Test paper 2

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Test paper 2


    本试卷1~ 8页,满分150分。考试时间100分钟。

    I. 20120


    1. Good morning. I’m Jim Smith, your new teacher. Good morning, _____.

     A. Mr Jim B. Mr Smith C. Mr Jim Smith D. Smith teacher

    2. Thanks to the Internet, the world ___ is becoming a much smaller place.

    A. herself B. himself C. itself D. myself

    3. How delicious the chicken is!

     They would taste ____ with more salt.

    A. worse B. bad C. good D. better

    4. May I borrow your eraser?

    Certainly. ______.

    A. Please take it B. Here you are

    C. You are welcome D. Here it is

    5. I hope to go to France some day _____ there are many famous art museums there.

    A. though B. unless C. because D. where

    6. You dont look well today, Jenny. Whats the matter with you?

    My grandmother is ill. I am _____ her health.

    A. interested in B. surprised at

    C. worried about D. pleased with

    7. Maybe I’ll take a vacation somewhere in Europe, but I havent made a final ____


     A. mind B. promise C. answer D. decision

    8. Sarah is ____ a hard-working girl ____ she often works late into night.

     A. so, that B. too, to C. such, that D. such, so

    9. What a nice MP3! Is it yours?

    Of course. It ____ me 300 Yuan.

    A. spent B. cost C.paid D. charged

    10. After a long walk, little Jim was hungry and tired. He could ____ walk any further.

    A. hardly B. suddenly C. mostly D. nearly

    11. Harry speaks Chinese quite well.

    Yes, so he does. He practices _____ Chinese every day.

    A. speaking B. speak C. to speak D. spoke

    12. Almost ____ of students enjoy pop music in our school.

    A. two threes B. three seconds C. second thirds D. two thirds

    13. What do you think of this film?


    A. Its wonderful. B. Not at all

    C. Good idea. D. With pleasure.

    14. Will you please drive ____ ? The train is leaving soon.

    A. quick B. faster C. slowly D. more slowly

    15. Bob goes to the Childrens Palace every day ____ Sunday. Every Sunday he helps

    at the Old Peoples Home.

    A. on B. in C. during D. except


16. Mr. Brown isnt in at the moment. Can you ____ ?

    Yes, please tell him to be on time for tomorrows meeting.

    A. take a message B. leave a message

    C. call him up later D. ring him up later

    17. Im going to buy another skirt.

     Hey, youd better be ____ with your money.

    A. busy B. kind C. free D. careful

    18. Alexander Bell was very great. He ____ the telephone. And now we know

    telephones are so important to our life.

    A. invented B. found out C. found D. discovered

    19. We can easily get from the computer _____ has been stored in it.

    A. that B. which C. anything D. what

    20. Is Peter here yet?

     Not yet, but he ____ be here soon. He is always on time.

     A. would B. could C. must D. should

    II. 20120


    If you want to see a thing well, reach out (伸出手)and touch it!

    That __21__ seem a strange thing to say. But touching things can __22__ you to

    see them better. Your __23___can tell you that a glass ball is round. But by holding it

    in your hands, you can feel how smooth and __24___ the glass ball is. You can feel

    __25__ heavy the glass is. When you feel all these about the ball, you really see it.

    ___26___ your skin, you can feel better. For example, your fingers can __27___ the

    difference between two coins(硬币) in your pocket. You can feel __28___ drop(滴)

    of water on the back (背面)of your hand, too.

    All children soon learn what Dont touch! means. They hear it often. Yet most

    of us __29___ on touching things as we grow up. In __30___, we touch things as we

    might buy: food, clothes. To see something __31___, we have to touch it.

    There are __32___ of learning to see well by feeling. One way is to __33___

    your eyes and try to feel everything __34___ is touching your skin. Feel the shoes on

    your __35__, the clothes on your body, the air on your skin. __36___, it is not easy to

    feel these things. You are soon __37___ them !

