Tips and Tricks - Portal User Group (121305)

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Tips and Tricks - Portal User Group (121305)

    Portal Tips

    Portal User Group Meeting

    December 13, 2005

    Portal Management Group



Links opening a new window

    If you have hyperlinks on your site that open in a new window, remember to add text that will

    inform your users that the content they are about to view will be launched in a new window.

    Screen readers don‟t pick up the opening of a new window.

PMG is currently working on creating a new graphic that you can display next to the text. The

    graphic will not be a hyperlink but in the Alt tag it will provide the text information for your users

    that it‟s opening in a new window. Once we have the graphic created we will distribute it to the

    System Administrators.

File size and type for downloadable files

    ? Add file size and type to hyperlinks for downloadable files (pdf, doc, xls, zip).

    The Universal Web Site Accessibility Policy for State Web Sites states that "Hyperlinks

    to downloadable files should include a text description that includes the file size and file


Portal Management Group



File Manager

    Do not use spaces or special characters. Possible Issues:

    ? Only uploads to one server Load balance setup inhibits this process.

    ? Possible Broken Links

    ? Search engine will not index file. (File will not be searchable) Suggestion

    ? Use the Underscore ( _ ). It is an approved special character

    ? Rename file prior to upload

Hyperlinks Recommendation

    Two common issues:

    ? Using absolute (full) url in hyperlink

    ? Linking to staged content (&PM=1)

Use caution when linking to internal documents and content within your site. We recommend

    using the page URL whenever linking to other pages within the same site. See appendix A.

How can you tell if you're linked to a Staged document?

    Staged links have &PM=1 attached to the end of the link. This gets added when previewing a

    current version document. When previewing the Current Version document do not use the URL

    address displayed on the screen as your link. This will be a full URL link and have &PM=1

    attached. Instead use the page URL to link pages within your site. See appendix A.

Note: If you have internal links within your site to a Staged document, the Search engine will not

    search the page.


    Specifies a link to a Staged Document

Portal Management Group



FTP Server - File size issues

    Files over 50mb should not be uploaded to the portal. We recommend they be put on the FTP

    server. There is a new process being put in place to request the use of the Anonymous FTP server.

    Until you are notified of the new process, please contact your Portal System Administrator if you

    have a request.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Upgrades - You need to do the following:

    ? Install Java Virtual Machine

    For legal reasons Microsoft no longer ships its operating systems with Java Virtual

    Machine. It is needed by DSF to help the Web FileManager user interface run


    To download the MS Java Virtual Machine contact your Portal System Administrator

    ? Disable Pop-up Blocker or set to allow websites

    The latest IE Browser has a Pop-up blocker built in and activated by default. The

    Pop-up blocker prevents the download of the HTML Editor. It also prevents the

    routing approval screen from opening.

    To Disable Pop-up Blocker

    Go to tools and select Turn off Pop-up blocker.

Portal Management Group


    To Set an Exception for just sites

    Select Tools, Pop-Up Blocker Settings

Other Possible Pop-up blocker installed

    ? Google Toolbar

    ? Yahoo toolbar

    ? Pop-up blocker software

    ? Virus Protection Software

Enabling Categories

    Possible issues from not having the Category enabled are:

    ? Content not displaying under latest news

    ? Published page is not displaying

    ? Message to initialize module starter category

    ? Browse Page not displaying

To enable the categories go to the Category settings and check “Enable Category”.

    Portal Management Group



Remove Tags and Attributes Feature

Microsoft Word (2000 and higher) adds a lot of HTML code behind the scenes to Word

    Documents. It is not noticeable in Word, but once moved to an HTML Editor, some of the layout

    and look of the page can be affected. Here is an example of what the HTML code looks like after

    a Word Document was copied into the Editor:



This code can sometimes be very complicated and difficult. Another new enhancement helps

    remove this code. There are 2 types of code we are going to talk about: The Tags and an

    Attributes are indicated above.

A Tag is the main part of the code. It is the first “word” or character in the brackets (<>).

An Attribute is additional settings listed within the brackets (<>) (other than the Tag).

    At the top of the Editor, there is a “Remove Tags or Attributes” checkbox.

Portal Management Group


When you check that box, this screen appears:

If you only want to remove an Attribute, select OK; if you want to remove the entire Tag, select


To Remove Tags

NOTE: Removing Tags removes any Attributes with those Tags.

Selecting Cancel in the pop-up window above, you will see this screen:

In this example, typing “FONT” will remove the FONT tag. When you hit OK, this screen


Selecting Yes will bring up this screen:

Portal Management Group


All of the FONT tags have been removed from the HTML code. You may have to switch views

    to see the change in the code, but the end result looks like this:

    Portal Management Group


To Remove Attributes

    Select “Remove Tags and Attributes”, then choose OK (instead of Cancel). This screen will appear:

Make a list of Tag and Attribute combinations that you need to. In the example above, we will

    remove all “style” Attributes, regardless of the Tag they are in. (You can add multiple

    combinations to this list.)

Once your list is complete, hit OK.

    Portal Management Group


In our example, the result is this:

Portal Management Group


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