Since they look so much alike, how can you _____ them _____

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Since they look so much alike, how can you _____ them _____


    國立彰化師大附工 第一次期中考 高職二年級 英文科 試題卷 Class_____________ Name___________ No_________ 第二學期

    II. Multiple Choice 20 % 1.

    11. The twin brothers look so much ______. Its hard to tell them apart.

    2.2.(A) alike (B) likely (C) like (D) liking

    12. I am going on a vacation next week. If there is ________, please reach me at my cell phone. 3.3.

    (A) special nothing (B) something urgent (C) important anything (D) nothing well I. Listening 10 % 13. A: Excuse me, could you tell me _______ the bus 236 runs? Part A 3% B: Every ten minutes. Question 1 Questions 2-3 (A) how far (B) how soon (C) how long (D) how often

    14. Kim _____ ever drinks coffee. He likes tea instead. (A) hardly (B) nearly (C) not (D) hard

     15. The girl is so ill that ______ hope is left.

    (A) quite a few (B) a good many (C) little (D) few 16. Jessie has a good collection of stamps. That is, she collects _____ stamps.

     (A) more (B) a good deal of (C) a plenty of (D) a large number of

     17. His legs _______ in the accident. He could not walk again. Part B 3% (A) hurt seriously were (B) badly injured were(C) were seriously injured (D) were hurt severe

     4. (A) Why is he so angry? (B) When did he win it? 18. I dont know him ______ to ask him for help.

    (C) What is he so sad about? (D) Where did he get them? (A) well enough (B) good enough (C) enough well (D) enough good

     19. Frankly speaking, health is ______ thing that wealth can buy. 5. (A) Go ahead and clean it up. (B) We had better heat it up. (A) the last (B) the most (C) the worst (D) the oldest (C) It’s perfect for making ice cream. (D) Great! Let’s make some tea.

    20. A bicycle doesnt cost _______ as a motorcycle.

    (A) as many as (B) more money (C) as much money (D) a lot 6. (A) Luckily, it’s only Sunday. (B) Why do you like it outside?

    (C) That food is not natural. (D) I feel the same way, too. 21. Which sentence is wrong?

     Pete was very sick. _____________________ Part C 2% (A) He had no choice but to stay home. (B) He could not help stay home.

     7. (A) They look similar to his own. (B) They look close to real life. (C) He could not but stay home. (D) He could not help but stay home.

    (C) They are famous around the world.(D) They are really scary to look at. 22. Which sentence is wrong? (A) Meg is a good-looking girl. (B) It is a heart-shaped box of chocolates. 8. (A) She thinks it’s a great idea. (B) She wants to talk about it. (C) America is an English-speaking country. (D) He bought a brick-building house. (C) She would rather have pizza. (D) She isn’t hungry anymore.

    23. The house _____ Mr. Wang. He is the owner.

    (A) take care of (B) belongs to (C) belongs with (D) dresses up Part D 2%

    24. Some animals sleep at night and ________ sleep during the day. 9. (A) Scientists are certain of the answer.(B) It started with mothers and fathers.

    (A) ones (B) the others (C) another (D) others (C) Some believe it started with magic.(D) Nobody really knows for certain.

     25. Valentines Day is the day ________ we remind our loved ones how much we love them.

     10. (A) To teach them something. (B) To try to trick them. (A) that (B) which (C) when (D) where

    (C) To make them feel better. (D) To show them how to kiss. 26. The origin of moon cakes can ________ to Yuan Dynasty.

     (A) trace back (B) be traced back (C) be dated back (D) follow back



    國立彰化師大附工 第一次期中考 高職二年級 英文科 試題卷 Class_____________ Name___________ No_________ 第二學期

    27. Jack didn’t go home. _______, he played basketball with his friends at school. Lisa, probably the most famous piece of art in the world by Leonardo da Vinci. And the reason for

    (A) Instead (B) For sure (C) Instead of (D) For example its great 42 is the mystery about the identity of the woman in the painting. Da Vinci did not 28. Jack told me a great joke. It was _______ joke I have ever heard. 43 a diary of who Mona Lisa was. 44 , there are many guesses about this mysterious (A) the most funny (B) the worst (C) the most interesting (D) the most excited woman. However, no other theories are more interesting than the one that Mona Lisa is Da Vincis 29. Looking at the Mona Lisa is just like looking at a real person who is breathing and ______ self-portrait. The evidence is 45 there is a strong resemblance between the eyes, nose and heart is beating. mouth of Da Vincis face and that of the model for the Mona Lisa. (A) who (B) whom (C) that (D) whose 41. (A) looked (B) looking (C) to looking (D) look

    30. Miss Jones is a woman ________ a kind heart. She always tries her best to help the poor. 42. (A) freedom (B) setting (C) fame (D) area

    (A) for (B) with (C) in (D) on 43. (A) keep (B) make (C) do (D) take

    44. (A) Though (B) Since (C) While (D) As a result

    45. (A) whose (B) that (C) which (D) what III. Dixon 10%

    B 31. Your mother has been against our seeing each other from the very beginning.