    Most museums are just for looking. __38___ today some museums have

    something to ___39___. Their signs say, Do touch! There you can feel everything

    ___40___. If we want to see better, reach out and touch. Then you will really see.

    21. A. can B. will C. may D. must

    22. A. make B. help C. allow D. promise

    23. A. eyes B. voices C. sights D. mouth

    24. A. hot B. warm C. cold D. cool

    25. A. how B. what C. why D. which

    26. A. On B. By C. With D. Through

    27. A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell

    28. A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

    29. A. keep B. try C. hold D. put

    30. A. houses B. banks C. shops D. restaurants

    31. A. quickly B. quite C. enough D. well

    32. A. ways B. kinds C. experiences D. signs

    33. A. open B. close C. hide D. push


34. A. when B. who C. what D. that

    35. A. fingers B. hands C. feet D. arms

    36. A. At first B. At last C. At least D. So far

    37. A. accepted B. used to C. forgotten D. remembered

    38. A. Although B. Instead C. Soon D. But

    39. A. buy B. cover C. touch D. reach

    40. A. in order B. on show C. on time D. out of order

    III. 23246

     A) 阅读下面广告和短文,从各题所给的四个选项(ABCD)中,选出最佳选项。




    Some evening and weekend work New Quay Training Center All meals free. Ring 3321087 July 8 10 Ring 2358-9720 WELCOME TO OUR DANCE CLUB House to Rent(出租) Free lessons Older house to rent in city center Every Saturday evening a different lesson every One bedroom and one kitchen week. Near important station Bring your favorite CDs. Buses pass back door.

    $175 each month. Phone: 6697860 Call Bridget at: 520-8694

41. How long will it take children to learn to swim in the Center?

     A. 3 days B. 4 days C. 1 week D. 2 week

    42. If Jim wants to look for a part-time job in a restaurant, he can phone _______

     A. 88845801 B. 520-9694 C. 3321087 D. 2358-9720

    43. The dance club gives free lessons only on ______.

     A. Saturday evening B. Weekend

     C. July 8 10 D. June 4 10

    44. Susan is a university student. Since shes got to study for her exam, she is looking

    for a house to rent. But she doesnt want to rent the house in ad. , because_______

     A. It’s too old. B. Its too expensive.

     C. Theres only one room. D. It’s too noisy.

    45. What does the sentence All meals free in ad. mean?

    A. Waiters can have the meals at any time.

    B. Waiters can have the meals in the restaurant without paying money.

    C. Waiters have to pay for their meals.

    D. Customers(顾客) can have the meals freely.


    Shanghais car rentals(出租) are becoming more and more popular as an

    inexpensive way of taking to roads. Business people, foreigners and families alike are

    making good use of the growing(增长的) industry.


    The first car rental company opened in Shanghai in 1992 and now 12 car rental

    players are in the game, with more than 11,500 cars in their books.

    The largest player Shanghai Basher Tourism Car Rental Center offers many

    different choices deluxe sedans, minivans, station wagons and coaches. Santana

    sedans are the big favorite.

    Companies can attract enough customers (消费者)for 70 percent of their cars

    every month. This figure (数字)increases during holiday seasons like National Day, Labor Day and New Years Day, with some recording 100% rental.

    The main market force rests in the growing population of white-collar

    employees(白领雇员), who can afford the new service, said Zhuang Yu, marketing

    manager of Shanghai Angel Car Rental Company.

    46. In Shanghai, there has been _____ car rental companies since 1992.

    A. 11,500 B. 100 C. 70 D. 12

    47. The words deluxe sedans, minivans, station wagons and coaches used in

    the text refer to _____.

     A. car rental companies B. car makers

     C. cars for rent D. cars in the making

    48. Which of the following is TRUE, according to the text?

    A. 70% of the cars can be rented out on holiday.

    B. 70% of the customers are white-collar employees.

    C. 70% of the customers are business people and foreigners

    D. Some companies rent out all their cars during holiday seasons.

    49. Shanghais car rental industry is growing more and more popular mainly because


    A. people come to have more interest in traveling during holidays.

    B. 11,500 cars can be made in Shanghai each year

    C. the number of white-collar employees is increasing.

    D. there are more foreigners in Shanghai.


    How can I learn English well? This is a question many students ask. I find the most effective(有效的)way is to learn lessons by heart. If you can recite (背诵)the

    text and write it out, youve learned it quite well. And if you can tell what the lesson says in your own words, youre a very successful learner indeed. Your English will be quite perfect.

