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Transferable Skills SWOT Analysis. [The University of Leicester]. SWOT Analysis: Work Placement Abroad. Examples. What are your current strengths relating

    SWOT Analysis: Work Placement Abroad Examples Strengths Weaknesses

     Examples What are your current

    strengths relating to personal What are your current and professional (career) weaknesses relating to development? Reflect upon: personal and professional (career) development? ? skills Reflect upon: ? qualities ? work experience ? current skills gaps ? qualifications ? qualities (eg: lack of ? unique selling points. confidence)

    ? lack of relevant experience ? qualifications.

Examples Opportunities Threats Examples What are the potential How can work-related learning barriers or threats to improve your personal and fulfilling your personal and professional (career) professional (career) development and aspirations? development and aspirations? How can it address some of the weaknesses you have What are your concerns and identified? Reflect upon: how can you overcome these? Reflect upon: ? work placements ? employability ? pre-requisites of a workshops particular profession ? voluntary work ? fears over level of ? part time work competition ? lack of information ? not knowing where to look for opportunities.

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