With 1990s, the Turkish marketing research experienced an era of

By Herman Bailey,2014-01-20 22:41
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With 1990s, the Turkish marketing research experienced an era of


    MARKET RESEARCH KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT TOOL With 1990s, the Turkish marketing research experienced an era of change. The most

    important of these changes is the shift of the customer from mass production-mass

    consumption link to customizable and specialisable consumption pattern. Consequently marketing research studies had to divide customers to specific and significant segments rather than drawing a general picture of customers, and proposing new strategies targeting these different segments.

    On the other hand, rapid development of information technologies and computer industries helped to the development of new ways of data collection in the marketing research sector. These new methods allowed faster and cheaper collection of high quality data. Then, the sector had to reengineer its processes considering technological developments.

    Another implication of technological developments is changing customer demands as a result of increased use of personal computers. Reports composed of long and static tables and graphs became factors reducing customer satisfaction. Customers of marketing research studies started to ask for tools, which allows them to make analysis without help of a marketing research specialist.

    Technological developments also resulted to the development of data mining and analysis tools. Increased numbers of easy to use CRM applications created a threat to conventional marketing research studies. Some customers argued, “While I have all the data, why do I need representative surveys with error margins?” A small number of marketing research firms

    developed strategies to cope with this threat of CRM and consultancy firms.

    Another demand of customers became about comparison and integration of information

    collected through different channels. Today’s manager faces with many different type of

    information such as financial and sales figures, human resources data and data collected by marketing research studies. It is needed to integrate these data and present relationship between them in order to assure a certain level of effective use of information. Consequently, satisfaction of customers of marketing research is directly dependent to level of integration of these data.


    Changing demands of our customers resulted on the emergence of KNEXTEP. KNEXTEP is a knowledge management system developed to satisfy information needs of customer-oriented organization.

    Conventional marketing research methods are fastened and became more efficient through use of technological improvements. Market information is collected and reported according to demands of users, facilitating decision-making processes of users.

    Current practice of marketing research does not allow such an integration and information collected by different channels are reported in different media extending decision-making process.

    Conditions of the new economy will push companies to fasten and improve quality of their decision-making processes in order to keep their competitive edge. KNEXTEP is designed as a tool quickly collecting internal and external data needed by the company, integrating and reporting this data and allowing simulations and producing scenarios; to fasten and facilitate decision-making processes of managers.

    The KNEXTEP is designed as a modular tool. Users may use it as an integrated tool or one of its components. Modules of the KNEXTEP are:

    ? KNEXTEP Market

    ? KNEXTEP Decision

    ? KNEXTEP Knowledge The KNEXTEP Market:

    This module of the KNEXTEP is used in online collection, processing and reporting of data from participants. Through technology behind this tool, conventional marketing research duration declines considerably. Data collection is performed through high-level technological methods; data is transported to processor and reported directly through interface used by the customer. By using such a quick tool of marketing research, users can easily, economically and continuously access to market and customer information.

    For a consumer-oriented organization, such a continuous and quick access to customer/market information creates an important competitive advantage. By using this tool, it is possible to conduct continuous and cheaper surveys, which would be conducted one per year otherwise.


    In order to answer demands and needs of customers about analysis, this tool also provides a hotline support service.

    The KNEXTEP Market only includes market and customer information and required analyses. The KNEXTEP Decision:

     Information presented to customers is much more valuable when it is comparable with facts of the company. Understanding customer and market needs and quick response to these issues are main facts of customer satisfaction.

    The KNEXTEP Decision is designed as open to internal information systems of companies, and allows quick access to internal data similarly to the KNEXTEP Market. Then, facts of the company will be online compared and evaluated with market expectations.

    Through the integration of external market data with internal corporate (operational & financial) data, the KNETXEP provides the opportunity of making more effective decisions and actions.

    The KNEXTEP Decision includes simulation and scenario testing tools, which facilitates effective decision making of the management of the company.

    The KNEXTEP Knowledge:

    Evaluation of information provided by the decision module of the KNEXTEP, decisions and action plans taken by decision makers are accumulated in a knowledge platform and authorized users have access to this valuable information whenever they want. Thanks to this knowledge extracted from the knowledge platform in similar cases, it is possible to access to best practices, learn from previous mistakes and discover the truth will be easier. Information accumulated through the knowledge platform will form the basis of knowledge management of the learning organization.

    The KNEXTEP knowledge management consultants provide users with assistance to design the knowledge infrastructure of the company, to use gathered knowledge efficiently and to create the basis of “the learning organization”.


    TECHNOLOGICAL BASIS and FINANCE: In order to conduct this project, a project team has been formed by members of

    STRATEJİMORI, responsible of transferring marketing research knowledge to software;

    some software had been acquired.

    We believe the topic of this project is relevant also for the companies in Europe and therefore

    we are aiming to make a FP6 project proposal with a consortium from EU countries.


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