Test one

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Test one

    Test one

    1.A 2. D 3. D 4. A 5. A

    6.C 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. C

    11. deveoped 12. such as 13. habit 14. into 15. interest

Section A

    1. Hello, my name is Mary.

    2. Jim, may I use your dictionary?

    3. Whats the fare to the cinema?

    4. Have I done this right?

    5. How many times have you been to the Great Wall?

Section B

    6. M: Excuse me, Id like to send some flowers to my friend.

    W: Lets see. These fresh roses are very nice.

    Q: Where does this conversation most likely take place?

    7. M: What do you think of this room?

    W: Kind of small, isnt it?

    Q: What is the womans opinion of this room?

    8. M: The red book is $ 3.00 and the yellow one is a dollar more.

    W: I want two red books and one yellow book.

    Q: How much is the yellow book?

    9. W: They say the tuition will go up twenty percent next year.

    M: What?

    Q: What does the man mean?

    10. M: I cant decide what color to paint my room.

    W: What about white? Itll make the room brighter.

    Q: What does the woman suggest?

    Test two

    1.A. 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. B

    6.C 7. D 8.C 9. B 10. A

    11. spend 12. regularly 13. fill out 14. allowed 15. service

Section A

    1. Have a nice weekend!

    2. Hello, can I speak to Xiao Li?

    3. What day is it today?

    4. Which bus shall I take?

    5. Whose car is this?

Section B

6. M: Im trying to call 86763324

    W: Im sorry, but the telephone number no longer exists.

    Q: Whats the telephone number? 7. W: Would it be ok or if I use your mobile phone to make a local call?

    M: Sure thing.

    Q: What does the man mean?

    8. W: Didnt you go to the meeting last night, either?

    M: No, I had a slight headache.

    Q: What can we learn from this conversation?

    9. W: This toy is five dollars.

    M: All right. I’ll take it. Will you wrap it for me?

    Q: Whats the relationship between the two speakers? 10. M: Are you leaving? Its 5:30

    W: No. I’m going to wait another 15 minutes.

    Q: When will the woman leave?

    Test three

    1.C 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. C

    6.A 7. C 8. C 9. D 10. C

    11.fasionable 12. worn 13. relatively 14. as well as 15. newest

Section A

    1. How are you?

    2. What does that thing look like?

    3. Please pass me a piece of paper

    4. Do you know what time the library closes on Sunday?

    5. Whos the most popular TV star?

Section B

    6. M: Would you like something more,Mary?

    W: Im full, thank you.

    Q: What are they doing?

    7. W: Excuse, me. Mr. John, Can I borrow this books?

    M: Sorry, you are not allowed to have five books at a time.

    Q: Who is Mr. John?

    8. W: How did your interview go?

    M: I couldnt feel better about it. The questions were very fair, and I seemed to find an answer

    for all of them.

    Q: What is the mans attitude towards the interwiew?

    9. M: Are you ready, Mary? When does the movie star?

    W: At 8:00. Weve got 15 minutes to get there/

    Q: What time is it now?

10. M: I was so angery that when the taxi driver tried to overchange me I called a traffic


    W: This kind of thing happens very often. Youre right.

    Q: Why was the man angery?

    Tewst four

    1.B 2. C 3. D 4. A 5. A

    6.D 7.C 8. A 9.B 10. A

    11. last 12. feed 13. 8,000 14. Keeping 15. whole.

Section A

    1. How is everything?

    2. What would you say a cup of coffee?

    3. Thank you for the wonderful mael.

    4. Mary, you shouldnt late for the class. 5. Do you know what made Helen so happy?

Section B

    6. W: Do you think this skirt goes well with this blouse?

    M: Yes, but I think your red dress would be more beautiful for the party.

    Q: What does the man think of the womans choice of clothing?

    7. W: Im afraid we are going to miss the 3 oclock train.

    M: Dont worry. We can get our tickets changed for this evening.

