VMBIP E-Newsletter 2-12-10

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VMBIP E-Newsletter 2-12-10

VMBIP E-Newsletter, March 12, 2010

    VMBIP Updates

    New Updates

    ? Please see the February 2010 VMBIP Performance Dashboard enclosed within the body

    of this e-newsletter.

? During the 2010 National Immunization Conference, there will be a session called

    Lessons Learned from VTrckS Provider Order Pilot (VPOP): CDC and Grantee

    Perspectives.” This presentation, led by Brad Prescott, will include a panel of VPOP

    grantees. The grantees will discuss their experiences and lessons learned regarding

    online vaccine ordering functionality as well as related processes, such as end user

    identity proofing. This presentation will include findings from formal grantee and provider

    surveys, site visits, and conference calls.

? When communicating with the Resource Allocation and Monitoring (RA&M) team and

    your vaccine monitor about requests and questions related to your VOFA, spend plan

    monitoring, and vaccine budgets please send the e-mail directly to your RA&M team

    monitor with a copy to Jeanne Tropper at: and your

    project officer.

? Please remind providers that shipping containers should not be placed in refrigerators.

    Providers should open, unpack, and inspect vaccine shipments, and properly store

    vaccine immediately upon arrival. If the provider believes that a vaccine shipment is

    compromised, temperature monitors are out-of-range, or a warm indicator is not activated,

    McKesson Specialty Customer Care (MSCC) must be contacted within two hours of the

    time the vaccine arrived at the provider’s office (as documented by the carrier). Any calls

    received by MSCC outside of this two-hour window result in CDC liability for vaccine

    replacement, regardless of the cause of the temperature excursion. The dedicated

    phone line to report temperature excursions is 877-TEMP123 (877-836-7123).

    For more information, please see the Project Points of Contact Users’ Guide (Section A,

    p. 5, and Section C, p. 11.) dated December 17, 2009,

    at: If you have

    questions, please contact Helen Kuykendall at, and copy your

    project officer.

? Effective April 1, 2010, VACMAN Help Desk support will return to its pre-H1N1 operations.

    The VACMAN technical support team will be available Monday through Friday between

    the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The VACMAN Help Desk can be

    reached at 404-639-8303 or

? You may begin ordering Prevnar 13, NDC 00005-1971-02, 10-pack, single dose in

    VACMAN on Thursday, March 18, 2010. The Prevnar 7 code will be disabled in

    VACMAN when the Prevnar 13 code is enabled. Should Prevnar 7 inventory be depleted

    at McKesson distribution centers prior to Prevnar 13 being enabled, any provider orders


    in a backorder status will be cancelled on Friday, March 19, 2010. REMINDER: Prior to

    entering any provider orders, ensure that you have properly downloaded the most recent

    vacbulk file. Contact the VACMAN Help Desk if you encounter any problems with this

    activity: 404.639.8303 or

     As a reminder, previous VMBIP e-newsletters are posted at:

If you have any questions or comments about the contents of this e-mail, please contact

    Brad Prescott at and Julie Orta at, with a copy to your POB project


Brad Prescott

    Public Health Advisor

    Vaccine Management Business Improvement Project

    Immunization Services Division

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    404-639-8796 (direct)

    404-639-8627 (fax)

     Date Posted: 03/15/10

    This document can be found on the CDC website at:


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