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on for like so on

    What day is it today?

    Tomorrow is Wednesday. Mike has math on


    I like Thursday and Friday. Its Friday.

    I often do my homework. No, we dont.

    Yes, it is.

    Yes, I do.

    1. Do you do your


    2. Do they often read books on Sundays?

    3. Is tomorrow Wednesday? 4. Do you have Chinese, art and math on Mondays? 1. What do you have for lunch today?

    2. Id like some eggplant


    3. What would you like for dinner?

    4. My mother is hungry. 1. to

    2. for

    3. about

    4. up

1. I like apples. / Apples.

    2. Yes, I do.

     No, I dont.

    3. I like noodles./ Noodles.

    4. I like red/ Red. 1. They are not tasty.

    4. Its not healthy.

    5. The potatoes are not


    6. The fish is not fresh.

    2. I dont like apples. 3. Monkey doesnt like vegetables

I do my homework.

    I watch TV on Saturdays. Its time to get up.

    1. I often play football. 2. Let us go shopping


    3. Do you like climbing


    4. I read some books every


    5. What do you do on the


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