    Q: What does the man suggest?

    8 WWould you come with me to have some Japanese food?

    M: Yes, but its my trear this time.

    Q: What does the man mean?

    9 WIBM CompanyCan I help you?

    M: Id like to speak to Mr. Walker, please.

    Q: What is the woman?

    10. W: Are you going to Canada during your winter vocation?

    M: Well, I hate cold weather, and Canada is freezing in winter.

    Q: What does the man imply?

    Test five

    1.D 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.C

    6.B 7.C 8.A 9.D 10.B

    11.symbol 13.take good care 14.meanings 15.hopeless

Section A

    1. What do you do?

2. Can you tell me how to go to the Holiday Inn?

    3. How are you finding life on campus this year?

    4. Why not go shopping with me this Saturday?

    5. Did you order the cake for our party?

Section B

    6. M: Id like to book a double room for Monday next week.

    W: Very good, Sir. A double room for Monday, June 9th.

    Q: Where did the conversation most probably take place?

    7. M: What have you been doing these past three years?

    W: Has it really been that long? Time passes so quickly.

    Q: What is their relationship?

    8. M: Doesnt your class start at 7:30 everyday?

    W: It start at 8 on Monday, and it doesnt start untill 9:30 on Friday.

    Q: At what time does the womans class start on Thursday?

    9. M: Hello, May I speak to John Simth, please?

    W: Im sorry, nobody by that name works here.

    Q: What do we learn from this conversation?

    10. W: Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the National Park?

    M: Sorry, Im afraid not. Ive only been here for a short time myself.

    Q: Why cant the man help the woman?

    Test six

    1.A 2.C 3.D 4.D 5.C

    6.C 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.B

    11.stood 12.advice 13.began 14.said 15.Count

Section A

    1. Are you fine today?

    2. Hi, Mike. How did you like the movie you saw last night?

    3. What can I do for you?

    4. I really enjoy pop music. How about you?

    5. What day is today?

Section B

    6. M: Have you seen my brother?

    W: No, I havent seen him since the day before yesterday.

    Q: When did she last see the mans brother

    7. M: Make thirty copies for me and twenty copies for Mr. Brown

    W: Certainly, sir. As soon as I make the final correction. I will give you.

    Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

    8. M: Have you a table for four?

    W: Certainly, sir. A corner table or would you rather be near the window?

    Q: What is the man doing?

    9. M: How long can I keep these books?

    W: Two weeks. Then you will be fined each day.

    Q: Where does this conversation probably take place?

    10. W: Would you like to go to the dance with me tonight?

    M: Id love to, but Im just getting over my cold.

    Q: Will the man go dancing with the woman tonight?

    Test seven

    1.A. 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.C

    6.C 7.B 8.A 9.A 10.B

    11.woke 12.saw 14.far 15.from

Section A

    1. Hello, everyone! Is everyone here?

    2. This restaurant is very good, do you think so?

    3. Can I help you?

    4. Im sorry to hear that you were ill, what about you, now? 5. It must have been snowing last night, do you think so?

Section B

    6. M: Is it true you only spent $ 32 on two shirts?

    W: No, I only spent half of that.

    Q: How much does each shirt cost?

    7. W: Would you like to see a menu?

    M: No, thank you. I already know what I want to order.

    Q: What is the relationship between the two speakers?

    8. W: Werent you nervous when the professor called on you in the class?

    M: Id say I were shaking all over.

    Q: How did the man feel when he was called on?

    9. W: Im sorry to have kept you waiting.

    M: Thats quite all right. I have been here for nearly half an hour

    Q: Why did the woman apologize to the man?

    10. M: It was the third time Ranger had phoned me to say he had a new job.

    W: Its difficult to keep a young man in one job for life nowardays.

    Q: What does the woman mean?