    (A) in favor of (B) opposed to (C) up to (D) used to Antarctica is not like 46 place in the world. It is the highest continent, 47 from 32. I can’t ________ the problem. Could you tell me the answer? coastal plains to a high plateau. It is also the driest place in the world, 48 than the Sahara (A) get along (B) take place (C) take part (D) deal with Desert. Life in Antarctica is hard. People there usually have trouble 49 . They eat more 33. Oops! You are just ______. One second late, you are out. because they are not busy. Today, more and more tourists 50 this unusual place, but they (A) behind time (B) on the way (C) in time (D) call it a day don’t want to live there.

    34. He was on the point of leaving when I visited him the other day. 46. (A) any other (B) no other (C) one another (D) the other

    (A) capable of leaving (B) in charge of leaving (C) impossible to leave (D) about to leave 47. (A) rising (B) to rise (C) rises (D) and rise

    35. Jim is the most diligent student in class. He has a good habit of reviewing what he learned at 48. (A) more drier (B) the driest (C) more dry (D) much drier

    school. 49. (A) to eat (B) to eating (C) eaten (D) eating

    (A) accounting for (B) taking turns (C) brushing up on (D) giving way to 50. (A) visit at (B) call at (C) call on (D) visit to

    36. Jack _______ that he didn’t see the accident. He stood by and walked away.

    (A) made over (B) made believe (C) made sure (D) made out

    37. If the new computer is too expensive for you, you can _____ the used one. (A) mix up (B) get rid of (C) see about (D) let out

    V. Vocabulary 15% 38. The worker was ______ for that terrible mistake, which caused great damage to the company.

    51. People especially enjoy ex g valentines with their sweetheart on Valentines Day. (A) shaken off (B) caught fire (C) carried out (D) called down

    52. P ns and sea lions are everywhere to be seen in some areas of Antarctica. 39. The Twin Towers exploded as soon as the plane hit it.

    53. The patient was hospitalized because he needed professional ________(medicine) care. (A) broke out (B) blew up (C) burned down (D) broke up

    54. Christmas is around the corner. Therefore, the department store windows are d ted with 40. Mother Teresa spent most of her life in Calcutta. She ______ helping the poor there.

    Christmas ornaments. (A) was devoted to (B) took it for granted (C) was cut out to (D) felt sorry for

     55. The painter decided to stay in his hometown f r; he did not want to travel around the IV. Cloze 20 % world anymore.

    A56. The principal tries hard to e e students English to a higher level. Therefore, recently

    there has been an online GEPT learning program on schools website. Have you ever seen this picture---a woman having a slight smile on her face, her hands

    57. Mrs. Li felt a sense of ______ (empty) after all her children had grown up and left home. crossed over her stomach, sitting in front of a beautiful landscape 41 at you? It is the Mona



    國立彰化師大附工 第一次期中考 高職二年級 英文科 試題卷 Class_____________ Name___________ No_________ 第二學期

    58. Issac Newton conducted many e ts to verify the existence of gravity. ? The boy 89 90 Batman is my son.打扮成蝙蝠俠的男孩是我兒子。 59. Johns h g is terrible. It always takes me quite some time to figure out what he has written. 60. Our government took many e y measures to prevent the spread of the horrible disease. 61. The child gave a ______ (mischief) smile and then quickly hid under the table. 62. Many girls want to look ________(skin), but most of them use the wrong way to lose weight. 63. Please wait for me. I will (definite) be back by six oclock, so don’t leave without me. 64. My brother likes to take pictures. He intends to be a professional p r.

     ANSWER SHEET (此張請繳回) 65. The misuse of the Internet could p e a serious problem to the whole world in the future.

     V. Vocabulary 15%

    VI. Recitation () 10% 51 52 53 54 55

     Some people like to “sendvalentines 66 the newspaper. They write a message and

    mail it to the paper 67 . 68 their real names, they often use 69 . The message will

    56 57 58 59 60 70 in the 71 . It might 72 “Be My Valentine! or “Be mine!Or it might be an 73

    like this one:

     Roses are red. 74 are blue. 75 is sweet. And so are you.

    61 62 63 64 65

    VII. Guided Translation 15 ()

    ? Practice 76 . 熟能生巧。

    VI. Recitation 10% ? Out of 77 , out of 77 . 無債一身輕。

    66 67 68 ? Rome was not 78 . 羅馬不是一天造成的。

    ? The pot called the 79 . 五十步笑百步。 69 70 71 ? 80 of pudding is in the eating. 欲知布丁味,親嚐便可曉。

    72 73 74 75 ? 81 is better than 81 . 預防勝於治療。

    ? Put the 82 on the right horse. 責備得當(冤有頭、債有主)。

    ? 83 are best. 退一步想最穩當。 VII. Guided Translation 15

    76 77 78 ? Share and 84 . 有苦同當,有福共享。

    ? Out of 85 , out of 85 . 久離則疏遠。

    ? The New Years celebration was 86 87 88 a display of fireworks.




    國立彰化師大附工 第一次期中考 高職二年級 英文科 試題卷 Class_____________ Name___________ No_________ 第二學期

    79 80 81

    82 83 84

    85 86 87

    88 89 90


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