Small Marketing Firm with Big Winery Experience Levels the Playing

By Elsie Lawrence,2014-01-20 22:42
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Small Marketing Firm with Big Winery Experience Levels the Playing

    Small Marketing Firm with Big

    Winery Experience Levels the

    Playing Field for Boutique Wine


Released on: August 26, 2009, 8:52 am

    Author: Leaf and Vine Winery Marketing & Wholesale

    Industry: Marketing

    Leaf and Vine Winery Marketing and Wholesale providing e-commerce, event

    calendars, blogging and social media to help micro-wineries gain exposure in

    highly competitive market

    PETALUMA Leaf and Vine Winery Marketing and Wholesale is a new

    company formed to help small boutique wineries gain wider recognition for

    their product in an industry dominated by corporate wine producers with

    huge marketing budgets and staff. Because so many small wineries have

    slight budgets and little to no staff to perform promotional or sales tasks on a

    consistent basis, Leaf and Vine offers plans designed to help micro-wineries

    gain exposure using inexpensive, online tools. Earlier this year, the company launched one of those on-line tools, their e-

    commerce, specifically for boutique wineries that do not have the means to sell on-line. Client wineries simply provide the

    inventory, and handles the rest all transactions,

    fulfillment and shipping are processed by the site, which is fully compliant

    and licensed for wine sales to several different states. The site is constantly

    undergoing search engine optimization, and Internet traffic to the site is

    boosted by a paid search engine placement program, which results in’s page one, top spot on Google and Yahoo searches.

In addition to the on-line sales tool that provides for

    Leaf and Vine clients, the site also functions as a one-stop marketing shop.

    There is a blog that provides free marketing tips (with plans to allow client

    wineries to also post content), and an event calendar that promotes winery

    events to city, county and regional community calendars. That calendar,, was launched one month ago, and because it is built

    on a social media-type platform, already receives over 700 hits a day. Lastly,

    winery clients benefit from Leaf and Vine’s daily marketing efforts on their

    multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    CEO Rick Keith, whose family vineyards and winery have been in Napa for

    over 30 years, personally tastes and chooses the hand-crafted wines his

    clients produce. “There are some fantastic wines being produced by these

    boutique wineries; I really enjoy helping them get the word out about their

    product. If we can help brand their label during these tough economic times,

    I feel confident they’ll be very well positioned once the economy improves

    and wine sales increase.”

    Leaf and Vine Winery Marketing and Wholesale also offers web design,

    advertising and print materials design, and blog creation, social media plans,

    email campaigns and newsletters. Their marketing department and sales

    reps have many years experience in various gourmet food and leisure

    product industries. For a complete list of services

    To view wines for sale by Leaf and Vine client boutique wineries,

    visit Business Contact Information:

    Rick Keith

    Leaf and Vine Winery Marketing and Wholesale

    405 East D Street, #108

    Petaluma, CA 94952

    PHONE: 707.225.1895

    WEBSITE: ~~~~~

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