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Obtaining market information; Project Costing; Pricing potential and cost benefit to institute and user; SWOT analysis; Preliminary Business Plan (kept



    Development Phase Skills/Resources

Identify opportunity after Identify:

    successful research ? End users

    ? Potential for funding

    ? Benefit to country

    Selection of project for advancement Create market awareness ? Communicate benefits to non-specialists

    ? Brochures etc

    ? Visits, meetings, demonstrations Survey market potential ? Obtaining market information

    ? Project Costing

    ? Pricing potential and cost benefit to institute and


    ? SWOT analysis

    ? Preliminary Business Plan (kept under review) Further development to stage ? Initial QA/QC

    to allow demonstration of ? Demonstrations


    Propose major project ? Writing proposals

    ? Final costing and pricing

    ? Contract drafting

    ? Contract negotiation

    ? Intellectual property recognition Implement first project ? Final QA/QC

    ? Project management schedule (time & cost)

    ? Report writing

    Expand market and develop ? Further market development long term client relationships ? In-depth market information or partnerships ? cost-benefit and SWOT analysis for expansion

    ? Partnership development

    ? Intellectual property and contract management

    ? Financial planning

    ? Technology forecasting

    ? Future Business Plan

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