    This is a difficult task. However, if you try to learn by heart only part of each

    lesson, youll find it harder than you might have thought.

    Learning this way, you will make rapid(迅速的)progress. Of course, writing is

    also necessary. It helps you a lot on our way to success in English.

    Moreover(另外)it is important to feel the language. You should be able to laugh

    at jokes and be shocked(惊讶)at bad news. When using English, you should try to forget your mother tongue(母语). Instead of helping you, your own language gets in your way. So never try to see English through translation.

    50. The writer thinks we should learn English _______

    A. by keeping the lessons we have learned in mind

    B. by a lot of practices

    C. by translating it into mother tongue

    D. by remembering as many words as possible

    51. According to the author, if you want to be a successful English learner, you should


    _______ .

    A. recite the whole text of each lesson

    B. write out each text

    C. retell each text in your own words

    D. do all the above

    52. The underlined phrase gets in your way in the last paragraph means ______.

     A. makes things better B. makes things worse

     C. makes it easy D. makes it difficult

    53. What does the writer mean by saying to feel the language?

    A. We must learn English in a real world.

    B. We must tell our feelings of learning English to others.

    C. We must listen to English news, especially bad news.

    D. We must learn to play jokes in English.


    Judo(柔道) and Karate (空手道) are sports for self-defence(自卫). They

    began in the East, but now many Americans enjoy them, too. In fact, some schools of

    teaching judo and karate have been opened all over the United States and Canada.

    Players in both sports use their hands, arms, legs and feet. Aside from that, the two

    sports are quite different. In karate, players hit each other with the open hands and

    closed fists(拳头). They also move their arms and legs in large circles. The movings in

    karate are short and quick. The players stand away from each other. They only touch

    each other with quick punches(用拳猛击) and kicks.

    Can a karate player beat a judo player? It depends on the players. One sport is not

    better than the other. They are both very good forms of self-defence. They both help us

    control our minds and bodies.

    54. Today judo and karate are practiced in _______.

     A. Japan B. Canada

    C. America D. many countries in the world

    55. People learn judo or karate for _______.

     A. beating others B. self-defence

     C. enjoying themselves D. controlling their minds and bodies

    56. We can infer(推断) from the second paragraph that _______.

    A. In judo, players dont move so quickly as in karate

    B. In karate, players cant use their feet

    C. In judo, players mustnt touch each other

    D. In karate, players can use their head.

    57. The writer thinks that _____.

     A. judo is better than karate B. karate is better than judo

     C. both the two sports are good D. neither of the two sports is good

    58. The best title for this passage can be _____.

    A. sports for self-defence B. Which is better

    C. Judo and Karate D. Differences Between Judo and Karate


    阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,回答59 63小题。

    A rich man was once riding along the road and saw an old man digging in his

    garden. On the ground lay a young tree, ready to be planted. The rich man called out to

    the old man, What kind of tree are you planting there, my good man?

    This is a fig(无花果)tree, sir. He said.


    “A fig tree?” the rich man was very surprised, Why, how old are you, may I ask?

    “I’m ninety years old.

    What! cried the rich man, Youre ninety years old. You are planting a very

    young tree now and It’ll take years to give fruit. You certainly dont hope to live long enough to get any fruit from this tree. The old man looked around the garden. Then he

    said with a smile, Tell me, sir, did you eat figs when you were a boy? Sure, the man did not know why he asked this question. Then tell me this, he said, who planted the fig trees? Why-why? I dont know. You see, sir, went on the old man,

    Our forefathers(祖先) planted trees for us to enjoy and I am doing the same for the

    people after me

    The rich man was quiet and said, You are right, my good man. We should do

    some things for the people after us. Thank you very much. Then he rode away. 59. When the rich man riding along the road, who did he see?