    Test eight

    1.A 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.C

    6.A 7.C 8.B 9.B 10.C

11.think 12.says 13.tonight 14.dead 15.catch

Section A

    1. Good morning, sir. Can I help you?

    2. I dont think its very practical, do you?

    3. Could you show me that pair of shoes?

    4. Whats wrong with you?

    5. I think its going to be a nice day, isnt it?

Section B

    6. M: When will we get back home?

    W: Well, now its just eight. We can get back in about two hours, I think.

    Q: What time will they get home?

    7. M: How about the food I order?

    W: Ill be back with your order in a minute.

    Q: Who is the man most probably speaking to?

    8. W: You seem to have a lot of work to do at your office. Youre always staying late and

    working overtime

    M: Thats true. But its no bother to me. The work is interesting.

    Q: How does the man feel about his job?

    9. W: Why dont you eat your chocolate cake, Sam? Dont you like chocolate?

    M: Yes, I do. But I am having trouble with my bab tooth.

    Q: Why doesnt Sam eat his cake?

    10. W: I suppose you have been buying Christams gifts for your family.

    M: I bought tennis shoes for my son, but I havent decided what to buy for my wife.

    Q: What has the man bought for his wife?

    Test nine

    1.D 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.D

    6.C 7.C 8.D 9.C 10.D

    11.stayed 12.starting 13.for an hour 14.finish 15.dark

Section A

    1. How are you these days?

    2. Would you like to go there for lunch?

    3. Could I speak to doctor Smith?

    4. Whats the matter with you, Jack?

    5. Why are you going to Paris?

Section B

    6. W: When is the library open on Saturday?

    M: From 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    Q: How long is the library open?

    7. W: Mr. Smith, I’d like to talk to you about my term paper. When will it be convenient?

    M: What about 4 oclock tomorrow afternoon?

    Q: What is the man?

    8. M: Mr.and Mrs. Jones have never learnt driving.

    W: They usually take a bus to town

    Q: How do Mr.and Mrs. Jones go to town?

    9. M: Why are you late for the class this morning, Mary?

    W: Oh, I’m sorry. I overslept and missed the train.

    Q: Why did Mary miss the class?

    10. W: How many people has the boss chosen for the business trip to France?

     M: Well, as far as I know whether there will be such a trip hasnt been decided yet.

     Q: What does the man mean?

    Test ten

    1.D 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.C

    6.C 7.D 8.A 9.C 10.B number 12.information 13.explain 14.quietly 15.make sure

Section A

    1. Happy New year!

    2. I enjoyed your gift so much.

    3. A cup of tea, sir?

    4. Do you like sports?

    5. How many boys are there in your class?

Section B

    6. M: Can you tell me the time?

    W: My watch says 9:30, but it is always 10 minutes earlier.

    Q: What time is it now?

    7. W: Have you got any potatoes?

    M: Yes. How much do you want?

    Q: Who is the woman?

    8. M: Are you having much trouble wit the course?

    W: Not really. The only thing I havent understood so far is the reading we had last night.

    Q: How was the woman doing in the course?

    9. M: Where is Nancy?

    W: Shes outside sunbathing.

    Q: Why is Nancy outside?

    10. M: Will you go fishing with me in the Summer Palace this afternoon?

    W: Summer Palace? Well, Im afraid it is too far.

    Q: What does the woman mean?

    Test eleven 1.C 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.B

    6.B 7.B 8.A 9.B 10.D

    11.result 12.other time 13.households 14.reflects 15.such as

Section A

    1. How do you do?

    2. Do you think Bob will help us?

    3. Im sorry, there is no room left, could you share it with others?

    4. What do you like to do in your spare time?

    5. What time is the next train to Boston?

Section B

    6. M: The football match started 25 munites ago.

    W: Really? Oh, its 9:50

    Q: When did the football match start?

    7. W: I just came back yesterday. Anything new while I was away?

    M: Congratulations, Susan. Its been decided youll be promoted, and become my innediate


    Q: What is the most probably relationship between the speakers at the moment?

