and in the Writings of Jesuits Oratio Cultural Policy

     Torsellino and Miguel Venegas?

    3.30-4 pm Tea and coffee

    4-6 pm Panel 20 Chair: Victor Egío Panel 21 Chair: Renée Soulodre-La Panel 22 Chair: Jonathan Harris

     France LONG PANELS

    Creating Holiness Do ‘two clarities make a blur’?

    [Baroque Lineages] Baroque Encounters and Cultural Neobaroque and Contemporary Culture

     Translations [Baroque Identities] [Neobaroque] D. Sánchez Cano Maestro, From Local

    Holy Man to Symbol of the Monarchy. Use C. Brain, Socializing cosmogony-religious-H. Hills, Is the ‘Neo’ Premature? A and Appropriation of Saint Isidore historic narratives: A comparison between Reconsideration of the Baroque D.G. Barreto, National/Poetic Inscription: alphabet-based and pictographic-based J. Harris, Neo-Baroque and Spectacle The Prodigious Creation of San Juan de la preaching in Spain and Mesoamerica D. Craven, Neo-Baroque Dimensions of thCruz in the 19 Century D. Bultman, A Valuable Division of the Self Contemporary Art P. Saldarriaga, ‘Vencen las rosas al fénix’: in Nahua and Franciscan Concepts of the M. Colletti, Exuberance Rivalidad de Advocaciones Marianas y la Soul B. Taylor, Is Turbulence Baroque? Constitución de la Guadalupana como L. Brewer-Garcia, The Disappearance of

    Símbolo de la Nación en la Poesía Non-European Translators in the Hispanic

    Mexicana del Siglo XVII Baroque: Limpieza de sangre and the

    C. Osswald, The Legend of the Apostle African and Indigenous Translators among

    Saint Thomas within Baroque Culture from Jesuits in late Sixteenth-century Peru

    Asia to America


6 pm Conclusion Day Three

    Saturday, 15 May 2010

    th10 10:30 am Tea and Coffee/Welcome - TATE LIVERPOOL, Auditorium (4 Floor)

    10:30 am ROUND TABLE: Neo-Baroque Aesthetics: Art, Architecture, Ideology A critical evaluation of the concept of ‘neo-baroque’ 12:30 pm Chair: Jonathan Harris (School of Architecture, Liverpool/CAVA)

    Concluding the conference, this plenary panel will discuss 'neo-baroque' as a category. Six invited speakers, predominantly from the

    conference itself, will consider 'neo-baroque' as a term of critical evaluation and description in modern architecture, art, and society.

    How useful is the category for understanding today's culture? What does the term imply for reassessments of earlier modernism?

    Broader questions of ethics, religion, science and social communication will also be addressed, and audience discussion is invited.

c. 12:30 pm Conclusion of Conference


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