    60. How old was the old man?

    61. Where was the old man planting the fig tree?

    62. Why was the rich man surprised when he saw the old man was planting the tree?

    62. What should we do for the people after us?

    IV. 5210


    Jims mother got a bad headache. Jim is going to the nearest hospital to get some

    medicine for his mother, but he is new here. Now he is asking the way.

    Jim : Excuse me, madam? Where is the nearest hospital?

    Woman: Im sorry, I don’t know. ____64_______.

    Jim: Thank you all the same. Excuse me. Is there a hospital near here?

    Policeman: No, there isnt a hospital near here. ___65____

    Jim: How far is it?

    Policeman: ____66_____

    Jim: How can I get there?

    Policeman: ____67____ Let me see, a No 15 bus. Itll take you there?

    Jim: Where is the bus stop?

    Policeman: ___68____

    Jim: Thank you very much.

    Policeman: Youre welcome.

     A. Its just across from the street.

     B. Its about two kilometers away.

     C. But there is one near the bank. D. Thank you all the same E. Youd better go there by bus

     F. You may ask that policeman near the traffic lights. G. Sorry. I’m new here.


    V. 24124

    A) 阅读短文,根据短文内容,用所给词的适当形式填空。每词只能使用一次。

    get smile read stop ready lie trouble turn quietly except after doctor wrong but In the waiting room, the patients(病人), men and women, old and young, were

    sitting __69___ on the chairs, waiting for their __70___. Billy, a school boy, was sitting

    there too. They all looked very sad __71___ Billy. He was __72___ an interesting story,

    and there was a __73__ on his face. Just then, the doctor came in to say he was

    __74___for the next patient. Billy jumped up and ran into the __75___ room.

    Good morning, Doctor! Good morning! What s your __76___, young man? asked the doctor. Before Billy could say a word, the doctor made him __77___ down

    on a bed. Now, let me listen to your heart. Billy tried to speak, __78__ the doctor

    told him not to say anything. “I’ll take your temperature. Billy tried to sit up, but the doctor __79___ him. Now open your mouth Mm, good. ___80___ a moment, the doctor said, Well, my boy, you havent __81__ a bad cold. Its nothing. Mm, in fact, there is nothing __82___ with you. “I know there isnt, said the boy. “I just came to get some medicine for my father.

    B) 选择恰当的短语完成83 92小题。每个短语只能用一次。

    take off put down so far used to regard as at last

    before long think about make a contribution to come up with

    83. Could you help me ____ the picture on the wall? We wont need it.

    With pleasure.

    84. The scientists have ____ a new solution to the problem.

    85. My father _____ smoke 20 cigarettes a day, but now he gives it up.

    86. Its quite warm and why dont you ______ your thick jacket?

    87. _____, the sixteen-year-old girl has written three novels.

    88. I have to ______ this before I give you an answer.

    89. Don worry, well get the computer ______ .

    90. We all ____ our English teacher____ our friend.

    91. All the teachers and students should ______ to the school development.

    92. ______ I found the keys in my own handbag. I’m too forgetable.

    VI. 10110

    根据句意及所给汉语注释,写出空缺处各单词的正确形式。每空一词。 93. You can get as much _____ (信息)as you can through the Internet.

    94. Today is my grandmothers _____ ( 66 ) birthday.

    95. Thousands of ordinary people lost their _____ (生命) in Indonesia Tsunami(海啸). 96. There was a ____(大)snow last night, and in the morning Mr Smiths garden was

    full of deep snow.


97. While we are traveling, _____ ( 安全)is the most important thing.

    98. Zheng He was one of the pioneers going to the _____ (西方)countries by sea. 99. The number of Hong Kong people working on the mainland has ____ (增加)to

    244,000 in 2004 from 52,000 in 1988.

    100. Believe in yourself and you will _____ (成功地)finish the task. 101. I’m sorry to trouble you. May I borrow your pen, please? ____ (我的)is broken. 102. In the last two years, millions of chickens and ducks have been killed to stop the

    bird flu from _____ (传播).

VII. 20


    内容提示: 1. 学校的位置,校园

     2. 老师和同学

     3. 学习情况


    I am a student from Dalian NO.35 Middle School. ________________________

    ________________________________________________________________ .


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