    8. M: Charles enjoyed his two-week drive throughh South China.

    W: Yes, he said that he saw much more than traveling by bus or train.

    Q: How did Charles travel?

    9. W: Good afternoon. Welcome aboard.

    M: Ive got seat A6. I hope its by a window so that I can see the view.

    Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place?

    10. W: Linda is very quiet. But her brother talks too much.

    M: Yes, you are right and he isnt friendly either.

    Q: Whats their opinion of Lindas brother?

    Test twelve

    1.B. 2.B 3.D 4.B 5.C

    6.C 7.D 8.C 9.B 10.A

    11.playing 12.nothing 13.poor 14.friends 15.sleep

Section A

    1. Are you Jim? Glad to meet you 2. Do you like your job?

3. Will you please give me two tickets for tomorrows film?

    4. You look pale. Are you all right?

    5. What does he study?

Section B

    6. M: Can you lend me $ 6.00?

    W: I had $ 10.00, but I just spent $ 8.00

    Q: How much money does the woman have?

    7. W: How long will it take you to fix my watch?

    M: Ill call you when its ready.

    Q: What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

    8. W: The speech the blind girl gave this evening was very moving.

    M: I think everyone felt the same.

    Q: How did the man feel about the girls speech?

    9. M: There are three books for one person.

    W: Fine. Ill be certain to return them on time.

    Q: where did this conversation probably take place?

    10. W: Would you like some fruit juice?

    M: No, thank you. Im not used to cold drinks in the morning.

    Q: What are the two speakers doing now?

    Test thirteen

    1.B 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.B

    6.A 7.C 8.C 9.A 10.B

    11.gets 12.take 13.animals 14.any 15.Outside

Section A

    1. Good afternoon, can I send these letters by air?

    2. Do you think this films is moving?

    3. Do you sell childrens clothes here? 4. Do you enjoy watching football on TV?

    5. How long have you been here?

Section B

    6. M: These envelopes cost 50 cents a dozen.

    W: A couple of dozen should certainly do.

    Q: How many envelopes will the man and woman buy?

    7. W: I cant sleep well recently and I have a headache.

    M: Let me have a lookWell, its nothing serious

    Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

    8. W: How did your interview go?

    M: I couldnt feel better about it!

    Q: How did the man feel about the interview?

    9. M: Do you feel better?

    W: Yes, thanks. Your medicine is very useful.

    Q: Where is the woman now?

    10. M: Congratulations! I understand youve got a job. When will you start to work?

    W: You must be thinking of someone else. I’m still waiting to hear the good news.

    Q: What happened to the woman?

    Test fourteen

    1.A 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.B

    6.B 7.A 8.C 9.A 10.C

    11.prizes 12.winning 13.often 14.different 15.families

Section A

    1. Good morning, anything new?

    2. Would you like to play football after class?

    3. Where is the nearest hospital here?

    4. Which subject are you interesrted in?

    5. Which coat would you like to wear?

Section B

    6. M: How long does it take you to drive home?

    W: Only 25 minutes. But if in rush hour, it will take me 50 minutes.

    Q: How long does it take the woman to drive home when it isnt in rush hour?

    7. M: Why didn you stop when we first signaled?

    W: Im sorry. Will I have to pay a fine?

    Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

    8. W: Bill, Tom hah an accident and broken his leg yesterday.

    M: Im afraid I can do nothing about it.

    Q: Whats the mans attitude to Toms accident?

    9. W: What can I do for you , Sir?

    M: One egg, two pieces of cake.

    Q: Where did the conversation probably take place?

    10. W: You look pale, Tom.

    M: My brother phoned me just now.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

    Test fifteen

    1.A 2.C 3.C 4.B 5.D

    6.C 7.C 8.D 9.D 10.C

    11.broke 12.hardly 13.only 14.dead 15.breathe

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