Recommendation Packet for Students

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Recommendation Packet for Students

    Recommendation Packet for Students

This packet contains information that you are required to complete when requesting a

    college recommendation from Oakton High School staff.

Due Dates for Recommendation Requests

    Date Due To College Date Due to Guidance and/or Teacher

    November Oct 1

    December Nov 1

    January Dec 1

    February Jan 1

    March Feb 1

    April Mar 1

Submit the following information in this packet to teachers for recommendations on the

    deadlines listed above.

     Information for Teacher Recommendation

     Senior Profile


     Parent Response


    *Note some teachers may request you to obtain a copy of your grades.

    Information for Teacher Recommendations

    TO_________________________________ DATE_____________________________

    FROM______________________________ COUNSELOR_______________________

    COLLEGE MAJOR___________________ CAREER GOAL_____________________

    I would appreciate a letter of recommendation from you, as I feel you know me well as a student/former student. Please include specific examples from class illustrating the qualities below:

    ; Academic motivation

    ; Creative academic approach

    ; Academic self-confidence

    ; Academic growth potential

    ; Leadership

    ; Responsibility

    ; Emotional maturity

    ; Initiative

    ; Outstanding personal qualities, i.e. enthusiasm, sense of humor

    Note to teachers: To help you in the process, consider the fact that colleges prefer succinct and specific letters. Please include examples that support statements that you

    make about the student.

    Attach is a list of my activities and interests as well as additional information that may help you.

    Please send a copy of your letter of recommendation to the following in the attached self-addressed envelope.

    _____ Colleges/Agencies listed below:

     _______________________________ ______________________________

     _______________________________ ______________________________

     _______________________________ ______________________________

    _____ I have attached an addressed envelope with postage for your convenience _____ Please, give my counselor a copy for their files

Thank you for your support



    Senior Profile Information

    1. Where are you thinking about applying to college? 2. Why have you decided to apply to these schools? 3. How could post-secondary education benefit you? 4. Are you the first in your family to attend college? 5. What teacher(s) will write your letter(s) of recommendation?


    Please answer the following questions. Please read them all before you begin. Attach a separate page if necessary.

    1. What three words best describe you and why do you think they are good

    descriptors? (Please provide detailed examples, anecdotes, etc.) 2. What are your personal strengths? Give examples that document them. 3. What are your academic strengths? (These should be different from question 2!) 4. What has been the most satisfying course you have taken and why? 5. Life’s obstacles allow us to grow. Describe an obstacle that impacted you and


    6. What three things would you want a college admissions committee to know about

    you? Give examples or relate a specific situation to explain.

    7. Describe any cultural/travel experiences that have had an impact on you.

    8. Which single activity has been most important to you and why? (You many

    choose a school-affiliated program or an independent one.)

    9. What, if anything, would you do differently if you had to experience high school

    again? If nothing, how have you made the most of your Oakton experience? 10. Describe any work or volunteer experiences you have had? How did the

    experience impact you?

    11. Describe an incident in which you demonstrated strong character (loyalty,

    integrity, self-discipline, kindness, commitment to high ideals, caring for others,

    etc.) Think outside the box-not cheating is not the only answer! 12. If you had a motto to live by, what would it be and why?

    13. If you were to write your own recommendation, what would you say in your first

    paragraph what would prompt the reader to read on? WRITE THE PARAGRAPH!


    We find that the information provided by a student’s parent is valuable and information, so we ask you to please answer the following questions. Use a separate sheet if necessary.

    1. Which colleges do you think would be a good match for your student and explain


    2. Are there any financial and/or personal limitations that could impact where your

    student applies?

    3. List three adjectives that best describe your student and provide detailed examples. 4. Describe one or two major events that you see as turning points in your student’s

    development and explain why you view them as such.

    5. His/her greatest strength/weaknesses are:

    6. Please relate anecdotes that describe your student’s strengths, accomplishments,

    preferences, work habits, goals, personality, etc.

7. Is there anything you wish to add which would help me in writing the



    A resume is a brief description of your previous education, work experience, and

    additional relevant information. The purpose of a resume is:

    ; To introduce you to an employer;

    ; To serve as an example of how you think and express yourself; ; To catalogue skills, experience, training and achievements;

    ; To get you an interview!

    Remember your main objective is to include:

    ; Name, address, city, state, zip, phone number with area code, e-mail address, fax


    ; Honors, awards, fellowships and scholarships

    ; Licenses and certificates

    ; Memberships and activities, including leadership positions

    ; Special skills, such as computer knowledge and foreign languages ; Job history listed with most recent job first

    ; Previous job experience to include: title of position, name and address of

    employer, beginning and ending dates, job description and responsibilities

    Education with most recent or current school first; including degree, name of high

    school or college, address, major, and graduation date

    Presenting the information:

    ; Create a scannable resume using white paper, standard fonts, and dark type. ; Put most important information at the top of the page

    ; Use as few words as necessary to present your information

    ; Be creative and professional

    ; Use active verbs like initiated, designed, supervised and developed ; Use past tense to describe former jobs and present tense to describe current jobs ; Spell everything out. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms

    ; Present candidates credentials in a positive manner

    ; Tailor the resume to the kind of job you are looking for

    ; Have someone proofread your resume

    Qualities of a good resume:

    ; Easy to read.

    ; Concise

    ; Professional. Use a typewriter or computer to print your resume, making sure

    copies are neat and clean. Mail your resume in good condition preferably in a

    large envelope.

    ; Emphasize key points or expressions by using bold type or underline. ; Mistakes to avoid:

    ; Too short, too long (preferred length is one page)

    o Misspellings, typographical errors, poor grammar

    o Irrelevant information height, weight, gender, marital status

    o Disorganization

    o Too wordy and vague; important qualifications should stand out

    o Italics, underline, shadow or reverse type

    o Vertical and horizontal lines, graphics or boxes


    ; The chronological format:

    o is organized in logical steps.

    o lists experience from last employer first, then continues backwards.

    o includes dates of employment and experience.

    o accounts for gaps in time and experience.

; The functional format:

    o lists skills and accomplishments.

    o highlights skill areas with specific examples.

    o is an excellent format if you are entering the work force or changing fields.

; The combination format:

    o mixes features of both.

    o work experience in chronological order.

    o skills listed as functional format.


    ; Heading

    o Contains contact information such as name, address, telephone number,

    fax number, and e-mail address.

    ; Objective

    o States the type of position you desire and at what level you wish to enter. ; Employment History and Qualifications

    o Lists all previous jobs and relevant work experiences ; Education and Training

    o Displays formal education in reverse chronological order and relevant

    training and skills

    ; Additional information

    o Includes membership in professional organizations and special skills that

    will distinguish you from others.

    ; Reference section

    o Indicates that your references are available on request.

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