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    Growing Pains

    As time goes by, Im not a kid any more. My parents treat me as an adult. During the course of my growth, I had pains and happiness just

     like everyone else. One of those pains helps me form my outlook on life

    At the age of 7, one of my friends asked me to play with her in her house. I agreed promptly and told my parents that I would come back home before the dinner time. They said that they would let me go on condition that I could keep my promise. I felt so happy that I rushed to

     We enjoyed ourselves my friends house without a moments hesitation.

    and even lost track of the passing of time. It had been 8 oclock before

    I realized that I my parents were still waiting for me, which made me feel sorry. To my surprise, they didnt scold me for my fault. They told

    me that what mattered most is to keep ones promise. If you do that,

    you will win others trust and friendship or you will have nothing.

    This left a deep impression on my memory. I think it influenced my character to a greater or lesser degree. Those who break their promises

    put the cart before the horse, and they wont command the respect of

    others. Life is real and life is earnest! For when promises are broken,

    life is a barren field.

     BY Dong Yuhua

    Growing Pains

    I was not born into a rich family, nevertheless I feel full of love from my family. My parents always try their best to cherish me, enabling me to own a balanced personality.

    Theres always a scene in my mind. Every time I recall it, a rush of warmth will run through me. It came back to my nursery

    time. My father was a peddler who always left home early and came back late just to make a better living environment for me. One day, it rained heavily and I forgot to take the umbrella. With the day becoming darker and darker and all my classmates going home, my father still didnt show up. I felt sad and

    disappointed. I thought he forgot me. With the time ticking away, there was only one kid left in the classroom, who of course was me. The teacher accompanied me for a long time, when suddenly he appeared in my sight with his hair wet and ashes on his face. What the teacher asked me was that Is this really

    your father?” I nodded and tears steamed down my cheek. On

    our way home, he told me that he was mistaken by the doorkeeper for a trader in human beings, for he was so confounded. My father is such a man as never says too much but does a lot for me.

    During the process of my growth, I have been protected by

    my father, whose love gives me warmth. As the famous English saying goes, Parents are the primary teacher of a child I cant

    agree with it more. I will always treasure him for his reticent love.

     BY Zhen Xiurong

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